Tuesday, 30 October 2007

who let him get all old!

was walking home from Daycare with Torby today and had aflashback to pushy this tiny squalling thing in a pram home. Now I walk next to (and quite often still carry) a toddler who points out flowers and colours and planes and buses and counts things. (after being told that the purple flowers were jacarandas and that Laela likes them, they're now known as Laela flowers :) )

I don't remember giving him permission to grow up!

Seeing as he he's doing it anyway, I am very grateful that he is growing up surrounded by an amazing bunch of adults who will be there to guide and teach him, to show him how to live and love and be a good human being.


anti ob said...

Oh! So _thats_ why you quietly bribed us to leave the country... I wondered.

DV said...

Well, I was going to mention his horrid AuntyCoz and UnkyOb who deserted him, but I figured that might be too mean :)