Friday, 25 June 2010

food and cuteness

I made beef stroganoff last night and it was quite tasty. I'd grabbed a recipe card the other day whil in the supermarket and it wasn't until I looked at it properly when i was home that I realsied it was a Masterchef/Coles reciope. You could tell it was Coles because anything that could be a Colesbrand was mentioned ... COLES(tm) Worcestershire sauce for instance.

Despite using non-store branded items (gasp), the recipe worked. Delicious flavoursome buttery, sour creamy papprikay beefy goodness
Is definate stodge food to get you through the cold Eastern European winters. I shall type it up when I'm at home so I never have to hunt for the card.

In other news, we got the photos we'd ordered from Torby's preschool photoday. The cute! It burns! A lass called Melanie Birt ( ) took the photos and I was heartily impressed. Now to decide if it's too wankery to have a trio of photos of your child on a wall. Hmmmmmm.

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