Wednesday, 28 June 2006

autumnlynessy goodness

taken on my walk back from Torbys daycare. Made me smile and be happy.And the fabulous planter box I spotted at Flower Power at Enfield today. Wouldn't it be perfect for casa d' lemming?

for good not for eviiiiil

I used one of the lists I subscribe to the other day to find something that MrNw and I could not. namely, documentation for yokes in period. I put the question out there and someone came back with two pictures. So fabulous. I love the fact that people will go to some amount of effort for a complete stranger. I think it's one of the nicest things about us.
That's all for now

Monday, 26 June 2006

One night in Mexico and the world's your mescal

What do you get when you mix people who drink a lot, some tequila, burritos, a sombrero, fake moustaches and a card game called '1000 blank cards'?

Ob the (sideways) mariachi man. You think you know someone huh?
Is that a bee in your bonnet good sir?

Brendan decides (okay, is dared to) play wince. How do you play wince, I hear you ask? You squeeeze a lemon (or lime in this case) into your eye.

And then you go OW! a lot

My favourite of night was in fact the octopus with the 3year growth.

Friday, 23 June 2006

your call is important to us...

this site is undergoing some changes and we apologies for any inconveience caused during this upgrade to make a better experience for you!

Update: Pretty in pink! Yep, I'm in a pink frame of mind. What do ya think?

Thursday, 22 June 2006

you may want to call DOCS

Is it wrong for to let your child hang backwards over your legs while giving a USB cable a seriously good gumming?

Just checking.

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

My feet, my precious feet

On Saturday, I got up bright and early and trundled off to the craft fair with Hunnydd to look at billions of lovely quilts (one lady spent 7 years on one quilt. mad I say. It was a lovely quilt though) I got to introduce Hunnydd to the fabulous world that is the craft fair. It's an eye-opening experience. So many natty outfits and scrapbook enthusiasts (sp??) in one place. We also had a look at the Vikings exhibition at the maritime museum and had some lunchy-ness and took our very very very sore feet home.

The lovely Coz and Ob fed us dinner and we played a new Cheapass game called Captain Treasure Boots. I'm proud to say that I am queen treasure boots!!! After merriment and food we walked home (2 suburbs later)

on Sunday we went shopping and ran into Andrew and Morgan at the Ikea heaven at Rhodes (you're only allowed in if you have a child, are expecting a child or gay). Part of my hates running into friends when I'm shopping. I think it has a lot to do with I usually look like homeless person and am focused on getting home. This adds up to me not being very social, just awkward!
Once home I stood up for many an hour to make Torby's smooshes and a carrot cake and do some washing up. Luckily that afternoon we went to visit friends to admire their new house (so fabulous and funky and weird) and eat yummy food and have lovely company. I was almost revivified(yes it's a word)
Monday I trot to work and back via Torby's daycare (1 suburb) and today is the same (except I'm home early. yay! )

All this adds up to one little girl with very sore feet!

If only I wasn't ticklish and could stand having my feet massaged!

yay for miss J

The much loved Miss J finally graduated with her PHD last week and there was much merriment at the pub to celebrate (and to catch up before she runs back to Houston. Sigh!!!!)

Yes that's her with the tongue out. What is our education system coming to.I have the worlds most powerful flash! I can tell because Charley normally has a nose and doesn't glow in the dark!

After having a few beverages that may or may not have been of an alcoholic nature, this photo was taken. if you can tell me why, I'll buy you a beverage. I could pretend it was a brain teaser and not just me being forgetfull but I won't bother.

Friday, 16 June 2006

The size of the slugs you get these days!

These are the two sluggy creatures I spend most days with. I was studiously hanging out the washing and Torbenspang and Stampy are lazing about in the sunshine. I know who I'd rather be.

Thursday, 15 June 2006

I am so smart, s-m-r-t!

Over the last day and a half, I have learned the following;

-how to add the recent comments thing you'll see on the right hand side of the page thanks to Destructomeg
-how to add notes to photos on Flickr
-that it's really really annoying to stub your toe while sneaking around in your sons room while he's asleep.
-that I've never mastered the art of swearing quietly when in pain
-that babies don't like to be woken up by their mothers screaming fuckety fuckety fuckety bollocks two centimeters from their cot.

All good lessons, I think.

Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Just for Snerg!

I present the delightful pumpkin and spinach smoosh! Mmmmm tasty-ness

Thursday, 8 June 2006

a nice day

You know how sometimes you are lucky enough to have a pleasantly lovely day.
Well, so far, I'm having one.
Torby woke up about a minute after I did, we then got to wake MrNw up when his alarm went off, I've pottered about doing some washing (yay sunshine!) dishes and making of delightful smooshes for Torby (parsnip, carrot, potato and pea. can we say 'stuff left in the fridge'?)
Little man has been very cute despite being a bit snuffy and not liking apple and mango for breakfast. who can blame him, mangoes are revolting!
I've played KOL for a bit and got some more stuff for my campground.
Read my chums' blogs (hello Miss J it's lovely of you to join us)
The smell of MrNws fat boiling last night has gone (he is teaching a class on candlemaking the medieval way which involves tallow which you get by boiling up a lot of pig kidney fat. it's stenchy and icky)
I've eaten a really yummy crisp apple.
I've updated my sidebar links and written this post.

Let's hope the rest of today is as pleasant!

Update: to stuff up a saying 'happiness comes before a shit afternoon'. Torby got even snuffier and 'I can't get to sleep because my nose is too blocked up to allow me to suck on my dummy' lasted for about an hour. I've decided that the people who invented the baby nose aspirators should get a nobel prize.

Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Monday, 5 June 2006

the salt mines

well, it was my first day down the salt mines.

what can I say except it went faster than I thought it would, not much has changed and the people I work with are still idiots.
My big boss, basically gave me the task of figuring out what hadn't been done the last 6mths and how to fix it. Yay, lucky me.

If I had to hear "oh we didn't do that because we weren't trained in it" one more time, I was going to scream!!!!
The main problems with this statement are;
Yes you were trained in it actually. I know this because I did it!
There is a sheet of instructions on how to do it written in very plain step by step english with pretty pictures and everything. I know this because I created it!
When I started at this job, I wasn't trained either, I just sensibly thought that I should probably FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT MYSELF!!!!!
Yep, 6months leave and on my first day back, I still know more. What is this public service coming to? (aaaahhh, that feels better)

As far as Torby's first day at daycare went, he seemed happy, his carer said he could stay and I missed him a lot. Now he's sitting on my lap, chewing on shoulder and squealing with delight.

Also, if you're going to wear high heels for 7 hours straight when you haven't really worn them for about 9 months, don't pick the really high ones. Even if they are really nice and look fabulous.

Saturday, 3 June 2006

A Martha Moment.

I am making Chicken Soup from scratch. Yep, step one, choose your chicken!
That and the fresh flowers in the house make me feel very martha right now.

Friday, 2 June 2006

hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go..

I visited work yesterday to catch up with people, amend my part time work agreement and find out what mind-numbingly boring task I'll be performing on the two days a week I am forced to go down the salt mines to afford some gruel.
The good news is, I'm doing the same job I was doing before I left (more money, not so boring I'll be forced to chew my own arm off for entertainment) the bad news is the annoying, stupid, slightly crazy person I had problems with when I left is still there. Sigh!
However, I figure I can put up with anyone for two days a week.
My desk is even by the window and slightly secluded. Yay!

Anyway, back to dealing with the rolling boy. He gets annoyed when he rolls over and then can't quite figure out how to roll back. (cute but none too bright)