Friday, 28 November 2008

From Scratch!

This years Punkin Pie for Turkey Day is mostly made from this recipe.

Have added some brown sugar and maple syrup (instead of the a bit of the white sugar)

Makes lots and lots.

Will let you know how it tastes after Saturday.

mmmm pie...

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Santy Claus!

Santy Claus!, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

He enjoyed telling the fat hairy man all about his sticker and the Thimas pressie he was gettinga nd going to see isobelandzoe (always said as one word)

I just like that we managed to get a photo this year.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I'm introducing Torby to one of my favouritest kids movies. Walt Disney's Robin Hood.
I'm pleased to say that he's enjoying it so far
so, what have I been up to?

Had birthday party for one of Torby's daycare chums on Saturday morning. Was lovely to see the boys and meet the parents and Torby had a hoot!

I then went on girly roadtrip to Canberra for The Cocktail Party (tm)
Was lovely and fun and got to chat to lots of people and felt much better the next day than I should have. Hoorah for drinking for Australia!

Was nice to get home on Sunday afternoon and see my lads.

Torby started daycare at his new carer on Monday. He seems happy enopugh. He still wants to go to A's house. Sooon it will be January and he can. Sooon.

Speak of the devil....he's now awake and telling me about his dream (or I think that's what it is - unsure when else the elephant was chased by the ladybugs and something about missing legs)

I shall leave you to your morning so i may bask in the munchkin being half asleep and cute and affectionate. It happens so rarely.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Oh and modem/router fixed. All it wanted was the technician man to come out and stand near it.

Makes me look like a crazy woamn for insisting it was broken to start with.


Tomorrow will be swimming, birthday party and then roadtrip to Canberra to attend a friend's annual cocktail party.

I get to dress up all purty and wear silly high heels and drink suspicious cocktails.

Can't wait.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

the modem/router saga is coming to an end.

Horray! Spoke to a nice tech man who understaood what was going on and who has organised a new modem for us for free.

I think that having an idea what was wrong (knew I memorised the jargon for a reason) and sounding very on edge helped.

Hopefully it will work and Nw and I can stop arguing over who gets to use the internet. Divorce was imminent I tells ya.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Dustbuster anyone?

Stampy likes the new couch.
The dark blue contrasts so nicely with her pale orange and white.
Typical cat.

happy/sad, grumpy/glad

Stuff that is making me happy at the moment.

New couch - comfy, can nap on it, comfy, blue, comfy - huuuge thank you to Mouse and Tops for being useful and traileriffic and enabling us to get it home.

New lipstick - different to the normal shade I end up buying. Nars Scarlet Empress if ya want the details.

First random birthday party invite - One of the boys Torby goes to daycare with is turning 3 and all the kids are invited. This is the beginning of a life of birthday party invites from kids that he knows. We'll be inviting all the boys to his birthday party but is nice that another mother broke the ice.

New expansion pack for Warcrack. - New content, more levels, lots of funky stuff.

Clean blankies - washed all our blankies and rugs that we're on the old couch. I do have a strange fondness for a washing line full of clean stuff. Then snuggying on the couch under them is an extra bonus.

Silly social season - well and truly in the season of socialness. I like it. I like seeing my friends, I like the traditions and celebrations.

Pressies - buying them, wrapping them, giving them, I love it all. I need to decide on my wrapping theme for Christmas. Don't mock!

Stuff that is making me go grrrr.

Our router and/or modem being broken so only one of us can be on the internet at once.

The annoying voice recognition hoops you have to leap through to get through to anyone at Optus.

Dumb Optus person not listening to me when I am telling him things. Stop asking me to restart the modem when a) I've told you a few times now that I'm not at home and b) we've done that so many times now, the poor switch is wearing out. Asking me to do 3 times in the conversation makes me think you're not actrually paying attention to me. Telling me that the problem we're having can't happen is also a little frustrating. Less telling, more fixing or at least acknowledging what is happening and trying to find a way around it.

Having to come into work on Friday again. Big meeting to be attended. Big boring meeting.

Okay have procrastinated enough so I should probably go do something.

Is it home time yet?

Sunday, 16 November 2008

I am clean and cool (love cold showers in summer), listening to Nw read a pirate story to Torby for his naptime (complete with funny voices) and sitting on our new couch (hoorah!).

All is right with the world.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

literally the funnerest thing evah!


The lovely peoples over at Progressive Dinner Party have blogged about a shield that goes over a birthday cake so no germs fall on it when the kid blows out the candles.

Because god forbid any child should be subjected to germs. they might develop and immune system or something.


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Oh and I didn't have everyone's number saved onto the laptop (it all got wiped after it had to be rebooted last time and I never thought to redo it.

Luckily Nw has a few useful numbers and I shall just have to bug you all for your details again.

It's like fun, but different.

sky is wrong bloody colour

I woke up this morning far too early.

I woke up grumpy and cross and prickly.

Mood hasn't improved.

Maybe nap will help.

Torby will be sold to gypsies if he prevents my nap by not having one of his own.

After nap, sky may be a better colour.

EDIT: Nap worked, sky is a beeayootiful blue again. Torby has woken up feeble though.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

horrid child

My techno geek toddler managed to give my mobile phone a new password yesterday.

I only discovered this wehn it ran out of battery and I turned it vack on this morning after recharging.

After a call to the manufacturer, it's been completely reset.

Good thing I downloaded photos yesterday and have most numbers saved onto the laptop at home.


Oh and the day at home yesterday with him helped. He had a biiig nap and a good nights sleep and he was much chirpier this morning.

We also went and visited his replacement daycarer for when the beloved A goes on holidays. She (we shall call her R) seems nice, the other kids seem happy and hopefully he won't mind the temporary transfer.

When A gets back from her desertion holidays, she will look after Torby for an extra day. Makes my boss happy.

Monday, 10 November 2008

bug boy

bug boy (he requested them ), originally uploaded by Miss DV.

this is a photo of the face painting on Sunday.

There's ones of the other kids on my flickr site

Damn You Meggzzz!!!

3 episodes in and I'm addicted to Veronica Mars!

horrid enabling friends and their cunning choices in tv shows.


Have had a most excellent weekend.

Friday was ninner with megzz and smurg, saturday was torby's swimming lessons, a visist to see the new Casa de Megzz and Smurg, baptime then Torby and I went to Meg &Jamies to stay the night. Nw was going to a friends 40th birthday party and this way he got to have a sleep-in and I got to go to the markets the next morning with disturbing him.

The kids giggled until about 10pm (it's like sleeping, but different), we watched The Tudors (delightfully trashy, nary a chemise in sight, lots of nipples and rumpy-pumpy and bad hats), the the kids woke up at 5:30 (sob)

There was much reading on the couch while they played and watched Playschool until it was markets time!

nummy gozleme, jumping castle, face painting, pleasant weather in the shade. Was all good and lovely. Nw cam e and picked us up and we went home. Despite the lte night/early morning liver had had, there was no nap until about 1:30 (sigh).

After nap, we went to J's 2nd birthday party. Careless of his parents to let him get all old and big like that. Torby behved well despite the lack of sleep. Nw pointed out that this was probably the first party we've taken him to were he required very litle involvemnet from us. He's getting big enough to interact more with the other kids and toys. Kinda cool. We got to chill out and chat to peoples.

The downside to this excelent weekend was that Torby got a bit overexcited and overtired by it all. Combine that wih a bit of a lurgy he's had for a while and it leads to a meltdown this morning and both of us staying home so he can get some sleep and have a restful day.

It's definately a couch day for us.

Friday, 7 November 2008


We've been working on toilet traing Torby (so many T's)

He's already very fond of announcing that he has 'yucky pants' so we're trying t connect that that the yucky bit comes from his botttom and it should go in the toilet rather than his pants.

So this morning as Nw walked past us in a narkoo state to go get dressed after his shower, it was announced..

'dad's got yucky in his bottom. It goes inna toilet!'

Made me laugh a bit. Oh okay, a lot.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

do munchkins dream of electric teddies?

The past couple of days, Torby has come out of his room after his sleep and told me about something that he's dreamt about

This afternoon it was a doggie that knocked him over and sniffed him.

Yesterday we heard about the bear that was dancing.

I think it's amazing that he's started to remember his dreams.

Human brain is pretty cool

lists of lists

I think i need a master list.

I have lists everywhere.
christmas cards/presents
birthday party invites (Torby turns 3 in dec. dec6th is that combo party with ZoZo)
work lists (things to do monthly, quaterly, yearly, next week, now, etc)
shopping lists


Monday, 3 November 2008


I love the spliotches of purple about from the Jacaranda trees.
Yet another reason to love spring really.

that is all.