Friday, 29 January 2010

the combo of yoga on Wednesday night and swimming yesterday has made me sore today.
The upside is that my arms weren't as noodly as I was expecting.

I made bacon & haloumi stuffed mushrooms ( ) last night for ninner... very nommy

Due to various activities and working and picking munchkin up from daycare, I think we need to plan out the weeks meals so that shopping can be done when convenient. That much order in my life scares me though.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

mushy introspectiveness ahead

I was thinking the other night about how much my life has cahnged in the 4years since Torbyboy came along...

I have met people I may not have.
I have developed greater friendships with some and lost touch with others.
I have changed my priorities and my world view a few times.
I can no longer read/watch the news - too many dead babies.
I have become more insular.
I have worked hard at maintaining some semblance of my social life.
I realise how lucky I am to have the life that I do.
I have battled with depression and won (for now).
I have fallen more in love with my husband because of the way he is when he is with our son.
I have experienced more guilt and frustration and feelings of inadequacy and been more scared than I ever had pre-munchkin.
I have experienced more joy and love and beauty than I ever had as well.
I cannot imagine a life where I don't get to sit around in friends backyards watching the kids play and giggle and muck about.
I do not want to imagine a life where I don't get to pick my baby up from daycare and take him to swimming lessons before going home and playing a game, making dinner and then reading him stories and administering kisses.
I have become a lot less tolerant about some things and a lot more tolerant of others.
I now appreciate the beauty of alone time, the luxury of lying in bed all day and reading, the joy of popping down to the pub with some chums on a whim.
I am a lot more familiar with the workings of hospitals that I would ever have wanted to be.

I had thought that this is the life I chose, but at the time of choosing, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I'm glad we did it anyway.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Happy happy

Happy Australia Day!
Happy BBQ Day!
Happy Lambchop Day!
Happy Pavlova Day!
Happy 'our country may have it's issues, but on the whole we're kinda awesome day'

oh and

Belated Happy Haircut Day!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Nummy nummy moroccany vegetabley stew

From Mibsy and one day he'll tell me where it originally came from.

Boogie with Stew


01. Olive Oil ............. 2 tbsp
02. Water ................. 6 cups

03. Cauliflower ........... 1/2 Cut into florets
04. Carrots ............... 1 Cup diced
05. Garlic ................ 6 Cloves
06. Mint, fresh ........... To garnish
07. Onion ................. 1 Large, yellow
08. Potato, Red ........... 2 Diced
09. Yellow Squash ......... 1 cut in half-moons and sliced
10. Zucchini .............. 1 cut in half and sliced

11. Almonds, sliced ....... 1/3 cup
12. Figs, dried ........... 1/2 cup coarsely chopped
13. Raisins ............... 1/2 cup soaked 15 minutes in warm water

14. Black Pepper .......... 1 tsp freshly ground
15. Cardamom .............. 2 tsp
16. Cayenne Pepper ........ 1 tsp
17. Curry Powder .......... 2 tsp
18. Salt .................. 1 tsp
19. Honey ................. 2 tbsp

20. Couscous .............. 3 cups uncooked
21. Garbanzo beans ........ 1 15oz can
22. Tomato, diced ......... 1 15oz can
23. Tomato paste .......... 1 small tub (or a tin of tomato sauce)

24. Plain yoghurt ......... Small tub of GOOD QUALITY.


First, cut everthing up.

In a heavy stockpot, heat the olive oil(01) and saute the onion(07),
garlic(05), potatoes(08), carrots(04) and cardamom(15). Stir until

Add the zucchini(10), yellow squash(09), and cauliflower(03),
curry powder(17), salt(18), black pepper(14), and cayenne pepper(16)
and stir. Drain the raisins(13) and add to the pot along with the
tomatoes(22), tomato paste(23), honey(19), and garbanzo beans(21).

Stir everything in, then cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Add the
and almonds(11), and up to 1 cup of water if the stew appears dry.

Simmer covered for a further 30 minutes or until the vegetables are

Follow the instructions on the couscous(20) packet for cooking the

To serve, fluff up the couscous with a fork. Spoon a mound of couscous
each plate and form a well in the center. Ladle a portion of stew into
well. Garnish with several tablespoons of yoghurt(24) and fresh

Dot Point Day

Starting 8 weeks of Yoga tonight with MissCharlie. I haven't done any since Uni. This may hurt. This may hurt a lot.

My first week of FT work has been good so far. The killer will be tomorrow morning when I don't get to sleep in and then meet Megzzzzz for coffee and bisskits. Instead there will be the taking of munchkin to preschool and trying not to cry.

Is odd that I'm so teary about him starting care for two days. He's been going dto daycare since he was 6mths old. I'm used to him being looked after by someone else. I've seen the advantages it's given him. We all love it. Why then is the thought of him going somewhere for an extra 2 days making me emotional. Is it because it's a different place? because he's getting older? because I'm hormonal? All of the above? Mystery!

Went shopping yesterday. Managed to get a few tops, a skirt and a bra for not that much over $100- The shopping gods were with me it seems.

All the tops were shades of dark blue. This was not planned.

Am getting to learn new stuff at work. Is nice to use my brain again. Is nice to not be so very very bored.

Loved the cooler weather we had earlier in the week. Am not looking forward to the hotter weather we have coming up.

Still in love with our house. It still needs work and it definately needs a big clean. But it's ours and it's comfy and it feels like home.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Pumpkin Soup ala DV

1 butternut pumpkin cut into biggish cubes
2 onions into half moons
some bacon chopped up
Garlic clove or 4 roughly chopped
a lump of ginger, grated (I roughly chopped it this time which makes it too lumpy)

Throw into a pot with a smidge of oil to get some colour.

Add the chicken carcasses you've been saving in the freezer.

Not-quite-cover with water and stock (yes, yes, the stock may have been overkill but it still tastes good)
leave to bubble and simmer along until pumpkin is soft.

cool a bit

ditch the chicken carcasses and make sure all meat scraps are left in the pot.

smoosh the pumpkin up a bit.

decide is a bit too runny and put the stove back on and let bubble away until reduced a bit.

smoosh pumpkin some more

add lashings of black pepper and a bit fo salt

it's all yummy and a bit smoky (from bacon and variously baked/barbecued chicken carcasses) and I look forward to scoffling it for various lunches.

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Thursday night was coffee & bisskits turned wine o'clock (we had to console ourselves you understand) and I got to bed around midnight.

Friday night was The Snowdroppers at The Annandale Hotel. Was a hoot and music was great, night would have been better without the fuckwits who were determined to push in front ad create as much chaos as possible. I finally crawled into bed around 1.

Last night was eatinbg of own body weight in deeeeeelicious lambykins and pumpkin at P&F's house. Due to 2 games of Settlers of Catan, we all left rather late. 1am again for bedtime.

Three nights in a row of late bedtimes has left me a weeeeeee bit sleepy today. Combined with the muscle soreness from dancing on Friday night and I really just want to lie in bed all day.

yummy breakfast at the markets and a nap will have to suffice though I dare say.

Friday, 15 January 2010

I've dropped Torby off at preschool for a few hours.
He had a big attack of the shy when we got there but soon wandered off to play on the slides and things.
I barely got waved at when I said g'bye.
*sniff* my baby is all grown-up and leaving me*sniff*

I'll go back and pick him up soon and see how it all went but there haven't been any phonecalls so I'm assuming it's all good.

Off to see The Snowdroppers tonight. Yay for live music and bouncing around with chums.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

It's finally ended

After nearly 4 1/2 years, I'm about to return to full-time work.

I found a childcare place down the road from us that has a spot for Torby on Thursdays and Fridays.
He'll still go to the lovely A's for Monday to Wednesday (oh the tears when he goes to school next year and leaves A's. He's been going there since he was 6mths old. *sniff*)

So I saw the preschool place yesterday and they confirmed they had a spot for him.
This morning I asked my big boss if he wanted me back fulltime and he practically hugged me. I also mentioned that if I had to look at the same spreadsheets and deal with the same data that I'd been doing for the past 4years anymore, I might go insane.
I called the preschool again to make sure they hadn't changed their mind and also lined up an appt on Friday to drop him off for a few hours so he can get used to the place.
I was informed this afternoon that I would be trained in a new role so I could relieve in it when needed.
Yay for new things to learn and do. Even if it will only be for part-time for now.
Yay for more opportunities to do interesting work.
Yay for more money (well a return to my FT pay and a few more opportunities for Higher Duties i.e extra money and responsibility)
Yay for Torbyboy interacting with more kids and more adults and a different care structure.

Boo for not having our 2days together at home.
Boo for an end to our weekly date with Megzz for coffee and bisskits
Boo for me having to work 5 days a week.
Boo for getting up at 5:30 every weekday (although, I guess, Yay for being able to start work at 7 and leave at 3 if I choose)
Boo for not getting to involve my son so much in my day-to-day life

All up, it'll be worth it and given that I was all excited and bouncy today when it all fell into place, it's a good decision. It will be good for all of us seperately and as a family.
Please remind me of this in a few weeks time.


Tuesday, 12 January 2010


A night of unsettling dreams has left very very fuzzy around the edges.

Ugh I say

Monday, 11 January 2010

late nights = tetchy days

Wednesday, M&J and the girls dropped around for ninner. It was lovely, the kids ran around like porkchops. Bedtime was about 9:30 (by the time all the ritual had been observed etc)

Thursday was a bit special in regards to overtired Torby.

Friday was a bbq at Fliss'. (Hooray for afternoon's in the sun might I add). Many kids running around like porkchops (except fopr when they were calmly standing in line for icecream - I have photographic proof and everything)
A few of them (Torby included) stayed up late and watched 'My Neighbour Totoro'. Eventual bedtime - about 9:30 (he passed out in the car on the way home)

Saturday was a weeeeee bit special.
Saturday afternoon the boys went off to Pete n Ana's for fun and frolics while I stayed home feeling like death warmed up. (Needless to say, I felt a bit better after i woke up at 3am to hurl what dinner I'd managed to eat)
From all reports, the kids ran around like pork chops and had a hoot.
Bedtime was about 8 (I think)

Sunday was mostly okay.

Anyone see a pattern emerging?

I love that he's now old enough to stay up late and run around like a porkchop and even watch a dvd or play games quietly. It means greater freedom for us and him. The price to be paids the next day is certainly less than it was when he was younger, but it's still there. Hateful consequences. Why must you vex me so.

Tonight shall be a very early night for him I think.

Hmm, is 5pm too early do you think?

Friday, 8 January 2010


I'm making my very own cordial. Using this recipe for ginger and lemongrass cordial

It certainly smells good.

EDIT: It tastes good too. Next time I may increase the lemongrass though or let it steep for a bit before adding ginger.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Congo, congo, everybody congo

We have made it home from the week of camping with family. 7 adults, 4 kids and 1 in-between (he's 11yrs old so he was allowed to eat with the adults)
It took 5hours to get there and 7hours to get back - stoopid Princes Highway going through a billion towns.

We spent the week in the ocean, playing on the sand, fishing, catching beachworms, sitting around the table eating and chatting and drinking, we ate good food, the cousins played well together (mostly), the view was amazing, there was fireworks on the beach for NYE, I have a tan line from my swimmers for the first time in forever, many hats were worn, much sunscreen was applied and I kind of miss being there.

However, work must be attended on Monday and it is kinda nice to have a real shower and finally be completely free of sand.

But, oh how nice it was.

There are a few photos on flickr...the others took more and I'll put them up when they return and give me copies.