Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I remember...

I have been reading the updates on Impish (aka Miss Doomkat) and baby (yay for her excellent husband who is provide us with daily information) and it's bring back a whole lot of memories of when Torby was born and we were in hospital.

I remember this wacky space where MrNw would disappear and come back with clean clothes or real food (the crunchysalads, the crisp vegetables, the joy!). Sometimes he would be gone for hours, sometimes seconds depending on how much sleep I'd had, how much crying Torby was doing and wether or not I'd recently been doped up on the painkillers. He'd also bring back news of the weather and the fact that Sydney was still there and hadn't dissapeared. People would visit and go away again.

I remember the wonder and the joy.

I remember the tears and frustration.

I remember the accomplishment of getting out of bed the day after the C-section for a slooooow hobble to the bathroom for my first shower (the delicious cleanliness).

I remember Torby lying so happily under the heatlamps after his bath. All warm and peaceful.

I remember demanding of a midwife at about 3am 'don't show me how to do it, just get him on and feeding' when the last 10attempts had been unsuccesful.

I remember the same midwife then suggesting that Nw takes Torby for a walk and leave the sobbing, overwrought mother alone to sleep for a bit.

I remember falling asleep in the middle of feedings. Waking up to find Torby off my bosoms and lying peacefully next to me.

I remember Torby hating the plastic box of doooom (aka his crib)

I remember getting home and wondering what we do now.

I remember finding out a week later that a friends son had killed himself while we were tucked away. People had, quite rightly so, made the call not to tell us at the time.

Such a weird headspace and time of our life. Your world narrows down to this new creature who has entered your life. It's quite odd.

Monday, 27 October 2008


The beloved Daycarer, A, is going on holidays at the end of the year!
Yes we'll get replacement care.
Yes she deserves a good long holiday.
Yes it's nice that she's going to see her parents again after 8years.
Yes, I'm sure the stand-in carer will be good and lovely.

She just won't be A!!!

weekend recap


Met up with Finn and MissP for some shopping and a catch-up. MiisP is all big and growned-up and very very cute.

Dinner at Meg & Jamie's. Some glasses of wine and then a late dinner is an interesting combo. Damn that pizza place for not delivering instantaneously!


Got to sit in on Torby's swimming lessons. He's loving it! Only 3 kids in his class and a good instructor. Lots of squealey 'look at me mum, I'm swimming!'

Some shopping for new swimmers for him, a failed naptime for him (and therefore me) and then lounging around in a porl & fliss' backyard eating, drinking, laughing at all the childrens. Not sure I can forgive Mim & Richard for letting thier girls grow up. Who let Rachel be 12yrs old!! Carelessness I say.


Markets of yumminess, tea and kids doing painting in meg's backyard. Mr H dropped over with his delightful new girl Meg (no more meg's allowed, too too confusing).

Biiiiig nap for us all then the Ikea for a nightlight for Torby.

Only bad bit was the fact that MrNw got some lurgy and was feeling a bit manky. He's home today to sleep and hopefully get better.

Oh and we found a kids table and chairs set at the junk shop near meg & jamie's. Will replace the coffee table that MissCharlie had loaned us. Hoorah!

All-in-all, an excellent weekend.
The fabulous miss Impish had a baby girl on Saturday.

Welcome to the world little Chloe, we're very glad you're here.

Friday, 24 October 2008

There's something very odd about working on a Friday.

Less people in the office.

Everyone is dressed a bit more casual.

The atmosphere is a bit lighter.

Everyone can smell the weekend and they're happy.

I kinda like it.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Friday, 17 October 2008

the update

This is the second night of being a pretend mother of three.

Last night there was much giggling from Torby and Zozo in lieu of actual sleeping. Eventually the room was quiet and we all were happy. The alternative was to have Torby in the room with us and I gotta tell you, he snores!

Before bedtime, there was playing and dinner and more playing. Everyone was mostly okay and it does seem to wok best when it's a group of two and one by themselves. The groupings would change regularly and it worked out nicely.

This morning the two little ones woke up at 6:30 and played happily seperately. I then dragged Isobel out of bed just before 8. My god that girl can sleep.

Nw and Torby drove off to get Torby to grandmama's and Nw to work and I kept getting girls ready for daycare.

There is a certain rythym to the morning with getting more than one child ready.

I managed to get (not enough) work done while everyone was out. Now there is bathtime for the girls and wine o'clock for me.

Tomorrow morning we have to be up and away early for swimming lessons and ballet class. The idea of actually getting everyone awake, fed and dressed that early is a bit frightening.

Will let you know how it goes.


Isobel (the 4yr old niece) asked me how Torby got inside my tummy.


What do you tell a 4yr old that she will understand and not scar her for life?

I went with

"Unky Nw helped put him there"

followed up with 'ooh, shiny thing'

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal do Les Mis

via The Park Bench

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The shopping gods smiled upon me

I have been on a hunt for some simple long legged/sleeved cotton pyjamas for Torby.

It has been a doomed search. Apparently I should have been shopping for Spring jammies in Winter or something.

Today I found a pair on Cotton On ones (I likes lot of their kids stuff) in DJ's for a princely sum of $3.98 on sale.
They were the last pair

They fit him perfectly.

I may have gone hoorah! once or twice.

Monday, 13 October 2008

the boys doing the washing up

my boys, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

ah domestic bliss

Thursday, 9 October 2008

have plan.

Have decided am joining nudist colony.

Have decided only way to stop the evergrowing dirty clothes pile.

Have been doing a few loads of washing everyday for the last twelvetyfive years and never seems to be the end of it.

As long as I don't have to see anyone else narkoo (people look funny narkoo and is probably rude to giggle at them) this is an excellent plan.

Please send snacks, supplies and eyemasks at regular intervals.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

That family that nerds together, stays together

My lovely old laptop has been given to the munchkin to use. He likes typing letters and numbers and playing a few games through the ABC TV site.

We have just spent a very pleasant hour or so gaming together. My game was WoW, his was the letter matching game.
He would yell out (ignoring the fact that we're next to each other) when he got a letter right (every time, oh my ears) and I would let him know when i needed to get on my horse and run somewhere.

We are raising our very own gaming nerd.


I want a Sizzles doll!
Umm, for Torby, yes that's it...for Torby

Charlie & Lola is a very cute kids show and there's a dog called Sizzles in it occasionally (he belongs to Charlie's best friend Marv)

and this is the only clip I could find on YouTube of it. It doesn't feature Sizzles though.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Torby climbs into bed with us at 5am (/sob)

'Bunny, go get pillow and blanket and nuknuk' (the holy trinity of sleep and comfort)

or order your mother to do it as you're too busy annoying Stampy

'Bunny, it's still sleep time, you lie between us and sleep. See daddy is sleeping and mummy is sleeping (LIES!) and Torby should be sleeping too.

Ah the restfulness of being perched on the very edge of the bed with a squirmy toddler kicking and squiggling and singing to himself and drawing things on your back and loudly sucking on his dummy.

These are the mornings of our lives.

Thursday, 2 October 2008


Despite it only being 2 days into October...I saw a whole bunch of Christmas displays and ornaments etc for sale.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

oh baby, it's so big

..my shiny new computer toy is huuuge.

Well at least compared to my old laptop.

I'm sure I'll get used to how things work soon enough.

I've almost stopped going to the top right-hand bit to close a program.