Wednesday, 26 July 2006

a note to my son on the occasion of his teething

I understand that it must hurt having those sharp pointy little teeth force their way even further out of your gums. I know that you have very few ways of expressing your feelings and crying and whinging is right at the top of your list. However, I can't do much more to make it better and the constant whining is wearing me down and it would appreciated if you'd stop.

kind regards,

your mother

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

A weekend in which the heroine goes to Melbourne

Yes, the much awaited melbourne trip has been and gone. Whilst it was excedingly lovely to see Melbourne, go to a wedding, catch up with MissDawn and see her new house, bugger me if it isn't nice to come home! I got to kiss and hug my little Torbenspang and his dad ever so much. It's lovely!!

However, dear readers, you probably want to hear less of that and more of my adventures. That's if you want to hear anything at all.

So, flew in Friday night and Dawn picked me up and we went back to her house, did the tour. Decided I needed to smuggle one of the lampshades home. (Don't worry, I didn't. More because the wouldn't fit in my coat then anything else)

We trotted down to a very nice cafe with amusing waiters and yummy food and drink. I like that cafes in melbourne seem to run along the bar/cafe concept. It's kinda cool. After eating an elegant sufficiency, trotted home and promptly fell asleep.

Got up bright and early Saturday morning, went down to Port Melbourne and had breakfast on the water. So lovely to stare at the water and it had this fantastic milky light quality thingy. Also very weird to be facing south. Quite convinced I could see Taswegia.

Used a very weird public toilet that is all automated. You press a button to get toilet paper, it flushes when you leave, the sink was a rectangular hole in the wall with 3 sensors that activated the soap, water and drying things. When you left, it washed itself. I'd used one in the States but it wasn't this freaky! Then drove around the bay and up around town looking at pretty buildings and stopping off at rug and lighting shops and eventually made our way home to get ready for the wedding.

Bliss looked great as did the rest of the bridal/groom party. She had the right amount of sparklyness about her. The whole wedding was lovely. Mind you, to me, most weddings are. I like them because for this one moment at least, two people are so very much in love and so very happy.
Slightly disappointed that there wasn't more italian wedding-ness about this one. Sigh!

Snday morning, we all went to St Kilda for breakfast before wandering around Acland St and the art & craft markets. Acland St has so many pastry shops and shoe shops.
What more could you want??
Fell in love with this in the park. I'm sure the eyes followed me around the park!.

After all that walking and eating and purchasing, Dawn and I continued east and up the mountains as Robyn and Jeremy left us to do the lovely drive back to exotic canberra. lucky them.
The mounatins were very pretty and we shopped and had lunch and got rained on and everything! The rain kept getting worse and as we were driving along, we noticed that the road had turned white. It had hailed a lot.
So cool, until it started hailing again. D'oh. We made it out safe and alive like the brave adventurers that we are though.

I was all alone on Monady to explore the city as I chose. I had a ball! I did lots of random wanderings along streets and laneways and arcades. I walked along the river, I walked along federation square, discovered it was as ugly as I thought, caught a tram across the river to the art gallery, wandered aound some more, had yummy food. Did a little bit of shopping, got extremly sore feet and shoulders (all my clothes etc for the weekend were in a backpack I was lugging around. I'd also shoved some beer for MrNw in there. So 'ucking heavy) and eventually got to the airport and flew home.

I was very very impressed by Melbourne and fell in love with certain areas of it. It was this delightful mix of old and new. I liked the old stuff better than the new stuff!

I wouldn't mind moving there if everyone moved with me. Who's with me?

There's more photos on Flickr and there'll be even more next month when i have more memory left to squander.

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

oh no!!!

the aliens, originally uploaded by sleepy_lyon.

The aliens are coming!

yesterday was a fabulous day

My son got his very first toothie-peg and my niece can say my name.
I feel ever so chuffed!

Monday, 17 July 2006

a pollyana moment

Excuse me whilst I delve into my inner 'Pollyana' here.
I have a few friends whose lives have become a bit sucky for one reason or another lately and I'm sitting here wallowing in self-pity because I have a manky sore throat fluey thing and I'm supposed to finish a report for work and fly to exotic and ovely melbourne to see a friend get married on the weekend and I feel like crap. Then I read a post on a maothery forum place about a lass whose 18mth old has just died from luekemia and I realised that maybe life aint so bad after all. So go on, remind yourself ofd all the good stuff you have going on. I'll start.
  • I have a lovely husband who seems to be quite fond of me
  • I have a healthy, happy and oh-so cute son
  • I have friends and family who have healthy, happy, oh-so-cute (but not as cute as mine, of course) children
  • I have cunning friends who love me and look out for me.
  • I have a job that I don't hate and pays me enough to live on.
  • I live in a country where I can say "little johnny is a conniving prat who could commit murder live on tv the day before the election and still win because we as a nation are stupid" and not get shot (yet)
  • I have a bunch of very nice siblings.
  • I am not dying of anything (well, except for old age)
  • If I get sick, I can get free healthcare.
  • I'm not in jail
  • I had a fabulous weekend with lovely people and did lots of shopping and cahtting and drinking and all sorts of good stuff.
  • I have access to goodd food and a clean water supply.
  • I'm not buried under a ton of rubble after my voillage was destroyed by an earthquake.
  • I have a house to live in.
  • I have a lovely apple tart thing that finn made for saturday night to eat later today
I think that'll do for now.


monday morning amusement

Ye Gods!

I have a manky sore throat and have just amused my self playing this.

Friday, 14 July 2006

Thursday, 13 July 2006


this made me almost wee, which is very appropriate somehow.

you're f****ing awesome

I suspect it's the combination of spending the morning with three fabulous babies all under or around 3 mths and watching the marvelous A Child's World series but I am in awe of the amount that babies learn in those first few months.

The difference between the lovely Mattias (to use an example)and Oliver is huge. Mattias can't control his head or limbs yet and has no real grasp of anything around him whereas Oliver can sit up (mostly) and has control over his limbs (mostly) and there is a greater awareness going on.

Its actually interesting to see the progression of Sophie, Matt, Poppy and Oliver. They're all so close in age but a few months can make such a difference. At my Mothers group there's one baby who can now crawl and kind of stand up. He's only 2 1/2 moths older than Oliver. He is however and early developer.

It seems as though they reach a point where things start coming together for them. I remember the first time Oliver actually intentionally reached out and gripped something (a toy while lying on our bed), the first time he passed something from one hand to another (in the bath one day, blue turtle got passed around) the first time he rolled in his cot (I left him on his back and came back to find him on his tummy with a very confused look)He now sits on my lap and will focus on something and study it and try to eat it (my engagement ring is a big hit. Hmmmm, Sparkly)

The first time I gave him solids is very different to now. Back then it was little bits of food viewed with suspicion (what do you I have to 'chew'?) Now he gets excited by it and wants to play around with the bowl)

He will intentionally splash the water in the bath. He even copies you when you do it.

All this in such a short space of time. And it just gets better. Soon he will learn how to speak and figure out that I'm different to him and how to walk and how to lie (I didn't touch anything mummy, I just touched the cake. I didn't do it, Alex did! - watch A Child's World and you'll understand)

I can't wait!!!

Thursday, 6 July 2006


I've just booked my flight home from the wedding i'll be attending in Melbourne at the end of ths month.
It's very exciting because I'm staying until Monday so I'll actually have time to explore Melbourne. Having not been there except when I was about 2 years old. I'm looking forward to it!!

Yay for me.
Yay for MrNw for letting me desert him and the baby for 3 nights in a row and
yay for MissDawn for letting me stay!


Come on Mr H, you can't deny that you now want to get into my pants......

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

A weekend in which the heroine....

bought new shoes
fed piggly-pigs
got haircut (at last!!!!)
attended a hens night
got squiffy
slept in
dyed fabulous new hair
got work done
made dinner
went to sleep

may she have many more just as pleasant!