Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hmm. I've been reading up on measles. As you do. Well, okay as I do given the spotty child we had and wondering why one of the kids he was near on Sunday before we knew what it was is now spotty and so soon after the fact.

I'm really not sure that that's what Torby had.
His spots are all gone now.
He was never really sick or off his food or vomity or fevery or anything.

Maybe misdiagnosis?

Maybe he's just lucky?

Myabe I'm just over analysing it all? (who? me? nooooo)

I guess we'll see if any of the kids or adults Oliver was near on the weekend get his disease (if that's what it was) in about a week or so...

I'll be back at the doctors soon anyway for him I think, I need some help getting his nappy/heat rash fixed. It's really not looking good.


Impish said...

More spots! More spots! More spots!

Ok, stop spots!


Mindy said...

Nappy/heat rash can be a bitch to fix. G had it last year, came on suddenly and took a week and a half of bare bum time and lots of bum cream before it cleared up. If it's really nasty the local chemist might be able to recommend something good.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

our local whipped up a good zinc compound.

also, don't forget some diseases vary. I remember when two friends and I had glandular fever. Dom had it for 9 months (probably even longer) and needed antidepressants. I had it for about 6 months. mark had it for... about a week. it was a really intense week, but a week. the bastard.

just make sure the GP tells you if he's still infectious, spots or no spots.

DV said...

hehe @ impish

Spot Watch 2009 Update

Spots are gone and doctor said that he was fine.