Wednesday, 26 November 2008

so, what have I been up to?

Had birthday party for one of Torby's daycare chums on Saturday morning. Was lovely to see the boys and meet the parents and Torby had a hoot!

I then went on girly roadtrip to Canberra for The Cocktail Party (tm)
Was lovely and fun and got to chat to lots of people and felt much better the next day than I should have. Hoorah for drinking for Australia!

Was nice to get home on Sunday afternoon and see my lads.

Torby started daycare at his new carer on Monday. He seems happy enopugh. He still wants to go to A's house. Sooon it will be January and he can. Sooon.

Speak of the devil....he's now awake and telling me about his dream (or I think that's what it is - unsure when else the elephant was chased by the ladybugs and something about missing legs)

I shall leave you to your morning so i may bask in the munchkin being half asleep and cute and affectionate. It happens so rarely.

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