Tuesday, 17 February 2009

old photos of mostly me

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Dr Q said...

I love the old photos - partly because they remind me of mine - must borrow them from the Ps and scan them. Is it something about 70s and 80s film or was the light really like that in the tropics? I suspect the latter. I also like picking out the family resemblances - in the one with the cat you really look like Z.

JD said...

Ahh, the quality of film in the 70's was great was it not? My mum has some of me that have that same quality and I didn't grow up anywhere near the tropics.

I like looking at piccies of my chums when they was wee chillen. You've given me ideas, you have. Shame on you.

The first pic of you (and you Granma, was it?) had me thinking of Z too. Just goes to show all the Waters girls are bootiful.

DV said...

The delicious grainy texture of them all.

JD, that's me and my mum. Albeit a very bad photo of her.

Next time you're around at Fight Club, get Meg to show you the album I made for her as a wedding pressie. There a lot of delightfully old photos of her and our family in there.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I suspect the graininess has something to do with camera or film speed. it was the rise of instamatics and most people used 100 or 125 for their film and camera speed, which is actually very crappy and limited at a wide range of situations. but it was mass marketed and very successful, so I presume it was cheap to make.

I can tell you that the orange/pink blush on so many photos from that era (not just these lovelies) is heat exposure on the film before development.

you can put that down to the way it was stored and/or transported before you even got it, or even just leaving it out on a warmish day, before or after you've used it.

you should see the roll of film which lived in my parents glovebox for most of the summer around 1974. PINK! even sillier that some of the photos were of a hailstorm. pink hail!

Wenchilada said...

I must admit... I shed a wee tear when I looked at your photos. Not sure why... maybe it was hormones...