Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Torby is well and truly on the mend..hooray!
He's pretty muych returned to normal (bouncey bouncey normality)
Is a stark contrast to the last week when he really was all sick and floopy.

Tomorrow we might even go out in public.
That way people can admire the mighty bruise he's sporting from running in the bathroom and cracking his head on the toilet.
Lucky people.
According to Dulux, Grand Piano is an off-white colour...not at all stark black or white like you'd imagine.

It's also going to be the colour we paint our walls.

It will (hopefully) look like these walls except smaller and with less of view...dammit!

Monday, 28 September 2009


He's been sick and whingy and tired since Friday but no rash was visible until this morning when Nw took him to the doctor.
Apparently having a plain old cold or teething issues is too passe for him, it's got to be something more thrilling like measles!
A mild dose but measles nonetheless.

This would be what my sad face looks like
This is also what my worried face looks like.

Poor munchkin.
Our new house (new for us anyway) has had the yicky carpet removed and the wooden floors have been polished and made to look beaustiful! Oh how I love them.

It also now has 3 bits of furnbiture in it after a trip to Ikea on Sunday.
Remind me to never go to Ikea on a Sunday afternoon again. It was like hell's own waiting room only with more annoying people.

Nw is home with a sick Torby this morning and hopefully fixing our farked router. I need to call the beloved A soon and let her know Torby will not be joining them today.

Also need to book an Optus person to come and put cable internet into new house and chase up the electrician for his quote and the glazier for a time and and and...

We will move all the big stuff into the house next weekend (this one is Nw's party and maybe a spot of painting on Sunday) Then we will have a week to clean up the old placve and move the last few things across. Good timing on Nw's parents to be in Perth for a while so we can run away with the station wagon. *grin*

Hmm I wonder how much babysitting I'm going to owe M&J after I try and convince them that they love Torby and want to look after him while we do painting/moving/etc. A lot I suspect. Baybsitting and wine.

Soon we will be in teh new house. Soooooooon.
As long as we don't go mad from the stress of actually getting there.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

stuff of a random nature

The internet fell over at home yesterday afternoon. Oh how I mourned it's passing. I called tech support and they made me do the unplugging/replugging dance and agreed I wasn't doing anything wrong. A technician was booked for early this morning. Daen wakes up this morning and decides to try replugging it all back in.
Tha bastard made it work!
and Yay!
but a smidge of hrmph


It does mean that I don't have to spend the morning loitering at home waiting, waiting waiting.
I can come along to then new house to see how the floors look now that our floorman has removed carpet and made the wood all shiny.
I can also drag us all to Bunnings to look at paint etc.

We also get to go to the chemist for some medicine for Torby. He was a bit sick and freaked out last night at M&J's and woke up a few more times when we got home. He's a bit hot and is complaining of sore teeth. We suspect his very back molars are coming through. Poor thing.
He's opted out of swimming lessons and is curled up on the couch with me instead. He's a really good hot water bottle.
He's also still got a lumpy head from where he fell and cracked hi head on the toilet on Thursday. He's really not having a good time of it. I ahte not being able to make it all better instantly.

The dust came back!
Sky was all yellow (not the bloodred of Wednesday thankfully) this morning and the dusty taste is in the air.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Being at work on a Thursday (normally a day off with Torby) is made a lot more pleasant by having the boys come and visit me for lunch.

Torby then came up to my desk so I could collect some stuff to sned back in the car rather tha lug home on the train. He was much admired. I did enjoy his conversation with an Inspector in the lift about the fact that the man was wearing stars.

Now, back to making spreadsheets look pretty.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I like these disney princesses, they're eviiiil

from comics alliance

make with the clicky on the links to see more piccies.
The walk to the station and then to work was so very gritty. Felt like I was back at Crossroads.
Now I must run away and attempt to hack up a strangely orange lung.
The sky is all orangey.
So very freaky

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My last 5 days

Wake up early, get into car, go to airport, get onna plane (big big bigger plane) fly to exotic Melbourne with the munchkin.
The weather was horrid when we got there but we braved a walk around town after checking in. Got to have nommy Lord of the Fries for lunch. Who knew vegetarian burgers could taste so very very good?
Spent a few hours at the apartment lounging around watching a dvd and generally trying to have quiet time.
Noticed that we were right around the corner from Koko Black so we went for some hot chocolate (I was getting bored of the apartment and had dried out sufficiently from our last foray)
Later that afternoon lovely chums came and visited and there was dinner at a nommy (if horrifically slow) chinese place up the road and games and frivolity.

Meanwhile in Sydney, Nw had picked up the keys to our lovely house. Hoorah for nothing going wrong in the last 6weeks!

Weather was much much better. Sunshine and pretty clouds and everything.
After much indecision we decided on the the farm rather than the zoo.
The farm is Collingwood Childrens Farm and it was the awesome.
Paddocks to wander about it in, animals to pet and feed and tell off for making messes (the chickens didn't pay any attention to him though) and especially the goats to be mobbed by.
Another light snack at the Farm Cafe fortifies us for the trip to see Spyd and AJ.
Afternoon of the boys running around like porkchops and playing games. A hoot was had.
Friday evening was the warcrack gathering of delightfulness.
Much pizza and even more dessert was consumed. Much chatting and giggling was heard and enjoyed. Torby even slept through a large chunk of it.
The cab ride back to town was badly timed - a football match had ended and the roads were full of stripey people. Pesky stripey people

Up sparkly early to get washed and dressed and breakfasted and packed in time to meet Megzz n Smurg for the drive to Ballarat for H&A's wedding. A pleasant drive later, we check into the hotel and wish for the rain to go away and get ready for the ceremony.
H&A were beautiful and radiant and oh so happy. Everything you want to see in a couple on their wedding day.
After it all wrapped up we retired back to the motel and made dinner plans for the place next door. Whilst being very convenient, the food was nothing to write home about but there was a playground for the children to be entertained in.
We then gathered back in the apartment bit of the motel we were staying in and chatted and had some snacks and some beverages. A few of us managed to stay awake until all of 11pm like the grown-ups we were.

Meanwhil in Sydney, Nw is spending an unanticipated 5hours with a very chatty locksmith who is changing all the locks at our new house. Lucky Nw!

After Torby commandeered my bed halfway through night as his was too cold (kicking all the blankets off will do that) we woke up in different beds but he once again he hopped into bed with me. I soon realised it was not out of affection, I was simply closer to the dvd player and he wanted to watch his dvd. Horrid child.
Breakfast was had, packing was done, coffee was drunk, waiting happened, Speedy, TDN and D drove us to the airport, Torbynaps happened in the car, meltdowns happened at the airport. All to be expected really.
The flight was uneventful (what more could you ask for), Torby threw up about 2steps into Sydney airport (drinking too much juice he claims - I think it was that and the fact that he was knackered by this point) but swiftly forgotten when we finally got to see Nw again.
Despite a lot of really lovely moments over the weekend, seeing him made me the happiest I'd been.
The boys trotted off to the park when we got home and I had a bit of a rest. mmmm rest.

Torby woke up at some ungodly hour and Nw got up to keep hoim quiet in the living room once we realised that he really wasnt going to lie next to us quietly.
An hour later, I roused myself so we could wish Nw a happy birthday and lavish him with presents and kisses.
I may or may not have then crawled back to bed after calling in sick and exhausted to work.
A lot more sleep was had and the world became a less painful place.
Nw returned home from a morning at work with some beautiful smelly roses for me and we went up the road for a yummy lunch to celebrate being married for 7years.
the afternoon passed pleasantly until it was time to collect the munchkin from daycare and go to the new house (mainly so I could my new keys in my new front door - There may or may not have even been a happydance) and go to 'the restaurant with M&J andthe girls for birthday ninner.
Candles were blown out and then relit so each of the kids could blow the out by themselves.
After returning home, we curled up on the couch and watched some more Big Love
Yes the strangeness of watching a show avboit polygamy on our wedding anniversary was not lost on us.

So in the last 5 days, I've had big adventures, managed to wrangle a short loud person in a different city, acquired a new house, acquired a 40yr old husband and racked up 7years of marriage. No wonder I'm a wee bit sleepy.

Oh there's a few photos from melbourne here. Mainly of the farm.

Now I really should cease procrastinating and get dressed for work despite really wanting to crawl back into bed and sleep for another few hours/days/weeks.

Monday, 14 September 2009

3 sleeps to go...

.... until Torby and I go on our great Melbourne adventure.


Plans are starting to come together.

I have chums visiting the apartment on Thursday night and keeping me entertained so I don't get homesick the first night.

Friday evening will be a gathering of my lovely fellow warcrack nerds. There will be much geekyfun and amusement and food and beverage and catching up and no homesickness that night either.

Saturday will be fun and frivolity in Ballarat and no homesickness.

Daytime activities may involve going to the Collingwood Childrens Farm and a bunch of cunning playgrounds. maybe even the aquarium or the Museum if it rains a lot. I shall also go and release hi upon poor unsuspecting

I have to do some shopping when we get to Melb for Torby food and some beverage for moi. I'm hoping that we can do part of this at the Queen Vic markets so I can also nab a hot jammy doughnut or twenty.

I've been madly printing out maps and plotting how to get between things. Bwahahah.

It's one of the hardest things about planning things to do with the munchkin in a foreign town..the knowledge that I can't just nip over here or go on a big walk over to there or just zip back that way for an hour. Instead I'm planning things in zones. Thursday is hanging around close to the city as we have to be back at the apartment to meet chums and Friday is Go East Young (Wo)Man! time.

I'm also very aware that half our plans will not be realised and it's all dependent on weather/grumpiness/sleepiness/need for quiet time/ public transport/distance a toddler can walk versus distance I can lug a toddler on my shoulders etc. I just like to have an idea where things are and how to get there if we do get an opportunity. I've also only locked in a few plans and they all involve either the apartment or someone's house.

I've also found some games and activity books to keep him entertained on various forms of transport and we've borrowed a kids didgital camera from M&J for him to play with. So many forms of entertainment, so little time.

I'm also very lucky to have awesome chums who have volunteered/been talked into/bribed to get us to Ballarat and back. The thought of having to do it on PT with Torby was making me weep. You think I kid. I am indebted to my friends for a very long time.

I've been discussing it all with Torby a lot to get him used to the idea that Nw won't be with us but we get to do fun stuff and we'll meet some new people and get to see lots of our friends etc.
The main thing he's excited about? Brushing his teeth! No really. Strange strange child.
The second bestest thing is seeing AuntySpyd and AJ though. But that may be only so he can show them how to brush their teeth. I'm not quite sure.
It really does worry me what goes on his head sometimes.

All-in-all, I think we'll do okay. I'm really looking forward to it.


11pm - fall into bed and start snoring.

4am - wake up with whistley/bubbly lungs (must be better at using nasal spray to help stop this)

4:15 am - Torby cries out because he's clonked his nose on a toy. Get out of bed, go deal with that, lie back down and curse at lungs for not behaving.

4:25am - Torby cries out because his blankets are crooked. Go deal with this, lie back down, cough some more to make lungnoise stop.

4:45am - Torby cries out that he needs our help. Send Nw in to deal with him as you have finally found perfect position and are finally drifting back off again.

5:10am - Torby comes in to the room complaining that his 'busy' (the laptop) is gone. Tell him it's still sleep-time and to come lie down. He climbs into bed and starts whinging and jiggling and telling me to shush when I start coughing.

5:20am - crawl out of bed to go have shower and resist urge to sell child to the gypsies.

5:30am - emerge from shower, rescue Torby from Nw packing him off to the gypsies.

6am - finish breakfast and getting dressed, succesfully avoid dialling the gypsies.

6:14am - Torby turns the cuteness on just in time for me to stagger out the door to go to work.

7:15am - first of many cups of coffee for the day hits my system, world becomes slightly less fuzzy.

It's going to be a looong looong day.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

The swimming lessons paid off

Torby took an unexpected swim yesterday at Mel&Rusty's yesterday.

It was going to be him or the other little girl who was there..we all knew it would happen. They were wandering around the pool poking the water with we said, inevitable.

The splash still made my heart still skip a beat. Nw was close to him when it happened and easily fished him out. Towels and hugs and kisses were swiftly administered followed by fresh clothes and chippies. It's quite amazing how quickly a handful of crisps can dispel the shock of it all.

I was very proud of Torby for trying to keep himself afloat and not sinking like a stone, hooray for swimming lessons actually working.

It's one of those things that had to happen eventually and I'm glad it did when there were a lot of adults around and hopefully he remembers not to lean so far over water next time because that next time there may not be anyone around to fish him out.

Friday, 11 September 2009


It made me giggle..a lot.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Because I will lose the bit of paper again...

Chicken w/ spicy onion sauce

1/3 cup plain flour
1tsp paprika, tumeric, cumin, coriander, chili powder,garlic salt (smidge less than a tsp)
8 chicken thighs
2 onions cut into wedges
2tsp grated ginger 9oh okay, about 3)
1/4 cup mango chutney
1 cup chicken stock

Combine flour and spices.
heat oil in pan and cook chicken in batches until golden brown.
add more oil, cook onions and ginger until tender
add chutney and stock and throw the chicken back in.
cover and simmerfor about 15mins
uncover and coo some more to thicken.

Is good and nummy and has a slight hint of heat (only slight) and the onions turn all yummy and it all just works. especially with some brown rice and vegetables.

I got it out of some recipe book but I have no idea which one - sorry

Monday, 7 September 2009

After a thrilling weekend of packing things into boxes I can report that;

We own far too many books.
We own far too much fabric.
We owned far too many baby clothes.

We have discovered;
- some jewellery that I thought I'd lost, hello again big red pendant, oh how I've missed you.
- my Certificate of Credit for a science comp I entered in 1990, I'm sure I could use it as ID instead of the birth certificate that's still missing, right?
- that I owned 4 copies of Jo's Boys by L.M. Allcott, I've kept the oldest of them all,
-that a lot of dust collects on things when you don't move them for 5 years,

Nw has dropped off a large collection of baby clothes and paraphenalia to the vinnies (or equivalent).
We have an ever growing collection of books to be taken to vinnies as well. If anyone wants a large collection of trashy sci-fi and just plain trashy boks, feel free to rummage through the boxes out the front of our house. Or just visit your local Vinnies in the coming weeks. It's where most of them came from after all.

Tonight we go to visit the lawyer to sign more stuff (contracts for our souls or something like that). Our reward will be yummy food from somewhere on King St.

Hopefully, in one weeks time, we'll be signing the final document and getting the keys to our new house.
The fact that the following day we're having a locksmith come and change the locks won't ruin the significance at all, no sirree.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

hurray for the father of my child

He gave me sleepin this morning after I'd had night of bad dreams
He enjoyed his card and present from Torby
He decided we all needed yum-cha fro breakfast/lunch
He mocked me as I complained of eating way too much.
He joined me in putting lots of stuff into boxes.
He has requested duck pancakes and salad for dinner

Oh and

He is partly responsible for the Torbyboy and that's a pretty cool thing.

Thursday, 3 September 2009


I went to see my lung specialist this morning whil Nw entertained Torby at the shops.

Accoirding to the blood tests and the respiratory function tests, I'm normal.


I have some drugs to take for a bit and I'm to keep using a nasal spray and in theory it should all go away soon.

Oh and an x-ray soon and follow-up appointment with my gp.

but, cured! cured I tells ya. I can go on thoise cross-country runs I love so much without my lungs exploding.

Or not.

Now for this pesky headcold to go far far away and the house to be settled and the moving to be done and the new details for getting to/from wedding in Ballarat to be confirmed and and and

Oh and I love my friends...I luv youse all

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

the lurgy approacheth

Over the course of the day, I've started coughing a bit more, shivering a bit, my head has become fuzzier and my bones are starting to get achey.

I think I might be getting a lurgy :(

I'm looking forwatrd to home time.
I'm looking forward to dosing myself up with lemsip and having a big sleep in the hope that it all goes away and this isn't really the cold I think it's trying to be.