Friday, 27 February 2009

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee

The betsest bit about my birthday morning was listening to the boys wrap my presents..

'No, is MY birtyhday. happy birthday Torby'

N - "Now old is mum now?"
T - "hundred"

N - "Can you write Mum on this"
T - "M U M..look it's a W"

T - 'Look mummy, a present for you, I open it for you?"

Then the making a smoked salmon bagel for me to put candles on..

T - "we need candles onna cake"
N - "Well, we'll put some candles on this bagel...her bagel cake"

T - "look mummy, 10 candles..for my birthday, not your birthday, Torby's"

Then there were the tears when I had the temerity to blow out a few of my candles so we had to relight them so Torby could blow them out. The glee was totally worth it.

Megzz &Smurg dropped round last night with yummy dessert and my present. A subscription to an excellent mag called 'Frankie'. It explained why one had arrived in the mail last week for me. Hurrah for solving of mysteries.

Tonight I'm off to bounce around at a Cat Empire gig, Tomorrow is afternoon tea with a few laaadies and then Sunday will be the Friends of Cheeses picnic to celebrate our shared birthdays with DrQ and MissFliss.

Seems like a mighty way to celebrate.

Oh and the delightful Grandmama not only looking after Torby for the day so I can come in and make up a few hours at work but also giving us a copy of Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4. Such a droolworthy book.

Hurrah for birthdays!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

heart attack food r us

This is why you're fat.

Scary thing is, some of them even look edible

the pitfalls of toilet training.

We've re-commenced the toilet training for Torby and it's going very well. We stopped to bribery like the slack parents we are.
An unfortunate side effect is his 'helpfulness'.
"Push mummy, you've got to push"
"I check your bottom mummy"

Not at all disconcerting, not at all.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

All hail the baby cheeses

The unholy trinity of Pisceans, MissFliss, DrQ and MissDV, would like to invite you to the inaugural Friends of Cheeses picnic to celebrate our birthdays on this Sunday 1 March. You are requested to bring a picnic consisting of cheese, things to go with cheese, things to go on cheese, things to go under cheese and things to ameliorate the effects of cheese (e.g. red wine). The picnic will be from 11am in Stanmore. (Contact me for the details)

Remember, 'blessed are the cheesemakers'. I recommend the cheese seller at the Marrickville markets on Addison Rd as pretty blessed as well.

(Extracted from DrQ's email and put here in case you didn't recieve it. We're all crap at maintaining the correct email addresses for people)

Monday, 23 February 2009


I dropped a glass casserole dish in the floor this afternoon.

Glass go Smash!

Oh well, at least our kitchen floor is nice and clean.

Earlier this month I put our lovely ceramic baking dish on a hotplate and forgot to turn the hotplate off.

Ceramic go Crack!

We now have one metal baking dish and one flat tray to bake things on.

No pie for us until we get new dishes.



Print out a sheet, write a letter one side, fold it according to directions, whack a stamp on it and send an envelopless letter.

The other cunning thing this morning is that we have a way at work to make a donation to Red Cross Vic Bushfire appeal via a payroll deduction. I like that the effort was put in to make it easier for the rest of us to donate. Yay my work!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

where's my weekend gone?

Two nights spent at my sister's house with friends and food and wine and kids and all the good things.

Oh and 5 days till my birthday.

Oh and new Cat Empire album out (yay for iTune and it's downloadeyness)

I am teh happy.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sleep is for babies.

Torby hasn't had a nap today.

oh the doom

Friday, 20 February 2009

My eyes, my eyes!

Ugly Crap

Making me giggle a lot.

Oh, and despair for the fate of humanity, but mostly, giggle.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

A day in the life of a 3yr old.

A friend asked today what it is that Torbyboy does because all he hears about is the times I'm waiting for him to fall asleep at naptime (sweet sweet naptime).

This was my response
'he colours, he draws, he plays numbers on my mobile phone, he does jigsaw puzzles, he runs up and down the hallway 'swimming' or 'being a 'jumpy frog', he plays his 'puter games, he makes me laugh and smile a lot, he jumps on the couch being a 'cheeky monkey', he likes playing the 'boo' game, he watches dvd's, he makes me so frustrated I could scream, he cuts up old magazines and glues them onto paper to make presents for me, he makes my heart explode with delight and love and happiness and he reads a lot of books and those are just some of the things he does inside the house'

It kind of summed up life with a toddler really

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

heart attack anyone?

Delicious, delicious bacony heart attack.

I'm so tempted to make it just to answer the question of 'how bad can that much bacony goodness be?'

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

old photos of mostly me

Go to Flickeryness (over there on the righthand side is a link) if you need a laugh.

Monday, 16 February 2009


The bestest bit of roast lamb is the sammich the next day.

Mine has rocket pesto, caramelised onion, mixed salad leaves and the delicious cold lamb.


Sunday, 15 February 2009


XKCD valentine

25things about memememe (from facebook)

1. I have a birthmark on one thigh and a tattoo on the other. I often forget that they are there.

2. I wish that I was artistic. I love that people are talented enough to dance/sing/paint/etc well and wish I could be one of them.

3. Despite being a useless morning person, I struggle to sleep in past 7am. Even before the munchkin came along.

4. I love playing games of any sort. I love the interaction of card and board games. I love the running around in virtual worlds in computer games. I love it all.

5. I get very excited about birthdays and Christmas. Not because of the presents, but because of the happiness.

6. Having said that, I really like getting presents. I like knowing that someone has thought of me at some point. I like giving gifts for the same reason.

7. I read the end of books first. i like knowing how it ends.

8.When I was young I had bright blue eyes and really black hair. Now it's all sort of faded. Hair-dye is my friend.

9. I think I'm getting hayfever as I get older. These last few years have been very snot-fillled. ugh

10. People fascinate me. I like hearing their stories and trying to figure out what makes them tick, why they do things, why they feel that way etc. Part of me thinks I should have been a Psychologist, the other half think an Anthropologist.

11. I spent a lot of my childhood either curled up on a chair reading books or splashing about in the pool. It was a pretty fabulous way to grow up.

12. It's been nice getting older and having different relationships with my family. I now realise their faults and have come to accept them. I think a big part of that was realising that what most annoys me about them are the things that I least like about myself.

13. My mum died of cancer when I was 11. Having a child of my own made me really really miss her. I want to ask her what I was like, I want to know how she did it, i want to Oliver to know her. I get sad that i can't even tell him many stories about her because it's all too fuzzy and clouded by her being so sick for the last few years.

14. I enjoy cooking for people. I like experimenting and tweaking and making food yummy and feeding people. Because I am incapable of following a recipe I often mess up the timing. I don't mind eating the vegies first and then the riast lamb for dessert but I find it too stressful to inflict that on other people. Hence a lot of one pot dishes get served.

15. I have square scar on the bottom of my foot. Apparently from leaping into a bin when I was 3. I have a lot of other scars all over my body from being a clumsy child who scars easily. My knees are kind of scars upon scars upon scars.

16. I hate tomatoes and avocados and it makes me nauseous when i accidentally eat them. Texture is wrong . I struggle to eat anything that has touched them. They infect the dish with their ickiness. However, i don't mind tomato based pasta sauces and I love guacamole on nachos. Yes, yes, i am a princess.

17. hehehe. i just got raspberryed by my son. He thinks it's hilarious.

18. I get distracted easily.

19. When i was born, i was in the humidicrib land. I was jaundiced and had gotten thirsty on the way out so had drunk some amniotic fluid. One biiig yellow baby amongst the teensy premi babies must have been quite funny to see.

20. I didn't enjoy high school, had a nicer time at Uni and am loving where I am at the moment. I like being an adult and being vaguely stable.

21. When I yawn, I try to breathe in and out at the same time. I end up making a weird drain sucking noise. My brother in law finds this hilarious.

22. It bugs me when people talk about giving a sibling to their current child. It makes me think that the younger one will just be there as the older ones plaything. Irrational, I know.

23. I hate summer and the being hot and the sweaty. At least in winter you can rug up and use heaters and blankies etc.

24. I no longer watch or read the news. Too many dead baby stories. I rely on people and blogs to let me know if anything major happens. I'm sure one day i won't be so sensitive and I'll start watching again.

25. I have a not-so-secret love for trashy fiction and movies. It's pure escapism and my brain gets to switch off for the time it takes to read or watch. Luckily I read quickly.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Is that a gun in your pocket....

There are times when my job seems very surreal.

Standing in the lift today and being the only one without a gun is one of those times.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Onion column by St Valentine

'Yes, if things had gone a bit differently, I'm sure I would have loved to spend the first Valentine's Day sampling a variety of goat cheese and wine pairings, but alas, I was a little preoccupied by the severing of my spinal cord, which caused my brain-spattered skull to go bouncing down the streets of Rome. Ooh, lobster ravioli, how grand! You simply must try the lobster ravioli, seeing as how you're still alive and not just a bloodied stump of a torso on legs'

Just made me snort my water.
yay..all the stuff I've ordered off lovely people on Etsy has arrived. Including some very adorable earrings I ordered in October from the USA. The lass is sending me a new set after I contacted her last month to say that they hadn't turned up yet and was there a way to track them. d'oh!

Stupidy postal system.

However, yay for handmade stuff of much cuteness and originality and helpful people who make them.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Torbyboy is going to grandma's on Friday.

I get to go to work during the day to do lots of work (stupidy, stupid people and their making me do half their job. Grrr. Soon, soon I shall no longer have to care about one of the spreadsheets. Sooooon)

Nw doesn't have to take morning off so I can go do stupidy work.

Nw and I get to go out for a romantical dinner for an early Valentines day. Hungry Jacks is romatic right?

We get to have a wee bit of a sleepin.

Torby gets to spend 12hrs with his beloved grandma and papa.


Floods to the north and fires to the south

I am disgusted that people exist in this world who don't think or don't care about the consequences of deliberately lighting fires. F#cktards!

I am horrified at the death toll and the destruction.

I am amazed at the horror the weather can bring to our country.

I am saddened by what people have lost.

I am uplifted by the generosity and caring that people have shown.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hmm. I've been reading up on measles. As you do. Well, okay as I do given the spotty child we had and wondering why one of the kids he was near on Sunday before we knew what it was is now spotty and so soon after the fact.

I'm really not sure that that's what Torby had.
His spots are all gone now.
He was never really sick or off his food or vomity or fevery or anything.

Maybe misdiagnosis?

Maybe he's just lucky?

Myabe I'm just over analysing it all? (who? me? nooooo)

I guess we'll see if any of the kids or adults Oliver was near on the weekend get his disease (if that's what it was) in about a week or so...

I'll be back at the doctors soon anyway for him I think, I need some help getting his nappy/heat rash fixed. It's really not looking good.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Dance, baby, dance

Interesting Article about babies being hardwired for music.

Found via Erudito's LJ

Spotty McSpotspot

We took Torby to the doctor this morning to get a rash on his chest and tummy checked out.
It's not the heat rash we thought it was.

Rather, it's a form of measels (I keep writing that word as weasels and making myself giggle)

Luckily he's been innoculated against nasty German Measels so this is just a mild form that's mostly about the spots and maybe a bit of a fever.

Sometimes it's good to gve in to the paranoia and get these things checked out.

We've warned the people we were with on the weekend (In Miss Hunnyyddd's words 'So you bought your infectious spotty child and rubbed him up against people') but just in case you do become's all our fault.

Sorry 'bout that.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

It's quite astounding how sleepy lounging around in a pool all afternoon can make you.

What is it about the combination of sun and water that does that?

Rather than go to sleep at 8pm I shall bravely stay awake and read some more of the 3rd Twilight book. This one almost has a plot. Almost!

Friday, 6 February 2009

The stupid, it burns.

Stupid People Are Stupid!

Other than ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!! and the soun d of me beating my head against the desk, I'm pretty much speechless.

You can all blame Megzz for sending me the link.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


via, this russian blog has these funky letters

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

utter numminess

So for dinner tonight (yes, I do eat early) I made these brussel sprouts and some lamby cutlets marinated briefly in lemon juice/zest, parsley, rosemary and sage and then grilled to deliciousness.

The sprouts were so freaking good. I want to make them again tomorrow night.

so, so very good.

Really cannot emphasise that enough.

Go out and make them now!!

Oh and I used a smidge of caramelised balsamic vinegar at the end rather than the apple cider vinegar it asks for. It was what I had on hand.

cunning earring holder

cunning earring holder, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


his guardians, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

Two kites on Torby's wall (thanks Wenchi).

I like to think they watch over him as he sleeps.

Hey! My house resembles this!

Monday, 2 February 2009


Nw went out last night tp get some food for dinner.

The request was for Roast Beef. A nice cut of meat to be cooked
He returned with Pot Roast (Beef brisket).

So, I stuck it inna pot with some vegies for a long slow cook like the interwebs told me to.

Nw, sensibly, went a-hunting for yummy food to bring home to appease the grumpy, hungry wife.
(mmm Spring Pancake and Salt & Pepper Pork)

I reheated a bit of the pot roast and vegies tonight for dinner.

It's either the way I cooked it, or the fact that I'm just not that fond of this cut of meat that made me go Bleurgh. Given that I've had Pot Roast before and not particularly liked it, I think it's not all because of my cooking.


Sunday, 1 February 2009

zooom zooom a-zooom a-zooom zooom

Internet goes zoooooooooooom!


I've just purchased one of these for Torby's room.

Bow to continue with playing warcrack, watching Angel and catching up on peoples blogs and LJ's.