Monday, 14 September 2009

3 sleeps to go...

.... until Torby and I go on our great Melbourne adventure.


Plans are starting to come together.

I have chums visiting the apartment on Thursday night and keeping me entertained so I don't get homesick the first night.

Friday evening will be a gathering of my lovely fellow warcrack nerds. There will be much geekyfun and amusement and food and beverage and catching up and no homesickness that night either.

Saturday will be fun and frivolity in Ballarat and no homesickness.

Daytime activities may involve going to the Collingwood Childrens Farm and a bunch of cunning playgrounds. maybe even the aquarium or the Museum if it rains a lot. I shall also go and release hi upon poor unsuspecting

I have to do some shopping when we get to Melb for Torby food and some beverage for moi. I'm hoping that we can do part of this at the Queen Vic markets so I can also nab a hot jammy doughnut or twenty.

I've been madly printing out maps and plotting how to get between things. Bwahahah.

It's one of the hardest things about planning things to do with the munchkin in a foreign town..the knowledge that I can't just nip over here or go on a big walk over to there or just zip back that way for an hour. Instead I'm planning things in zones. Thursday is hanging around close to the city as we have to be back at the apartment to meet chums and Friday is Go East Young (Wo)Man! time.

I'm also very aware that half our plans will not be realised and it's all dependent on weather/grumpiness/sleepiness/need for quiet time/ public transport/distance a toddler can walk versus distance I can lug a toddler on my shoulders etc. I just like to have an idea where things are and how to get there if we do get an opportunity. I've also only locked in a few plans and they all involve either the apartment or someone's house.

I've also found some games and activity books to keep him entertained on various forms of transport and we've borrowed a kids didgital camera from M&J for him to play with. So many forms of entertainment, so little time.

I'm also very lucky to have awesome chums who have volunteered/been talked into/bribed to get us to Ballarat and back. The thought of having to do it on PT with Torby was making me weep. You think I kid. I am indebted to my friends for a very long time.

I've been discussing it all with Torby a lot to get him used to the idea that Nw won't be with us but we get to do fun stuff and we'll meet some new people and get to see lots of our friends etc.
The main thing he's excited about? Brushing his teeth! No really. Strange strange child.
The second bestest thing is seeing AuntySpyd and AJ though. But that may be only so he can show them how to brush their teeth. I'm not quite sure.
It really does worry me what goes on his head sometimes.

All-in-all, I think we'll do okay. I'm really looking forward to it.

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worldpeace and a speedboat said...

from where you are the Treasury Garden is easy to get to for a run around. beyond that the Fitzroy gardens are also lovely, but just be aware that the children's playground is way over towards the north east corner and up a slope. we gave up ;-) but towards the Wellington Parade side is a miniature village which may amuse.

and you walk past a Koko Black on Collins Street ;-)