Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday morning randomness

Yoga will now happen on Wednesday night not Saturday morning. I called them up to diuscuss deferring the 8weeks I'd paid for until next term after I realsied that I'd miss out on a few too many classes (includong the fiorast one which I was too drop dead asleep for). The lass noted that there really was a class on Wednesdat evening and the printed timetable had a typo. This is awesome as Saturday mornings are the morning I'm most likely to be asleep for (very early mornings all week plus no naps makes me a bit ratty by the time the weekend happens) however, it does mean I won't be attending with MissCharlie. Next term will be better I hope.

2weeks in and I'm still enjoying my new role and working in the city. I've even manged to remember the names of a few people.

As of last night, I have a 2 peices of a bodice and 2 eyelets sewn in. I plan on making the eyelets, purtting it on and then sewing the shoulder seams up. Then applying trim (as long as it fits and the shoulders work) etc etc etc. For such a simple frock (basic little frock based on the Raphael girls - made it before and it's a lovely easy style that is good for camping in) it's been doomeed from the start so I don't have many hopes for it actually working but we shall see.

Torby and I have been getting to know the other kids and their parents on teh street a bit more. Is nice that he's feeling a bit more comfortable and included around them and I'm enjoying chatting to the parents. Yay for neighbourhoods and communities.

Looking forward to BBQ at our house on Friday night to celebrate MissKrin being in town. Will eb jice to catch up with her and Jed and to see people.

Am still feeling disorganised and slightly apathetic about Festival. Usually by now I'm starting to get a little bit excited but apparently not this year. We're starting to dicuss maybe not going the year after next (next year will be the Lemmings 20th Anniversary so Nw realy should be there for that) A year off is sounding really really good.

Having said that, we will most likely get there and have a hoot. just like every other year.

But now, work awaits (mmm graphs of Monthly Budget Variances - betcha you're jealous) and there will soon be a fire drill and I've got to find the hard hat and torch I'll be using (am back-up firewarden - clearly didn't step back fast enough) and be ready to put on shoes that are less high and pointy toed. Falling down stupid firestairs is generally not a good look.

Monday, 22 March 2010

$120 Food Challenge

Is my new website discovery.
I can't remember where I saw it linked first but it's quite cunning.

The tagline is $120 dollars - 14 meals - No Pressure

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Yay for lunchtime adventures

Megzzzzzz came and met me for lunch today and then we wnet shopping.
Lunch was in a salady/sammichy hole in the wall that was super duper packed. Delicious but squishy.
Lincraft was actually useful for once. Well, the staff weren't and it's full of large amounts of crud and it's not at all organised, but it actually had the plain coloured cotton that Meggzz wanted, the curtain rings I wanted, the little mini chickens I was looking for (for hiding around the campsite at Festival so the children can have their easter hunt that involves no chocolate) and also had some raunchy blue and gold brocade that I don't need but bought anyway. It's so purty.

A trip to Victorias Basement was needed to buy a vase for a lass at worl (well, not really at work anymore as she's retiring and it's her job I'm now doing)
It's a fabulous place full of house pron - and full of soma especially ahem..haunting.. pieces.
Scary to walk through it's cramped aisles with a handbag though, so much breakableness, so little space.

But now I'm back and in my absence, people have piled my desk with work to be done and soon it will be hometime and I get to collect Torby from daycare and attend his final swimming lesson and I should probably find the half of my desk that is covered in paper and boxes and scribbly notes.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

oh the dedication

I've been enjoying Yoga classes with MissCharlie. it's nice to be reminded that I can stretch and be flexible.
We finished our 8weeks of Beginner classes and now we should do the Beginner2 classes (for the continuation and stuff)
These classes are either Tuesday morning (will be at work instead) or *whimper* Saturday mornings at 8am.
Oh the horror

I have been brave and bitten the bullet and all sorts of other things and booked.

Goodbye lazy Saturday mornings at home, I will see you again in 2months.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Good Bad and Meh 15th March Edition

Started new job. I am being an Exec Assist again. This time with it's based in the city. I love the city. I love new stuff.
Getting home from work and my boys are waiting for me to go food shopping.
It take me 30minutes to get to work, not an hour.
Torby choosing me to read bedtime stories last night - he usually prefers Nw
Torby going to sleep with minimal fuss last night and then sleeping until just past 7am. I guess a day of running around in parks will do that.

Torby has always been a fussy eater. He hates trying new food. Tonight I waged a battle and it ended in tears (for us both)
It's the utter refusal and the histronics when asked to try anything perceived as new that makes me see red.
He's gone to bed without any real dinner inside him and quite distraught. I juust get to sit here and feel like the worst parent in the world.

Had a few flat days but I think I know why and I've decided that there is nothimg I can do about and I know how to avoid it in the future so there is no point in the meh. See, I'm just like a grown-up

Friday, 12 March 2010


It's my last day at work before I switch jobs and locations.
There will be cake soon and then a lunch with some chums.
Not entirely sure if/when any work will get done. *shrug*

Yay for lovely Fridays.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

gorgeous calligraphy

A lass called Margaret Shephard does them and I'm in awe of her talent.

Lots more here or here

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A day I wish to not repeat

0300 - 0430 - toss and turn in bed
0431 - get out of bed, have shower, get dressed, potter about
0605 - head off to train station
0710 - arrive at work
0711 - become swamped under mountain of work
0900 to 1230 - waste hours of my life in a pointless training session
1230 to 1245 - scoffle food and try not to think about amount of work to be done before hometime.
1245 to 1730 - get enough work done to allow the panic attacks to cease.
1731 - decide that 10hrs20min is more than enough time to spend at work for a day and head home.

Luckily, once the deadline has been reached tomorrow, it will all be calmer and I can go back to plotting ways to maim the lass whose job I'm doing for putting me in this position. Seriously, what on earth has she been doing for the past fortnight?? Clearly not her job, so I'm curious.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


I am quite fond of this time in the morning.
I'm up and showered and dressed and having brekkie.
The boys are still asleep.
I get to potter around a bit before giving them both good-bye kisses they most likely don't notice.
Then I get to walk up my nice street in the growing light.
The bridge that I walk on before descending to my train station gives me the most amazing views.
And then I get to sit and read and and the trains take me to work.

If I'm very lucky, Torby will even wake up just before I leave and I will get kisses and hugs which makes my morning extra sparkly.

Monday, 1 March 2010

MrNw likes to flick channels and thus we occasionally end up watching something unexpected.
Nothing quite beats the fascination that Torby has shown in random sports though.
Yesterday it was some motor racing thing that we flicked past and today it was 10pin bowling.
When the bowling ended there were many demands that it come back on and tears and recriminations over the knowledge that there was nothing we could do to make that happen.

Strange child