Thursday, 27 March 2008

I'm finally getting around to it..

Post Festival Roundup

Missed Nw and Torby the days/nights they weren't there. More convenient to not have a 2-yr old to wrangle at festival but not worth the sadness from missing them.

Loved our combined encampment. Nice to have big open space for kids to run about in etc.

Every campsite needs a Rusty :)

Lovely dinners with chums. Especially liked impromptu combined ninner on monday night. Also had one of the more enjoyable lemmicelli feasts I've had in a long time.

Had a hoot in the tavern..nice to be able to work behind bar again even if it was very sporadic.

If one more person complains about heat/humidity I may scream... yes it was hot, it will be better next year when it's later in the year.

Dancing Petit Vriens with Hunnydddd and Isobel made my Sunday...the grin on Belabels face was a beautiful thing.

The rain was very manageable but do have fears for just how gooky that site could be if it was more torrential.

Icycold teatowles and getting feet wet in the river are FTW

All up, I had a hoot...wished I had have caught up with more people, but that's nothing new.

Now to continue with the cleaning an the drying and sorting out.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


I went, I saw, I had a hoot and now I'm clean again.
Will wait for my brain to catch up and then may actually write more about it all.
For now I say, go see my flickr page for photos

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Because I keep losing the recipe..

Lamb shankseyness (add more onion and less stock, ditch the potatoes and serve on mash and with some peas)

also have made this chicken stew (fry bacon for a bit before adding leeks and mushrooms) and these appley pancakes (add some vanilla and allspice to batter) for festival

Sunday, 16 March 2008


  • Coz n Ob get here tomorrow. yay
  • Went campling at new festival site yesterday. Was nice, we have a lovely little area. Glad that we have it setup the way that it is. Looking forward to actual event now (as long as it doesn't rain).
  • We're watching Centre Stage on tv. Haven't really watched any tv except for ABC kids TV and downloaded stuff for ages and ages. Had forgotten how annoying ads can be. Am also waaay behind on my pop trivia. Have no idea what half of the shows are about anymore.
  • Is very nice that Finn can use GTalk in exotic Beijing. I am crap at keeping up with people unless it's instant. All the minutae of my day is what i excel in telling people and that always seems pointless in an email or letter etc.


Thursday, 13 March 2008

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Oh the Stampiness

Stampy has spent the last hour curled up on the bed, in the middle of a nest of blankies, snoring her heart out....fark me, she's loud!!!

I'd wake her up, but she's far too cute to move.

Monday, 3 March 2008



I have finally remembered to clean up my flickreynes and put things in sets etc. Much tidier now and has served to help the procrastinatory efforts of this afternoon.
Now I'm sure I have something that desperately needs alphabetising.....

dinner and weddings and bowls, oh my!

I have had a truly lovely weekend and man-oh-man, I'm exhausted!

Scruffy and J's wedding on Saturday was beautiful and funny and sweet and lovely and all that you could ever ask for.
The two of them have been going out for so long that it was nice to see this next step finally begin.
I occasionally forget that we all scrub up okay when we put our best party frocks on. The ever lovely Charlie took lost of photos for me. Go look at Flickr

Sunday saw us at Petersham Bowling Club for Birthday Barefoot Bowls for Sarah and myself. The fact that Sarah couldn't be there due to lurginess was the only downer on a glorious afternoon spent lounging around and bowling and watching the various children 'help' everyone (including other groups of people. Mixed Doubles with Toddler Tournament really go look at my flickr and definately go look at TOA's flickr for some truly gorgeous shots.

We followed up bowling with some lounging around and the I did a stint at being useful and being a Festival Bookings minion and then got home, collapsed and slept solidly.

Was rooly trooly a lovely weekend.