Sunday, 3 January 2010

Congo, congo, everybody congo

We have made it home from the week of camping with family. 7 adults, 4 kids and 1 in-between (he's 11yrs old so he was allowed to eat with the adults)
It took 5hours to get there and 7hours to get back - stoopid Princes Highway going through a billion towns.

We spent the week in the ocean, playing on the sand, fishing, catching beachworms, sitting around the table eating and chatting and drinking, we ate good food, the cousins played well together (mostly), the view was amazing, there was fireworks on the beach for NYE, I have a tan line from my swimmers for the first time in forever, many hats were worn, much sunscreen was applied and I kind of miss being there.

However, work must be attended on Monday and it is kinda nice to have a real shower and finally be completely free of sand.

But, oh how nice it was.

There are a few photos on flickr...the others took more and I'll put them up when they return and give me copies.

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