Tuesday, 25 December 2007

fever + hot/cold flushes + stuffy head + sore throat + queasy tummy = not a very cheerful christmas for this little black duck.

Having Torby recognise an get excited over presents is kinda cool though.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

hooray for ritual

It occured to me again last night that I truly do love rituals and especially this time of year.
So, why did this occur to me last night?
I was sitting around at our annual Chrissie-Pissie and marvelling that I have been doing this for the past 8-10 years (I think). In that time it's changed (a bunch more children have appeared on the scene, including mine), the people attending has changed slightly and Speedy's backyard looks slightly different after the renovations but the rituals remain the same. We all bring amusink presents an they are distributed by surly (or smiley in this case) santa, we eat, we drink, we chat, we play with amusink toys, we generally all bond again as a group.
For the first time in about 8 years, I won't be attending Christmas lunch at Miriam and Richard's. Babies apparently need a nap during the day and will get rancid without them. Whilst this will be a good thing because now I'll actually be hungry at dinner, it will be odd to not partake of that ritual. MrNw may go though (if one of us needs to stay home with Torby, the one who can drive the car gets to go out) so he can tell me all about it when he gets home..hopefully that will be enough.
I guess as Torby gets older we will create new rituals as a family, I suspect that a lot of the ones we have now will be incorporated.
I like that on Christmas Eve, we gather at Meaghan's house and Nw's parents come over an we all have dinner together. I like sleeping over there so we all have present frenzy and brekkie together, especially now that there are the children. I like Christmas lunch (usually) and dinner with lots of friends. These are all things that make up my christmas. Mind you I also love the fact that lots of people throw coloured lights at their house and arrange it in a christmasy way...I love the gaudiness of it all!

My name is MissDV and I am a Christmasaholic. Admitting is always the first step.

Just in case I forget to say it later.

Merry Christmas and may you spend the time with those you love. Enjoy your rituals whatever they may be.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Thursdays are for seeing people

Very Merry Baby Deathmatches are t'riffic fun. Release 4 babies into the living room and see who survives..oh, this time with presents and christmas cake!

After waving the last fractious baby and adult out the door and putting our own one to bed, we had more people around...the excuse being that Miss J was in town and needed feeding and catching up with.
Was nice to sit around with friends and chat and eat nachos (nachos burps hurt though) and solve the problems of the world (foolish world needs a lot of saving) and discuss all things wedding-y and work-y and christmas-y and everything-y.

I do so like days like that...they're tiring but oh-so-worth it!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The conversation Torby and I had this morning as I was getting him out of his cot...

'Dad?, Dad?, Dad?'

'Dad's just left to go to the train station' (doesn't want to drive so he can get liquored up at his work chrissie party'

'Nooo, Dad work!'

Well, at least he pays attention to what we say some of the time

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


It's one week exactly until Christmas...when did that happen?

Although I can feel virtuous because all our shopping has been done

It will be a Very Merry Fight Club tonight and perhaps a Very Merry Baby Deathmatch on Thursday.

Oh and then Chrissie Pissie and then Yay for the day of present and eating frenzy that is Christmas.

I think I haven't quite gotten used to the idea yet because I still don't have a tree. Last year we drove to a Xmas Tree farm and found a little one and chopped it down, perfect for on top of the coffee table. This year we just haven't had a convenient time between socialness, shopping and naptimes. Also not especially into the christmasy spirit this year, not sure why, just not. Eh, sure I'll get better by next week.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Damn Mindy and her posting of these at ForBattle...

One Word Meme

Where is your mobile phone? Recharging
Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend? Husband
Your hair? Dirty
Your mother? Dead
Your father? Here
Your favourite item? Lots
Your dream last night? Four
Your favourite drink? Alcohol
Your dream car? Cute
The room you are in? Lounge
Your ex? Married
Your fear? Death
What do you want to be in 10 years? Happy
Who did you hang out with last night? Family
What you’re not? Blonde
The last thing you did? Sleep
What are you wearing? Singlet
Your favourite book? Argh
Last thing you ate? Icypole
Your life? Good
Your mood? Good
Your friends? Great
What are you thinking about right now? Son
Your car? Silver
What are you doing at the moment? Typing
Your summer? Hot
Your relationship status? Married
What is on your TV? Nothing
When is the last time you laughed? Morning

oh what a weekend

Hooray for delightful weekends!

There was children running around in the park for Torpy and Lumpelina
There was mass consumption of cake and fairybread by adults and children alike
There was seeing my sister Nic again after 2 years
There was seeing my dad again after 5years (and a bonus dinner last night)
There was lovely presents and crads from friends and family
There was a successful going to sleep at meg and jamie's for Torby
There was pizza and lost of wine

and that was just Saturday

Sunday involved lots of Christmas shopping (all done now..w00t!!!) and dinner again at M&J's (mmm ribses).

If anyone has photos of the pary on saturday, can you please, please pretty please send them/load them on flickr/something..okthxbai

Friday, 14 December 2007

This time two years ago a baby was born..and our world changed

Happy Birthday Torby

I'm not quite sure what these past two years would have been like without you but I don't think they would have been as filled with love and happiness as they have been.

Might have had more sleep though.

love you my bunny

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

mmm christmas and meme..my two favourite things..

The Christmas Meme
via TOA and Mindy

Wrapping paper or gift bags?
Wrapping paper...I do so love wrapping pressies

Real tree or Artificial?
Real Tree..the smell!!

When do you put up the tree?
As soon as possible

When do you take the tree down?
As late as possible

Do you like eggnog?
no, raw egg makes me feel all woogy

Favorite gift received as a child?
my Barbie dolls.

Do you have a nativity scene?
hehe. no.

Hardest person to buy for?

Easiest person to buy for?

Mail or email Christmas cards?
hmmm. I like to think that I'm organised enough to mail christmas cards each year, but I'm not. I'm now a big fan of the Christmas SMS.

Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
a freaky clown statue when I was in high school.

Favorite Christmas Movie?
don't have one sadly

When do you start shopping for Christmas?
I start very early and then give up and then usually manage to complete the frenzy about 3 days before the day.

Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
Hmmm, not that I can think of.

Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
oo oo oo spyder's ham in coca-cola with corny smoosh.

Clear lights or colored on the tree?
both? and lots of tinsle and sparkly things. My name is DV and I'm a magpie

Favorite Christmas song?
Little Drummer Boy. Always brings a tear to my eye

Travel at Christmas or stay home?
Travel to a few different houses..exgausting but I like it

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?
nope. Too much listening to Tripod has convinced me that one of them is called Fabian and he's a twonk.

Angel on the tree top or a star?
umm a pointy thing.

Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
First thing in the morning...torture otherwise

Most annoying thing about this time of year?
I'm with Mindy on the badly played musak christmas carols

Favorite ornament theme or color?

Favorite for Christmas dinner?
see previous point

What do you want for Christmas this year?
my friends and family around me drinking wine and eating far too much and having a lovely time.

Who's next?

Monday, 10 December 2007

I heart haircut day

Hooray for having it all off the back of my neck again. Hooray for it being all light and feathery. Hooray for it being re-dyed. Hooray for haircut day!!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

a post about nothing much

It was Yule Feast last night....it wasn't spectacular but it was ultimately very pleasant..kind of just what I needed. Got to catch up with old friends, chat with some new ones and generally hang out with a bunch of people I like. Always pleasant. The badges I'd asked Sveinn make (and the lovely Finn and Caspian helped paint) were handed out and they looked t'riffic. So happy. We all need more bling in our lives.

I love this blog template but I don't now how long it'll stay for. I kind of miss my links etc. Eh, we'll see.

The laptop died the other day but MrNw managed to fix it without too many swear words. Must remember to create backup/recovery disks in case it happens again. oh the technology!

Now, I'm going to put a dvd on and try to think sleepy thoughts... reading hasn't been helping so maybe this will. Wish me luck.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

scars and regret

I've always had a problem with the phrase 'you should never regret anything'

Why not? Why shouldn't I regret that some of my actions and words have hurt people? Should I be that callous? Really?

I know that who I am now is made up of experiences both good and bad. I know that I still have a whole lot more of growing up to do. I know that without 'ucking some stuff up I wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn from them and thus might be a shallower (oh god is that possible??) person now. I know that most of my best relationships have involved dumb words and stupid actions from both sides. Doesn't mean I don't regret hurting that person even if it did all turn out okay or that I would take back every harsh word I've said, I still believe that the bulk of them needed to be said, just rephrased or better timed perhaps. And yes, there are a portion of things that should never have been uttered. Mostly careless throw away comments that you don't realise what you've said until it's out of your mouth and it's all too late.

So I guess it's a dual-edged thingy..I regret that I've hurt people but I don't regret that I learnt from it or some of the consequences.

We are all made up of scars I guess. Some visible, some not so much. I guess it's what we learn from them that makes all the difference. "I really shouldn't try to sweep up broken glass with my bare foot" for instance or "I'll just move this sharp pointy thing now rather than wait until I eventually do cut my leg open on it" or maybe "oh, that's why they said that...might try to be less of a twonk in the future" Without those scars, we wouldn't have learnt that fire is hot or rough bits of metal shouldn't be rubbed up against your leg..doesn't mean they didn't hurt at the time. Doesn't mean that you would rather not have your body cris-crossed with white lines and dots and weird patches.

Friday, 7 December 2007


Just stepped in cat crap.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

I'm a sucker for these

A meme from ForBattle..I've left in the amusing comments by Mindy

1. Are you dating the last person you kissed?
considering it was my son..happily, no!

2. Pretend you've had ten beers. What would you be doing right now?
Throwing up somewhere

3. What do you want?
everything..and I want it now!

4. Who was the last person you shared a bed with?
The cat and the husband

5. Do you talk to yourself?
All too often..my lips even move. Yup I'm one of those slightly insane people you see muttering to themselves whilst out and about

6. Do you drink milk straight from the carton?
I don't drink milk at all unless it has coffee or kahlua in it

7. Who knows the latest secret about you?
That would be telling

8. How long is your hair?
Too long for my liking

9. Do you like Batman?
hehe..but I am batman

10. Who was the last person who told you they loved you?
MrNw, a few minutes ago

11 and 12 seem to be missing.

13. Do you like anyone now?
Yup..A fair few people actually

14. When was the last time you lied?
I never do *angelic face*

15 is off somewhere with 11 and 12.

16. Is your birthday on a holiday.

17. What instant messaging service do you use?
GTalk mainly but also the Windows Live thingy

18. Last thing you cooked today?
Caramel Slice

19. Did you have a nap today?
oh yeah...and it was great!

20. Whose house did you go to last?
My sister's

21. What do you wear more jeans or sweats?

22. Why is the sky blue?
Why wouldn't it be?

23. Do you like green beans?

24. Do you swear a lot?
I'm learning to do less of it around children

25. Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
Ummm the supermarket I think...it's black Bonds wife-beater bought when I was preggers.

26 is also awol.

27. Do you use an alarm clock?

28. Where was your default MySpace picture taken?
Don't use mySpace

29. Do you snort when you laugh?
Nope..I do when I yawn though.

30. What's the first thing you notice on the opposite sex?
I don't know. Their lack of bosoms? their facial hair?

31. Is cheating ever okay?
Depends if you get caught and what you're cheating on

32. Do you want someone you can't have?

33 has buggered off too.

34. Do you wear underwear.
Yup..I love my collection of underwear...the pink sparkly ones are my fave

35. Do you wear a bra?

36. What size?

37. Are you a social or antisocial person?
generally social

38 who knows?

39. Do you have a tan?

40-44 can the person who made this meme count?

45. Are you afraid of the dark?
Hmm depends

46 nope, I'm guessing they failed counting

47. Did you miss someone today.

48 how did they make it past kindergarten?

49. Do you still have pictures of you and your ex's.
I'm sure I do somewhere

50. Who's always there for you no matter what?
my stalker

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

mixed bag of stuff that's running about in my head...

- I'm awfully content with where my life is at the moment. Content with where my family ad friends are, content with who I am. I would, of course, prefer it if none of my friends lived in other cities.countries but I'm happy that they are happy with their lives and that they seem settled.

- I still have good and bad days/weeks/months but on the whole, am getting better. I do still need to remind myself to talk to my friends more about it as I know they like to be kept in the loop on my mental status as I do on theirs :)

- The SCA is just a game people. It's a diversion from real life but at the end of the day, you have to go home and be a normal person. Having said that, I'm enjoying the involvement I have with it at the moment. Not too much, not too little. Looking forward to Yule Feast on the weekend and seeing the reactions to the fabulous baronial officer badges I've organised. (and yay for sveinn for making them and Finn and Mr C for painting them..my god, MrC is good at the painting)

- It occurred to me the other day that the music I listen to on my iPod is a good indication for what I'm feeling. I have a big mix of stuff that I have on random and will skip past certain songs on certain days. So much of it is tied up in memories and associations I have with the songs or bands. Listening to a lot of the Barenaked Ladies stuff at the moment and remembering the fun times I've had in Melbourne and in planning Melbourne trips. must go back again soon. Also a lot of Cat Empire and subtly bouncing or swaying down the street.

- Am going to cook biccies etc for most people this year for christmas, partly as a money saving technique, partly as a brain space issue (the whole tryin g to find appropriate gifts for everyone can be exhausting at the best of times) and also I feel that most of us have way too much stuff in our lives already and either only really want specific things or edibleness...mmm edibleness.

- I love that so many of my friends are creative and are willing to let me read/hear/wear/look at what they have created. Wether it be writing, singing, sewing, drawing.painting, music, jewellery or just making things...I love it and am in awe of the talent.

- I'm excited for Finn et al about China next year..but will also miss them. The wondrous powers of teh interwebs will keep me going though. I think it's great that so many of us have blogs and a bunch of us talk through IM-services everyday. It's helped me develop or continue relationships. It's a different type of communication than face-to-face or verbal but still a very valid form nonetheless.

- Oliver's birthday party will now also involve Zoe's party. I kind of like it. Makes it easier for Meg and Jamie and for everyone else... so many babies born in Dec, so few weekends.

- Happy 1st Birthday to Zoe for today. We had a present opening/cake before FC tonight (Jamie's lovely mum was in town). I'm enjoying being there for my niece's and watching them grow up at such close range. Because Oliver is likely to be an only child, it's important to me that he has lots of other kids around. His extended family is great but his 'real' family is even more special. They all come from a bit of the same gene pool and I get glimpses of them all in each other.

- I'm having a lot of fun with warcracking... a bunch of us do a big instance on Monday nights and we are progressing through it and stuff. I play the game with a bunch of great people who are pretty much just like us (some of them are, in fact, 'us') and there's a great vibe. Makes it all the more addictive.

- I thnk I'm now tired enough to actually falla sleep soon...so on that note..away I go.

Luvyaz all and don't ever change :)

Just can't cope with it...

I have the Sydney Morning Herald RSS feed.

It's great to keep me slightly updated on the world.

I am however very close to stopping it because every single day there seems to be headlines of children or babies being killed, or sick or abused or dying..I really really want a parent filter on my news.

It's a fine line between wanting to stay informed of the world and wanting to go sit in a corner singing a happy song a pretending that we all live in a good world where nothing every happens to babies.

Go my flying computer nerd monkeys and create me a parental filter :)

Nothng says love like

a piece of toast with the peanut butter licked off

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

oh the words and the counting and the growing up!

The munchkin is learning words so fast.. constructing very short sentences and everything. (oops, dropped cracker)

He is learning peoples names.

I now get 'byebye see you mum'

He recognises numbers - will point them out and everything. (still gets 6 and 9 mixed up)

Loves colours and is esp. fond of traffic lights.

Copies songs and actions off Playschool and Pocoyo (Don't Touch is the esp favourite)

my little lumpling is becoming a person!!!

My Life in 4's

Four jobs I have had in my life
1. Hungry Jacks
2. Theatre Tech and lighting monkey
3. Retail
4. boring Admin

Four places I have lived:
1. Cairns, QLD
2. Brisbane, QLD
3. Sydney, NSW
4. umm, nowhere else really. how boring

Four Popular Places I have been on vacation:
1. San Francisco, USA
2. Hamilton Island, QLD
3. Sydney, NSW (before I lived here)
4. Melbourne, VIC

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Icecream
2. Ducky goodness
3. Sweet chili jam stiryfry
4. Pastries

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Melbourne, VIC
2. France
3. San Francisco
4. England

4 things I would buy if I won the lotto
1. A house (for me and few others)
2. A hobby farm somewhere in the Southern Highlands
3. A really long holiday somewhere
4. A pony!

(from a chum on Facebook)

What are your answers???

Who doesn't love a Charlottes Web reference???

If only I could knit, then I could make myself one of these scarves

Monday, 26 November 2007

TD 07

I wrote about turkey day over at ForBattle

Sunday, 25 November 2007

why can't a woman be more like a man?

......because then we wouldn't have hateful periods/menstrual cycles/painters and decorators come for a visit/whichever name you use and the associated first day death!!!!

All I can say is....

About Frickin Time

oh and


Saturday, 24 November 2007

a well done day

I went
I voted
I ate turkey

when my tummy is not so very round and solid from amount of turkey consumed, i may even write more...for now it's a well deserved sleeptime

goodnight lovely peoples and may your dreams of a world without johnny be proved true in the morning.

ah the indoctrination starts early around here..

Me: Torby, do we vote for Liberal?
T: No, No, No

Me: Do we vote for Labour?
T: Yup

Who's a good little munchkin!

Friday, 23 November 2007


Exactly how wrong is it that my son is playing with a box of these and gleefully telling me all the colours. Who knew that a box of tampons could keep a child entertained for so long.

Thursday, 22 November 2007


well, the munchkin just got his first real lesson in what Hot is.

I'd out a hot oven rack outside on the lawn to get it out of the way (you'd think by now I'd remember to remove it BEFORE I turn the oven on want I want to use the big dutch oven)

Didn't quite notice Oliver going outside soon after.

The scream was heartbreaking to say the least.

Trying to make your almost 2yr old understand that he has to hold his hand under the running water to help make it better is a bit of a challenge. The icypole and icecubes and a bottle helped.

Luckily it wasn't a huge burn but still not an experience I ever want to repeat.

Monday, 19 November 2007

my weekend..

the story of 'mums gone wild: roadtrip 'o7' will soon be documented here..needless to say it was fun and Finn and I were swept away by the excitement of 2 nights away from babies and in exotic dubbo. Okay dubbio isn't very exotic (sorry dubbo-ites) but the people we met were lovely and a good time was had by all.

the full story come to a blog near you....


I hate my mobile phone company because;

They use the stpid voice activated service that makes me start saying rude words after about 2 seconds
They keep trabsferring me between departments...and telling me that my phone should be working now. yes yes it should but it isn't you great big ijeets!

Okay off to go dream about a large vodka lime and soda and wait till the homicidal rage passes

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

...and I'll form the head!

Just watched the first few episodes on Voltron: Defender of the Universe!

Oh the fabulousness of it all
Oh the bad voices

Oh the strange plot lines
Oh the crush I had on the characters as a child

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

thanks for it all

To the one who reminded me the other day that it's not all about me and people have lives that don't revolve around my own, thanks

To the one who told me I should vent more and that that's why I have friends, thanks

To the one who told me that I was weird and that's why he loved me, thanks

To the one who actually wrote 'DV is t'riffic' in latin on a pendant for me, thanks

To the one who once gave me the best present ever in the form of a night away from the munchkin, thanks

To the one who hugs me and gives me a kiss on the head everytime I see her, thanks

To the one I am about to have a girly road trip adventure with, thanks

To the ones who laugh at me when I'm being a dumby, thanks

To the ones who look after my son, thanks

To the ones who cheerfully let me have 'cunning plans' at their house, thanks

To the ones who lets me look after their children, thanks

To the ones who remind me in small and varied ways that I am loved and cared for and part of a clan, thanks

argh more music that's in my head...putting it down here helps

This time it's the Barenaked Ladies

Call and Answer


Lovers in a Dangerous Time

less bouncy and squee-y, more sad and thoughtful

squee and bounce and girl angst ...it's my favourite


I'm in love with her eyebrows :)

my new motto

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

oh cthulu, how the mighty have fallen!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

a moment in time

I quickly ran into the local mega shopping centre today on the way to Crankmaster J's 1st birthday party.

As I entered the mall, i noticed that it was oddly quiet and there was familiar music playing over the speakers..Yup, it was 11am on Remembrance Day and this was the minute of silence.

It was quite beautiful and serene and spooky to see a large number of people standing still and silent and remembering to be grateful for what has gone before and be mindful of the way the world is now.

Thursday, 8 November 2007


These boots are made for shuffling up and down the hallway and that's just what they'll do..one of these mornings these boots are going to shuffle all over you

Woe, woe is me

You can tell that it's going to be one of those days when it takes you about 3mins to peel an eye open despite the hear starting wail coming from the munchkin's room.

As I now lie on the couch desperately trying to summon enough energy to go get some panadol in the hopes that this will help combat the stuffy head and sore throat, I'm very, very, very glad of Playschool and Pocoyo and Bob the Builder DVD's. Between them and lashings of paper and pens, I may be able to keep Torby distracted enough to cope with the day....Oh yes, I rock as a mum :)

Tuesday, 6 November 2007


This is why dolphin hugging, crystal sucking homeopathic wankers should be castrated the moment the start to believe that water that someone has washed some herbs in is actually a cure for anything!!!!

Okay. I've calmed down now. Mostly...


also from last night

The shiny new hat from daycare..oh how we love daycare

At last the usurper went to sleep and Stampy could get comfy :)

Oh the ergonomics

Yup, this is how I usually play Warcrack...

Yup, I do sometimes wonder why my back is so manky....

Yup, I really am quite smrt sometimes...

(this was taken last night when our little group was running a big instance called Karazhan and we one-shotted Attumen, Moroes (at last) killed the R&J Opera Event after our first ever 3 tries and got The Curator down to 3% on our first go. Oh and I got some delightfully phat lewtzzzzzz these and these)

Yup, I'm a nerd....

But you all love me anway

Sunday, 4 November 2007

my weekend by Miss DV aged 30 and a half

I've had a lovely, lovely, oh so tiring weekend.
There's been the getting Finn drunk and then getting to spend quality time with Miss P in the morning despite my hungoveredness, there was the going Yay for Megzz's birthday, Snerg finishing the final step to becoming Master of all he surveys and spring holidays, the catching up with old friends and seeing some lovely, lovely new friends in an environment that wasn't Warcrack and there has been the all important taking visitors up to make sure that The Three Sisters hasn't been stolen :)

Oh the fun!

Oh the liver complaints!

Oh the sleepiness!

Saturday, 3 November 2007


evil (yet safe) baby, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

who let him get all old!

was walking home from Daycare with Torby today and had aflashback to pushy this tiny squalling thing in a pram home. Now I walk next to (and quite often still carry) a toddler who points out flowers and colours and planes and buses and counts things. (after being told that the purple flowers were jacarandas and that Laela likes them, they're now known as Laela flowers :) )

I don't remember giving him permission to grow up!

Seeing as he he's doing it anyway, I am very grateful that he is growing up surrounded by an amazing bunch of adults who will be there to guide and teach him, to show him how to live and love and be a good human being.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Sex leads to broken beds

Sex = Pregnant = Baby = Toddler who likes to bounce = Bed deciding to break at 3am (only on my side I might add) = Very sore and sleepy DV who slept on the couch

Updated: Yay for t'riffic husbands and their bed-fixing ways..otherwise I was going to be making some chiropractor very rich :)

Friday, 26 October 2007

A question

How do I change the 'Thus spake DV' at the bottom of my posts? I want to change the wording but can't find anything in the template that I can change.

It's all about Memememememe

oooh I love these.... (yes, yes I know....I am an information hussy) I stole this on from the (other) lovely andrew

Have you ever?

1. Taken a picture completely naked?

hmm yes and it it's not pretty

2. Made out with a friend on your MySpace/Facebook page?
Yes, but that was before Facebook

3. Danced in front of your mirror naked?
eewwww no. I don't want to bear witness to that much woblage

4. Told a lie?
not telling

5. Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back?
repeatedly. I know, I was shocked as you that not everyone thinks I'm t'riific

6. Been arrested?
yeah.... nothing major and I was 16 so it doesn't count right?

7. Made out with someone of the same sex?
ermm yes...girls never give you pash-rash

8. Seen someone die?
I've never been there at the very end of someone's life but have watched the process far too many times

9. Slept in until 5pm?
Nope..a sleep in for me is about 9am

10. Had sex at work?
hehe.. I worked in theatre..what do you think?

11. Fallen asleep at work/school?
Far too often..

12. Held a snake?
hmm yes briefly and managed to not get too freaked out

13. Ran a red light?
don't drive so I'm safe from this question

14. Been suspended from school?
For some strange reason, no. I probably should have been though

15. Totaled your car in an accident?
Despite not driving, I've mamaged t almost total someone elses car...does that count?

16. Pole danced?
hahahahahhaha..lordy no!

17. Smoked?
yes. far too often and for too many years

18. Been fired from a job?
suggested that I may find more suitable employment elsewhere. does that count?

19. Sang karaoke?
I'm not that cruel.

20. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?
Often enough that I've stopped boring myself with that delusion

21. Laughed until a drink came out your nose?
oh god yes...and it hurts

22. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
hmm once and it was so cool I nearly wet myself

23. Kissed in the rain?
No actually

24. Sang in the shower?
as much as I xcan. because I have a beeyootiful voice and feel the need to share

25. Given your private parts a nickname?
no.I'm not sure what name they could have..already enough euphemisms for them

26. Ever gone out without underwear?
not since the embarrassing day in grade 3

27. Sat on a roof top?
yeah I wish I could do more of it

28. Played chicken?
Nope..too scaredypants

29. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?
uhuh. Grrrr

30. Broken a bone?
Surprisingly, No!

31. Mooned/flashed someone?
hehehe. yes..and I made someone fall off some scaffolding

32. Shaved your head?
Nope. Don't have the bone structure

33. Slept naked?
normally yes..clothes get all tangled

34. Played a prank on someone?
Nooo, not at all..far too sweet and innocent

35. Had a gym membership?
Nope..never been that much of a masochist

36. Felt like killing someone?
oh yes noooo

37. Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry?
more often that I care to admit

38. Cried over someone you were in love with?
see above

39. Had sex more than 10 times in one day?
hmm nope..almost, but nope

40. Had Mexican jumping beans for pets?

41. Been in a band?

42. Subscribed to Maxim?
sad mens mag?? Strangely nope

43. Taken more than 10 shots of alcohol?
not shopts but probably same amount of alcohol..oh the pain!

44. Shot a gun?
yep...cou;dn't understand the excitement

45. Had sex today?
define today?

46. Played strip poker?
Poker? No. Hearts? yes

47. Tripped on mushrooms?
they're far too small to fall over

48. Donated Blood?
uhuh. they hate me because of my non-existent veins

49. Video taped yourself having sex?
ewww no....can't imagine why I would want to watvch mysrlf

50. Eaten alligator meat?

51. Ever jump out of an airplane?
hmm, no

52. Have you been to more than 10 countries?
If Only!

53. Ever wanted to have sex with a platonic friend?
Once you have sex with them, are they still platonic?

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

musk sticks are teh eviill!!!!

all their alluring pinkness and sugary sirens call....ugh it now hurts!

Torby does not heart haircut day

I lured him to sit down quietly with the beloved Play School dvd, gave him some snackyness to further the distraction and then cruelly hacked off his beautiful long locks.

I don't think I will be forgiven for a long time (or at least until he wants a story read or some food or a hug or something)

In fact..yep, I've been forgiven already :)

Updated with Picture for MrNw

Monday, 22 October 2007

This one's for MissKrin

Very American but interesting (what's a mile again?)
Shows you the impact of how you live and how many Earths are needed to sustain your lifestyle.


Sunday, 21 October 2007

Friday, 19 October 2007

He truly is Nw's son...

....he just did the most ginormous rancid fart and then refused to say 'excuse me'

Definitely NOT my child

Aaargh! my eyes, my eyes I tell you

All I can say is - slash fanfic starring Jesus and Aslan titled "Hard in Narnia"

excuse me while I go scrub my eyeballs out..someone pass me the dettol.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

this ad was on the sidebar of my gmail recently

Unmistakably Dodge
With surprising power & economy Dodge has an attitude of it's own

I chuckled a lot
very dodgy ad :)

Turkey Day!!!

If you read this and know who we are, you're invited!

Monday, 15 October 2007


White Ninja makes me giggle

like or loathe

Do you like the new look?

the deafness is normal right?

I've just got home and showered and am being a good cherub and drinking a huuuuge glass of water. Oh and going w00t and squee and yay and everything. All this because I have just been to see The Cat Empire playing at The Metro.
My god they go orf!!!
I bounced and leapt and generally had a hipshaking good time.
I love the way that they sound on CD and I love they way they go wild when live. The huuge instrumental sections, the organicness, the soundscapes they create, the everything really.
Now to take myself off to bed and wait for the deafness to go away (we were up against the barrier just to the right of the speaker stacks) and my legs to forgive me for all the bouncing I made them do..

Sunday, 14 October 2007

home and clean and tired and happy

In the last few days I have;

- been driven slightly insane by a screaming toddler who refuses to sleep.

- had people over for dinner a few nights in a row. It's reminded me how much I like feeding people. Yes, I really am secretly an Italian grandmother.

- celebrated the end of Megzz flute exam. Don't tell her but I'm proud that she did it and learnt stuff and everything. She's very cool. This shall be our little secret.

- an email conversation with an old friend that I think has been good for both of us.

- lunch with chums.

- had a hoot of a time at Galileo's Gazing. Nw decided to take Torby home on Friday night due to the munchkin acting like a bit of a pork chop. Meant I got some time by myself. I was a wild and crazy young thang and sat around chatting to people until at least 9:30pm before trundling off to bed. I am such a party animal these days :) I woke up in the morning to find my tent surrounded by horses so I went and bribed some of them with apples and grass and some of them let me scritch them and everything!!! I went squee a fair bit. I wanna pony!

- set up a tent in dark and rain...mmm damp

- had lots of walks around what will be the new Festival site. so pretty and interesting and I really need to buy gumboots for next year.

- officially became Finn's protege. I think it's because I feed her wine. Considering that I was squiffy and she was not especially sober when she first asked me, I think this is a fair call. Before you ask, I made her ask me again when we were both sober. Hmm wonder how drunk I'll have to get her before she is willing to do it as a ceremony very quietly during an already overly-long court. Wonder how drunk I'd have to get myself as well :)
Must make sure she doesn't get a chance to talk to M to find out how useless an apprentice I am...

- Loved coming home and seeing that the lillies I'd bought a few days ago had all opened up and made the house smell just gorgeous. I really do love flowers. Must make it my mission to always have them in the house. They make me happy.

- Generally had a lovely time (with the exception of Torby throwing hissyfits because he's over-tired)

In a few hours I will be meeting people in town for dinner and to go see The Cat Empire. The perfect end to a pretty fabulous weekend

Thursday, 11 October 2007

it is teh funni

Loltheism is my new amusement.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

possible new device..

What do you think???

(Thanks to Finn for designing it and Sveinn for helping us with colour choices)

DB has lead me to SinisterCat...damn her!

Thursday, 4 October 2007

sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...

well, just the sunshine bit....and a wading pool filled with water, balls and semi-narkoo children splashing about merrily. May there be many more afternoons like it.

Oh, you know how you type a sentence and it comes out looking vaguely icky and sordid, well that one there did. It wasn't meant to. :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


There are few thing in life that are more hateful than a failed nap

Sunday, 30 September 2007

says it all really

spring satisfaction

The weather is gorgeous, the backyard is clean-ish...must mean bbq time!
Am thoroughly looking forward to lounging around the backyard chatting with chums eating burnt stuff, drinking cold wine and listening to the squeals of children as they 'help' each other on the slidey house thing we have...Oh how I love Spring!!

If only the dumb husband wasn't away at dumb spring war, life would be perfect right about now..

Oh and I give you this photo from a few weeks ago...Torby found the green pen

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


As I sit here listening to the new Cat Empire album, I notice that season 2 of Heroes has begun...could I be any happier!

Monday, 24 September 2007

phear my leet interwebs skillz

I've just discovered that most blogs etc I read have a little RSS feed thingy that means I can see what's updated from one page. It's like magic!
Oh yeah, I am the roxxor :)


Even better than wine in the sun...Ikea with Mouse :)
I'll let you know how restrained I am.

I was quite restrained.

a set of plastic bowls
squishy hedgehogs
pull-along hedgehog
wrapping paper
some drawer stoppers

very very restrained!!

What I did on my weekend by MissDV age 30 and a half

I've had a lovely and exhausting weekend.

Friday we shopped and ate and drank wine and bathed (huge bath tub that contained no bath toys!!) and watched a movie and slept.

Saturday we slept, had betsest shower and ate some more and shopped (great Rotary Markets in Springwood) and then returned to Sydney to the beloved munchkin so nice to get away and even nicer to see him again) and let meg&jamie go out for their own big-grown-up-night-off. Looking after 3 children makes me very glad I only have 1 no matter how cute they all are.
Megzz and Snerg came round for exotic takeaway and wine drinking and entertainment. I didn't have as bad a hangover as I really should have the next day. After the drama of getting everyone to sleep, they al slept beautifully until all of 6:30am.

Nw was booked in fr morning tea with his family p Sunday morning and we sensibly decided that he should take Torby with him so I wasn't trying to wrangle 3 munchkins by myself. definately a good call.
The girls and I went to the local markets after they'd gone and isobel went on the jumpng castle and we bought breakfast (really yummy dumplings and a bacon and egg roll) and she bought a danish with her own money (well, she gave the man 5c and I gave him the rest) and decided we had to buy some flowers for her mum. Very sweet. Many a stallholder remarked on just how smiley Zoe was. very cute.
we got home and I put Zoe to bed and Isobel decided to climb into her parents bed and have a nap (i had got to lay next to her for a bit so she could snuggle up against me).
after naptime, I entertained Zoe by bouncing her up and down on my tummy (oh the simple things) and we all ust played together and ate toast until meg&jamie arrived home. the sheer joy on everyone's face at seeing each other again was gorgeous!
Jamie and Isobel dropped me home and I had a biiiiiiiig nap (passed out in bed may be a more appropriate description). After I woke up I played some Wacrack while the boys went shopping and then it was almost munchkin bedtime. Made ninner and kind of lay on he couc pretending I was awake until I conceded defeat and went to sleep at 10:30.
Am having today off to luxuriate (well exept for the bit of work I'm doing from home) It's lovely but I do have an overwhelming urge to sit in the sun somehwere and drink wine...whose with me?

Thursday, 20 September 2007

I'm spoiling you, you know

3 posts in one day. Will wonders never cease!

My question is ......if you ruled the world, what would you change?

None of this namby-pampy 'no poverty or wars' nonsense, we want to know what you'd really fix :)

For me, Ugg boots worn outside the house would be punishable by slapping, manners and common sense would be taught in school and chewing with your mouth open, spitting in public and constant sniffling would land you in jail

It's a miracle!!!

Stampy allowed herself to be petted by Torby. I am shocked and amazed and hopeful that it may coninue.

For those that have never met Stampy, this is the cat that runs away from everybody and in the 20mths since we bought 'the usurper' home, has never allowed him within 30metres of her.

I may be a warcrack nerd...

..but it could be a whole lot worse

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

a pollyanna moment

Stuff what is making me happy at the moment

That cool people I haven't spoken to in ages are finding me on Facebook

That Nw and I are ditching Torby at the lovely M&J's house on Friday and running away to the Blue Mts (specifically here)to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and his 38th birthday (yes, they occur on the same day)

That the following night we are staying at M&J's with all the children so they can run away to the city and celebrate their wedding anniversary .

That the sun is being all sunny and stuff.

That Torby is becoming a real person. Uses words and has a distinct personality and understands what's going on and occasionally will even do what you ask. The using my stomach as a bouncy seat is a litle bit painful, but so cute.

That the bulk of my friends are happy and content.

That dark chocolate Maltesers exist

That The-Lovely-Husband stayed home this morning so I could go back to sleep and mostly get rid of the manky headache

That I am surrounded by fabulous, loving, caring people who love me for who I am, faults and all (fools, fools I tells ya)

That it's Talk Like A Pirate Day

That I am (mostly) healthy

That it's almost Christmas

That I'm getting to spend lots of time with my Sister and Bro-in-law and the girls

That my son is surrounded by excellent role models and other children.

That I have just had a shower and am all clean and smell nice

Okay, off to go eat something salty to balance all this sickly sweetness.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

I am a neglectful little sausage aren't I!

Good thing you all love me/owe me money/know about the incriminating photos I have in a safe and secure location :)

I'm currently snuggled on the couch going 'ow, ow, ow' as my legs and back and arms let me know how very unhappy they are about being used and abused the last couple of days to help with the marvellous Rowany 25th (R25, for the cool kids) feast last night.

It was worth it though. The event was teh roxxor :) Lovely to see so many people there all having a good time and enjoying themselves throroughly.

I go a billion compliments on the frock I was wearing. Shame I couldn't take any credit as it was lent to me by Charlie :) Remarkeably practical and very cute. The frock was also pretty good. :)

Finn got a good and thorough pelicanning at the event. That'll learn her for being fabulous and useful!

Umm, what else. Oh, I'm now working only 2days a week which makes me a lot happier. Spend more time with Torby while still getting enough adult baby free company and he gets enough time at daycare. He loves his carer and I love the socialisation he gets there. It works out beautifully.

I'm finally starting to settle into being Rowany Seneschal. The timing of accepting the role and the plunge into phneh-ness wasn't a good one. However, I'm coming out the other side of land of phneh and able to actually concentrate on things again. The Barony should be afraid, very afraid!

Oh and I succumbed to the lure that is Facebook. Yes, yes...who knew I needed more reason to sit in front of a 'puter.

I think that's all for now, think I need to have a nap before Torby wakes up.

You may al go back to your regularly scheduled progams now.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

not dead, just phneh

Yes, yes. I know. I've been a neglectful little sausage of late..I've just been a bit busy or phneh or sick or phneh or tired or a combination thereof.

So, go get yourself a beverage (I'll have a glass of wine thanks for asking) and get settled because you're in for an uber catch-up in no particular order


i can wait you know

alright, here we go..

I'm assisting the lovely JD to make a frock for the also lovely Finn for Rowany 25 which I'm also being bookings lass for and a kitchen bitch (all the cool people spend events in the kitchen) It will look something like this. Hmmm, wonder where we can find a unicorn.

Oh and everyone should come to the event, it will be the ye olde roxzor.

Got my main Warcrack character to 70 (currently the highest level) and started a new one who is oh so pretty...it's all about the pretty! I like my two characters, their fun to play and very different styles (one's a druid and one's a paladin, I know, could i sound any nerdier)

Torby is becoming even more of a person...repeats words and phrases and will explain things to you and understand things and just generally be alert and stuff...it's really kinda cool. He thinks he's people! I credit a lot of it to daycare...he spends 4 days a week surrounded by a few other kids who are generally older than him and so he mimics them. The fabulous woman who looks after him has them all whipped into line. It's great.

I'm seeing a psychiatrist now and taking little purple pills medication to deal with the phnehness of late (well last couple of months) it's seems to be helping...odd talking about myself for an hour each week and having some stranger ask you very personal questions. Has made me realise a few things about how I view the world and myself. some good, some bad. Now, I just need to work on figuring out how to change what I want to change and to ensure that the good stuff stays. Easy right?

I'm thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and warmness of late...soooo nice to not be cold and wet and grumpy. Even nicer to have clothes dry in a few hours as opposed to a few days.
Love my walks to collect Torby from daycare, sun's out, roses are smelling good, magnolias are appearing, it's so delightfully spring-y already.

Just had a delightful afternoon being visiwted by Mouse and Finn and the childrens...Miss P and Torby played particularly well together. Torby even 'helped' her down the step. yes, we like to call it 'helping', it sounds sooo much nicer than 'pushing'

Hmm... i think that's all we have time for now, I'm about to run out the door to catch-up with a lovely warcrack lad who is up from Melbourne for the second time in 3 weeks. last time he was here, I convinced him to come to dinner along with the delightful Megzz & Snerg. There will be a glug glug gluggy post sometime soon.

hehe. I just checked my emails and saw BT's comment. I do love the timing.

If you're all very lucky, I may even update some more tomorrow. So do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?

Thursday, 28 June 2007

I have a request...

Does anyone have a nice-ish semi recent picture of me in garb?
One were I don't look like a harpie or some no-necked creature would be nice.
Call/email me if you do
mwah mwah

Monday, 25 June 2007

A request from Jimmy

The nummy corn salsa she loves is made in the following way...

Take 1 big tin of corn kernels or cut kernels off a few cobs of cooked corn, throw them into a frypan with some oil and fry them until they get a bit of a colour and smell really yummy.
Quickly throw in some finely diced red capsicum, spanish onion (not a whole one) and coriander and stir around until everything is warmed through.
Dump into a bowl and add lots of good olive oil and let sit for a bit.
Get spoon and eat until you explode.
The recent trip to exotic Melbourne can be summed up thus;
2days traing = bleurgh
1 night drinking with chums = much laughter and frivolity and not-even-single entendres
1 morning spent wandering around city with a friend eating jam donuts from the Queen Vic Markets = lovely

All in all the good stuff outweighed the bad. It was, however, fabulous to come home to the boys. Torby even gave me lots of hugs and kisses the next morning.

Unfortunately, I came home exhaustemerated (yes, it's a word) and so despite having 6 lovely friends come over for dinner, I went to bed at 9:30...it was that or fall fasleep in the yummy pudding and custard.

Speaking of sleep, I think it's back under the covers for me....I think I'm going into hibernation for winter...see you in spring

Monday, 18 June 2007


Lost: One cordless home phone (with dead battery) last seen in the hands of a certain 18mth old.....

Update: phone found cunningly hidden 2nd drawer down in the pantry...clever little so-and-so

Thursday, 14 June 2007

A hot chocolate with marshmallows please

It's currently raining and 11 degrees outside and I think about minus eleventymillion inside my house. I'm rugged up in so many layers I can't put my arms down properly, Torby is running around barely dressed, his choice...not mine, which makes me feel even coldererer. Off to go huddle in front of the heater again and try to get feeling back in my extremeties.

the boyzzz

image provided by the ever fabulous miss fliss

Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Miss P & Torby enjoy some cake in a refined and delicate manner at Sophie's 1st birthday party...

I think their table manners are excellent, don't you?

(check flickr for a more cake destruction photos)

Monday, 11 June 2007

grey skies are gonna clear up...

...and indeed they have.

We have luciously blue sky outside and it's put a huge smile on my face.

It could also be attributed to a weekend featuring playing games with lovely chums, leftover lamb sandwiches, 1st birthday parties and pot-bellied Torbys reading my cookbooks (budding chef maybe?)

The knowledge that the boys are about to go visit grandmama and grandpup, doesn't feature into it at all...no, not at all.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

all about the food today...

...and because I've lost this recipe twice in the 2 days since I ripped it out of the paper..

Wok-fried Eggs with Thai salad of Corn, Holy Basil and Green Chili
(stolen from the Sun-Herald Lifestyle section - i think the recipe belongs to Karen Martini)

100ml vegetable oil
4lge free-range eggs
2 cooked corn cobs
3 green onions, thinly sliced
3 sprigs coriander, leaves picked
3 sprigs holy basil, torn
1 green chili, v finely sliced
1tbsp fish sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 lge lime, juiced
1 tbsp caster sugar
extra lime to serve

Heat oil in a wok over high heat. Crack eggs into a bowl and stir. Add eggs to oil and fry for about 3 minutes, then remove and drain on paper towel. Cut kernels from the cobs and place in a shallow bowl. Add remaining ingredients and toss to combine. Place salad on top of eggs and serve immediately w/ extra lime.

Oh sweet lordy jeebus

nummy num nums

This weather makes me want to cook.

If the rain stops for long enough for me and Torby to get to the shops, I think I shall make some lamb shanks in guinness - a ginormous batch of them and then freeze and reheat at will. Unless anyone wants to come around tonight and help me eat them. Call me if you do. Otherwise, they're mine, all mine (bwah-hah-ha)

Hmm, I think I may have to investigate online grocery shopping....

UPDATE: the weather cleared for long enough for us to trot down to the shops (I love my local butcher by the way) and fetch the ingredients for deliciousness. As we speak, two pots of lamb shanky goodness are simmering away in the oven.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Go check out glug glug gluggy for details of the eating.

sto-o-ormy weather!

just be very thankful you can't hear me sing!

Woke up briefly this morning (fumble fumble, crawl out of bed, shove bottle in childs head, take empty bottle out after child has sucked it dry in 1.2secs, put child back in cot, stub toe getting out of room, fall into bed, continue snoring because you can't breathe through your nose because of the dumbarse headcold you have) and heard the rain begin.

It's such a nice sound. I especially love it when it goes quiet, gains intensisty, lets out a thunder clap or two then quietens (sp?) off again.

So, I drifted back to sleep with that fabulous sound only to awaken a few hours later (lovely husband let me sleep in) with that horrid thought of......

bugger, I have washing on the line!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

you, me and a jug of Pimms

So, I will be in Exotic Melbourne on Friday 22nd June 2007.
More specifically, I will be at Madame Brussells, sipping pimms and other assorted lady cocktails.

Who's with me?

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

secret girly stuff

Otherwise known as...'the post in which DV tells us about her lastest waxing adventures, with a side order of bra shopping'

Hmm, first the bra shopping.
Working on the assumption that a girl needs more than one bra in her life (good idea) and it's boring owning two of the same type (yup, I'm that clever) I dragged myself to the shops and put myself through the torture that is trying on foundation garments.
too pointy, too ouchy, too strange, too lumpy, too ugly, too squishy, too 'ohmygod they're around my chin now', too expensive, etc etc etc.

Finally found one that seemed comfy, gave a niceish shape and wouldn't involve selling a kdney to afford.
Even found delightfuly pink sparkly (yet still sensible cotton) undies. Every girl needs a pair.

Second time I've worn the bra and it's doing strange things to my bosom line. Sigh!

Somedays a breast reduction, doesn't seem like such a bad plan.
The undies haven't dissapointed me yet though.

...and now the waxing...

I decided a while ago that I would win the war against my slow transformation into the freakishly moustachioed lady (I'm a raunchy creature) and wax that baby away!
I figured that if I was going to sob like a girlygirl from the pain of pulling wax off my upper lip, I would do it at home where no-one could hear my screams.
It was surpringly painless.

I decided yesterday that I would wax my legs (bored of the shaving and the prickly re-growth cycle)
It was surprisingly painless.

I decided today that I would wax my underarms.
It was surprisingly painfull!
I swore a little. Okay, I swore a lot. Okay, I said words that would make a sailor blush!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

the park of happiness

we shook our groove thangs

So, on Sunday night, Megzz, Snerg, Jimmy, Nick, Scruffwah and I went to see Jackson, Jackson at The Factory.

They were triffic.

I've been listening to their album a lot and expected a good concert but was much better than expected.

Megzz pointed out that 4 of the people onstage were from The Cat Empire.

We were, of course one of the pockets of people who danced (why go to a high energy gig, and stand there like a lump, never understand it)

Still have achey legs.

The opening act Bluejuice (myspace site so music will happen) were pretty ucken cool too.

Was decided by all that we have to go to more shows.

Okay, time to end my bad review (can't imagine why I don't get paid to do this for a living) and hopefully go to sleeeeeeeep.

who could resist? It has to do with Heroes..

Your Score: Mohinder Suresh

You scored 37 Idealism, 54 Nonconformity, 41 Nerdiness

My father spent his life chasing after this insanity. Now I'm wasting mine trying to prove he was sane.

Congratulations, you're Mohinder Suresh! You're a curious, passionate, and intelligent person. You're prone to changing your mind about the important things in life, though. You're interested in doing what you can to help people who are gifted with special abilities.

Your best quality: You're a maverick intellectual
Your worst quality: Your opinions can change rather quickly and suddenly

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

not dead...just feeble

It's getting sos a girl can't fail to return emails or calls and no update her blog and everyone thinks she's dead or hates them. Truth is, I'm just a slack tart.

So, what have been getting up to, ummm, well, stuff?

Let's see now

I went to Melbourne, twice. The second time I even managed to finaly go to the bar Megzz & Snerg told me about, 'Madame Brussles'. All Melbournites should go there. T'was fabulous.

Got addicted to 'Heroes' whilst at a friends house in Melbouren, they lovingly sent me home with the dvd's. They're eviiiil, but not THAT eviiiil (friends don't let friends become addicted to tv shows and then not give them the dvd's)

Watched Eurovision semi-finals but not the finals.

Drank dodgy frozen cocktails

Upped my work week to 4 days a week (still unsure how i feel about it but means more money and my boss is a lot happier)

Did a 2 day couse on Project Management an am considerng doing a TAFE one with Miss Jimmy

Dealt with sick husband, dealt with sick child

Attended a one yr olds birthday party (I love that I get to go to a lot of kiddies parties now)

made delicious lamb shanks in guinness

booked tickets to see 'Jackson Jackson'

That's all I can think of now,

See, not dead yet

(I should also point out I love that my friends check up on me)

Tuesday, 24 April 2007


This is the meme in which you let all your pals know about what you like that starts with that letter. To spice it up a bit, I'm going to continue with the trend of using pictures.
JD gave me the letter M.
What letter do you want?

Not just Melbourne, but lots of cities. Exploring and travelling

All forms of cake really


My Family!!!


Im a sheep, a sheep I tells ya

What have I been doing???

MissJimmy commented that I hadn't been around for a while so I thought I should fill you in on my activities.

So here goes;

Going to the Dinghy's 1st birthday party (have a look here for TOA's always fabulous photos and here for Fliss' equally gorgeous ones)

Plotting my upcoming trip to Melbourne. MissJimmy is in fact joining me for a night of it. Hehe, look out Melbourne.

Discovering a new show called Dead Like Me. Unfortunately not shown on free-to-air in Oz but oh the powers of teh internetz.

Playing World Of Warcrack. Not that I'm addicted you understand. Can give it up anytime I like ....

Having really dodgy wine with chums.

Buying Munchkin Cthulu and are yet to play it.

Attending a two day course on Project Management and contemplating getting accredited.

I think that's about it really.

Sorry for being so neglectful.

Friday, 13 April 2007


I asked a friend last weekend over a few quiet beverages, why are we all so very introspective and slightly unhappy at the moment.

Her theory was (as best as I remember it) was that we are all getting older and wiser and a lot of things have changed around us. (relationship breakups, deaths, sickness, leaving the country/state, other realtionshipy things)

It seems like a good theory but is it true?

I question partly because it's not just affecting our 'circle'. I read some lovely blogs and a few of the writers seem to be going through the same process.

I think I know why I'm dissapearing inside my own head, but why everyone else?

Am I just more aware of it because of my own situation? Similair to how you may never have heard a word before and then all of a sudden it's everywhere?

Am I just imagining these things?

On a good note, I've figured some stuff out since my last ranty post. Some good, some bad but at least it's not driving me insane anymore. It's a step. There will be a few more I suspect.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

woot doo de woot woot

Harry from Cat Empire has a new 'project' called Jackson Jackson

They even do a song called Eliza.

It's nifty music

They're doing an all ages gig on Sunday afternoon in May.
Anyone wanna come?

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

A quick update from casa del huntington-smythe

Mr Nw's son is currently standing at the window, narkoo, blowing kisses to the neigbours

He's a shy child

Meg? Spyd? Rowany 25th?

I thinks we need to make frocks for the children

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

oh the excitement

I'm going to Melbourne.
Flights are booked.
Hotel booked.
Various places to visit being investigated.
4 days of exploring and sleeping in and everything.
Betcha you're jealous.
(you can come visit if you like)

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

hooray for grandparents (and uncles and aunties too)

These two fabulous individuals (mr nw's parents) are looking after one very lucky baby this easter so we can run away and be all medjeeval.

These people may pop over and help too.
(sorry to the 4 people pictured for picking the dodgy photos of them, but they are my favourite ones)

Friday, 23 March 2007


I want to preface (can you preface after something has been published?) the previous post by saying that yes I'm in an unhappy place (have been for a while) and yes, I do realise that I probably will offend someone (if not several someones) and no, that isn't my intention or desire. This in't even a delightfully passive aggressive way of being mean to my friends or a 'woe is me' thing

This is a way for me to get things off my chest and figure things out.
If you're pissy at me, let me know
I started my blog because I needed a place to rant, to get things off my chest in a way that didn't involve shouting at people.
If you think this is all about you, then may be it is. That's up to you to decide (dear god, I sound pompous)
This is an issue that has been bugging me for a while.
It just came to a head today.

I think what part of it is, is the lack of kindness and thoughtfullness I expect from people (myself included some days).


I've been spending alot of time recently thinking about life, the universe, everything and I've come to the conclusion I'm not in a good place in it.

I'm bored of people bullshitting me.
I'm bored of people cancelling on me.
I'm bored of being given the watered down version of how people feel.
I'm bored of rudeness (hmm, which is what this post is bordering on).
I'm bored of people being inconsiderate.
I'm bored of self-destructive behaviour.
I'm bored of bad manners.
I'm bored of people not understanding what they mean to me.

This post is not about anyone in particular, it's about everyone.
It's about me needing to change how I percieve the world and my relationships with people.
It's about me needing to 'toughen up'.
It's about me needing to say how I feel a bit better.
It's about me needing to snap out of it and realise that it's not all about me.
It's about people needing to realise it's not all about them either.
It's about me possibly deleting this post two seconds after hitting 'publish'.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

it's just been one of those afternoons

You know the ones.
Hissy-fits left right and centre and not just from the 1yr old.
It's hot, it's muggy, no-ones happy and he's sick and teething.

However, after an afternoon of temper tantrums being thrown one after the other, the dinner being thrown across the room, the bath that ended early because of a toy filled water being thrown across the room and the battle getting into a nappy and pj's, he just laid his head against me and made a happy snuffly sound

All is forgiven.

who doesn't love a personality quiz

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I can walk over here

I can walk over there


Wednesday, 21 March 2007

ooh such a perfect morning

I have had one of those lovely mornings where everything just works.
Slept in (woohoo 7am)

elped get Torby ready to go to grandmamas for the day including the de rigeur sqealing o the bed whilst kicking our legs in the air.
Waltzed onto train
Perfect cup of coffee for free (buy 5 get one free)
Did useful work stuff including very complimentary meeting.
Confirmed I'm enrolled ina 2day course i wanted to go to
Left after a few hours and did some shopping.
Home, eat nummy lunch and an afternoon of slugging and warcracking ahead.
What more could a girl want.

It almost makes up for Torby 'adding a little something' to his bathwater last night.
Give you a hint. It wasn't a bunch of flowers

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Tuesday Ramblings

An update on life.

Due to Torby's love of crawling and subsequent lack of walking and not falling down and wanting to crawl, we won't really be going to Festival.
Too hard to deal with any child at a camping event and once you add in big frocks, dirt and crawling, it's more than we are willing to deal with.
We will however, be going down for the set-up weekend. Much easier as no frocks, we can leave whenever we want etc.,
We may also see if the fabulous grandparents can look after him for a few days and go down by ourselves.
Eh. We'll see.
Means we can do other fun easter stuff. Just not sure what that is yet.

Also, it looks like I will become Rowany Seneschal. At least, that's the current plan. Things beyond my control may change.
It will be interesting and hopefully I will do a good job. I like Admin stuff. Mmmm databases!

You've already heard about the new 3days of work a week plan. My bargaining chip was that I now get to start earlier than 'coretime' allows. Means I left work at 4pm yesterday but had done 9hrs 10mins of work (not inc. lunch) It's a bit cunning.
My boss has also just approved a 2 day Project management course-y thing for me in April. Hurrah!

I finished a sewing thing!!! w00t I say!
A lovely pair of white linen hose. All hand sewn. So cute. Now I just need SOMEONE *cough* BT *cough* to finish my garters.
So, I think any sewing I may be doing on the weekend will be for the ever lovely JD so she will not be narkoo at Festival.
She's making a lot of German stuff. Nothing more German-y than posing under a tree wearing nothing more than a chemise, hat and wispy diaphanous veil. I shall hem the veil for her :)