Friday, 25 June 2010

food and cuteness

I made beef stroganoff last night and it was quite tasty. I'd grabbed a recipe card the other day whil in the supermarket and it wasn't until I looked at it properly when i was home that I realsied it was a Masterchef/Coles reciope. You could tell it was Coles because anything that could be a Colesbrand was mentioned ... COLES(tm) Worcestershire sauce for instance.

Despite using non-store branded items (gasp), the recipe worked. Delicious flavoursome buttery, sour creamy papprikay beefy goodness
Is definate stodge food to get you through the cold Eastern European winters. I shall type it up when I'm at home so I never have to hunt for the card.

In other news, we got the photos we'd ordered from Torby's preschool photoday. The cute! It burns! A lass called Melanie Birt ( ) took the photos and I was heartily impressed. Now to decide if it's too wankery to have a trio of photos of your child on a wall. Hmmmmmm.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Yestertday was the Day of the Happydance

Called the school that we really want Torby to go to next year to find out when we would find out if they had a place for him.
The school of choice is a little Infants (K-2) school down the road that looks awesome and most of the kids on our street will also be attending. It's not like there are any bad schools in our area but I had my heart set on this one.
Long story short, we are once again within their area (last year we were, then Dept of Education changed the boundaries and we weren't but the principal yelled at them a lot and now we are again - Oh okay, that was the long version) I did happydance of happiness..the happydance of joy will come along after we get the confirmation letter next month sometime.

At the moment, Torby goes to A's (family daycare lass of awesomeness who has looked after him since he was 6mths old) on Mon, Tue, Wed and a local preschool for Thu, Fri.
On Wednesday's one of the boys who started at the same time is there so that's good fun for him but there are a lot more babies at A's on Mon/Tue and he gets bored, despite A's best efforts.
This translates to him never wanting to go and it always being a bit of a hassle to get him there etc etc.
One call to the preschool to find out that they had a spot on Mon-Tues opening up in 2 weeks and one chat (by Nw) to A to see if it was okay that he only goes there Wednesdays and we have it all sorted. Is nice that he will still go there once a week and see her and all the other kids.
More happydances ensued.

A playdate with 2daycare chums is happening on Sunday (happydance)

Found a good noodle place down the road from work (minor happydance)

A friend is now officially in remission from the evil C word (major happydance)

I'm choosing to ignore the horridness that was actual work yesterday and the fact that I may be coming in on Saturday etc etc etc.. Much nicer to dwell on the happydance moments instead.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mission Accomplished

Nw and I ran away to Melbourne last weekend.

Routine needed to be broken and new people and places needed to be seen.

We got to hang out with warcrack chums and see new baaaabies.
We got fed and entertained by the lovely Impish and family.
We got to spend time with MissDawn and stain our lips purple eating black cherry macaroons at the Art Gallery.
We got to scoffle Lord of the Fries.
Nw got to go to an AFL match to watch stripey people battle it out.
I got to sit in a bar and drink wine.

It was awesome and we came back less blah than when we left.

Where was Torbyboy while all these adventures were a-happening I hear you ask...

The t'rfiic Megzz stayed over on Thursday so she could take Torby to preschool on Friday morning as we would be in the air by the time it opened.
He was then picked up by his beloved Auntie M and Unky J and the nieces who he stayed with all weekend.

The mightiness of our friends and family cannot be overstated!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Platelet day

So yesterday was Platelet Day and I survived.

They say it's common to get tingly lips and a manky taste in your mouth from the anti-coagulant they put back in with the red blood cells and oh how I got that. Chocolate milkshakes are a good way to make it all better. The manky taste in my mouth was also caused by the calcium tablet in water they first gave me. bleurgh!
Apparently, because they are taking a big bunch of calcium out of me, they feel quite strongly about replacing it. Weird I tells ya.

I also got the pale-and-pasty-white-either-going-to-feint-or-pass-out-or-do-both feeling. Lowering my head was very effective but I would still keep getting occasional woogy feelings. Nothing unmanageable just less than ideal. It was also really really nice to move my arm again once it was all over.

However, the whole thing only took 64minutes, not the 82 that was the original plan(my platelet count had increased since last plasma donation) and I don't have to do it again for a month (I gave a double dose this time) and it's a good thing to do (tm)

Oh yeah, and I had the perfect excuse to lie on the couch after I got home and have dinner made for me for the second night in a row. Totally worth it.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I am amazed...

.....amazed that Torby doesn't need to go to the toilet for a crap until 2minutes AFTER he's been put to bed.
The control he has to hold it in until the right moment to ensure sleep doesn't happen and the whole blanket swooshing production has to be done all over again.
Utterly astounds me.

bwave so bwave

My resolution for this year was to be brave.
Not jump-off-a-tall-cliff-and-wrestle-crocs-brave but try-new-things-brave.

One of the things I'm doing is giving blood. I hate the needle quite a lot. Only way I can do it is not think about it too much until I'm in the chair and then it's too late to back out without embarassing myself) and it makes me feel so so sleepy and my arm always hurts a little bit the next day but it's a good thing to do(tm) so I'm doing it.

I currently give plasma which takes longer but is a bit more interesting at least. They take some blood out, spin it in a centrfuge, siphon off the plasma and then give me the red blood back. Repeat twice more and I'm done. The blood is a bit cooler when it goes back - feels so very very weird. I'm even trying to keep to the schedule of going every fortnight (opposed to the 6weeks for whole blood donation). Good thing I have a workplace that allows me to time for this kind of thing and a boss who encourages me to go.

It was mentioned to me yesterday that I might want to think about giving platelets next time. I have a lot apparently (yay for genetics) and it's roughly the same process, just takes twice as long (82minutes exactly apparently). It's an awesome idea as it mostly goes to cancer patients and only has a 5day shelflife so there can't be stockpiles of the stuff and given the number of friends and family who have had cancer and the guy at work whose daughter is currently undergoing treatment for the leukemia they discovered last week, we're all about the cancer. (sorry for uber-long sentence there, are you exhausted from reading it?)

So, I've made the appointment for the 15th. I just need to focus on the good stuff and less on the having a needle in my arm for almost an hour and a half.