Monday, 5 July 2010

I am headcold girl, hear me wheeze and snuffle and sneeze and croak.

A lot of my week has involved welding my arse to the couch and drifting in and out of naps when I don't have to be at work. It would be great except that my head is one big exploding mass of mucous and keep falling in the path of trucks apparently.

Betcha you're jealous.

I rallied enough to have a pleasant if snotty weekend - mainly because the couch really was getting a DV shaped dent in it and I was starting to get twitchy from lack of socialness.
There was dumplings and creating a noodley dish with duck and pork that was deemed edible, there was eating own bodyweight in lambshanks and playing Settlers of Catan, there was markets and a child-free afternoon and the pub for dinner. Oh and naps, lets not forget the naps.
I even got tea and toast in bed on Sunday...I think it was the pathetic shuffling about in my bathrobe that got me sent back to bed and brekkie delivered..hmm must try that again.

This week we have the excitement of starting 4 days a week at preschool and 1 day at A's. He's looking forward to the extra time there and I'm looking forward to it being easier/quicker to collect him in the afternoons; preschool is 5mins down the road and A's is 4 suburbs away.

We also have a visit from the lovely MissImpish and Doombaby. Yay for interstate visitors! Hmm must get the backhoe into Torby's room so they aren't forced to sleep on a pile of play-dough, dirty socks and lego. I like to spoil my guests that way, crazy I know.

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