Tuesday, 29 May 2007

we shook our groove thangs

So, on Sunday night, Megzz, Snerg, Jimmy, Nick, Scruffwah and I went to see Jackson, Jackson at The Factory.

They were triffic.

I've been listening to their album a lot and expected a good concert but was much better than expected.

Megzz pointed out that 4 of the people onstage were from The Cat Empire.

We were, of course one of the pockets of people who danced (why go to a high energy gig, and stand there like a lump, never understand it)

Still have achey legs.

The opening act Bluejuice (myspace site so music will happen) were pretty ucken cool too.

Was decided by all that we have to go to more shows.

Okay, time to end my bad review (can't imagine why I don't get paid to do this for a living) and hopefully go to sleeeeeeeep.


Destructomeg said...

heh twas heaps o fun!!! Hurrah!

I agree, more gigs! It's so cool, I saw a heap of gigs and festivals in a short time about 10 years ago, and life then had other plans, and now here I am again. I life how life is never linear, just circular. It's cool because even if I get out of the habit of doing stuff, it's still there and I'll get back to doing it again down the track!

More proof that musos can't dance - Bluejuice rocked in their lack of dancing ability, and then there was poor old Ollie trying to shake his groove thing on the dance floor!!!!

I did my research - the reason that the 3 other Cats were on stage as they have a side project called The Genie and so they were basically being the backing band for Jackson Jackson. It just spins me out - you spend all your time touring with the same bunch of boys, and then your side projects are the same people.... maybe they all need more friends ;) I'm free ;)

Miss Krin said...

Count me in, I need to see more live music, it's one of the things I have enjoyed most in the last 6 months. I'm sad I missed Jackson Jackson, sounds like it was fantabulous, but there'll be future occasions.

I have tickets to Xavier Rudd next Thrusday at the Metro, which may still be on sale if anyone wants to join us.

Also I have plans to RSS feed all the good venues in Sydney to keep an eye on who is touring. This plus myspace should mean that we can see more stuff.

Yay live music!!