Monday, 2 February 2009


Nw went out last night tp get some food for dinner.

The request was for Roast Beef. A nice cut of meat to be cooked
He returned with Pot Roast (Beef brisket).

So, I stuck it inna pot with some vegies for a long slow cook like the interwebs told me to.

Nw, sensibly, went a-hunting for yummy food to bring home to appease the grumpy, hungry wife.
(mmm Spring Pancake and Salt & Pepper Pork)

I reheated a bit of the pot roast and vegies tonight for dinner.

It's either the way I cooked it, or the fact that I'm just not that fond of this cut of meat that made me go Bleurgh. Given that I've had Pot Roast before and not particularly liked it, I think it's not all because of my cooking.



Dr Q said...

Or you're pregnant ...

Megz said...