Monday, 17 November 2008

happy/sad, grumpy/glad

Stuff that is making me happy at the moment.

New couch - comfy, can nap on it, comfy, blue, comfy - huuuge thank you to Mouse and Tops for being useful and traileriffic and enabling us to get it home.

New lipstick - different to the normal shade I end up buying. Nars Scarlet Empress if ya want the details.

First random birthday party invite - One of the boys Torby goes to daycare with is turning 3 and all the kids are invited. This is the beginning of a life of birthday party invites from kids that he knows. We'll be inviting all the boys to his birthday party but is nice that another mother broke the ice.

New expansion pack for Warcrack. - New content, more levels, lots of funky stuff.

Clean blankies - washed all our blankies and rugs that we're on the old couch. I do have a strange fondness for a washing line full of clean stuff. Then snuggying on the couch under them is an extra bonus.

Silly social season - well and truly in the season of socialness. I like it. I like seeing my friends, I like the traditions and celebrations.

Pressies - buying them, wrapping them, giving them, I love it all. I need to decide on my wrapping theme for Christmas. Don't mock!

Stuff that is making me go grrrr.

Our router and/or modem being broken so only one of us can be on the internet at once.

The annoying voice recognition hoops you have to leap through to get through to anyone at Optus.

Dumb Optus person not listening to me when I am telling him things. Stop asking me to restart the modem when a) I've told you a few times now that I'm not at home and b) we've done that so many times now, the poor switch is wearing out. Asking me to do 3 times in the conversation makes me think you're not actrually paying attention to me. Telling me that the problem we're having can't happen is also a little frustrating. Less telling, more fixing or at least acknowledging what is happening and trying to find a way around it.

Having to come into work on Friday again. Big meeting to be attended. Big boring meeting.

Okay have procrastinated enough so I should probably go do something.

Is it home time yet?

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