Wednesday, 30 May 2007

secret girly stuff

Otherwise known as...'the post in which DV tells us about her lastest waxing adventures, with a side order of bra shopping'

Hmm, first the bra shopping.
Working on the assumption that a girl needs more than one bra in her life (good idea) and it's boring owning two of the same type (yup, I'm that clever) I dragged myself to the shops and put myself through the torture that is trying on foundation garments.
too pointy, too ouchy, too strange, too lumpy, too ugly, too squishy, too 'ohmygod they're around my chin now', too expensive, etc etc etc.

Finally found one that seemed comfy, gave a niceish shape and wouldn't involve selling a kdney to afford.
Even found delightfuly pink sparkly (yet still sensible cotton) undies. Every girl needs a pair.

Second time I've worn the bra and it's doing strange things to my bosom line. Sigh!

Somedays a breast reduction, doesn't seem like such a bad plan.
The undies haven't dissapointed me yet though.

...and now the waxing...

I decided a while ago that I would win the war against my slow transformation into the freakishly moustachioed lady (I'm a raunchy creature) and wax that baby away!
I figured that if I was going to sob like a girlygirl from the pain of pulling wax off my upper lip, I would do it at home where no-one could hear my screams.
It was surpringly painless.

I decided yesterday that I would wax my legs (bored of the shaving and the prickly re-growth cycle)
It was surprisingly painless.

I decided today that I would wax my underarms.
It was surprisingly painfull!
I swore a little. Okay, I swore a lot. Okay, I said words that would make a sailor blush!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

the park of happiness

we shook our groove thangs

So, on Sunday night, Megzz, Snerg, Jimmy, Nick, Scruffwah and I went to see Jackson, Jackson at The Factory.

They were triffic.

I've been listening to their album a lot and expected a good concert but was much better than expected.

Megzz pointed out that 4 of the people onstage were from The Cat Empire.

We were, of course one of the pockets of people who danced (why go to a high energy gig, and stand there like a lump, never understand it)

Still have achey legs.

The opening act Bluejuice (myspace site so music will happen) were pretty ucken cool too.

Was decided by all that we have to go to more shows.

Okay, time to end my bad review (can't imagine why I don't get paid to do this for a living) and hopefully go to sleeeeeeeep.

who could resist? It has to do with Heroes..

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My father spent his life chasing after this insanity. Now I'm wasting mine trying to prove he was sane.

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Your best quality: You're a maverick intellectual
Your worst quality: Your opinions can change rather quickly and suddenly

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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

not dead...just feeble

It's getting sos a girl can't fail to return emails or calls and no update her blog and everyone thinks she's dead or hates them. Truth is, I'm just a slack tart.

So, what have been getting up to, ummm, well, stuff?

Let's see now

I went to Melbourne, twice. The second time I even managed to finaly go to the bar Megzz & Snerg told me about, 'Madame Brussles'. All Melbournites should go there. T'was fabulous.

Got addicted to 'Heroes' whilst at a friends house in Melbouren, they lovingly sent me home with the dvd's. They're eviiiil, but not THAT eviiiil (friends don't let friends become addicted to tv shows and then not give them the dvd's)

Watched Eurovision semi-finals but not the finals.

Drank dodgy frozen cocktails

Upped my work week to 4 days a week (still unsure how i feel about it but means more money and my boss is a lot happier)

Did a 2 day couse on Project Management an am considerng doing a TAFE one with Miss Jimmy

Dealt with sick husband, dealt with sick child

Attended a one yr olds birthday party (I love that I get to go to a lot of kiddies parties now)

made delicious lamb shanks in guinness

booked tickets to see 'Jackson Jackson'

That's all I can think of now,

See, not dead yet

(I should also point out I love that my friends check up on me)