Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Dot Point Day

Starting 8 weeks of Yoga tonight with MissCharlie. I haven't done any since Uni. This may hurt. This may hurt a lot.

My first week of FT work has been good so far. The killer will be tomorrow morning when I don't get to sleep in and then meet Megzzzzz for coffee and bisskits. Instead there will be the taking of munchkin to preschool and trying not to cry.

Is odd that I'm so teary about him starting care for two days. He's been going dto daycare since he was 6mths old. I'm used to him being looked after by someone else. I've seen the advantages it's given him. We all love it. Why then is the thought of him going somewhere for an extra 2 days making me emotional. Is it because it's a different place? because he's getting older? because I'm hormonal? All of the above? Mystery!

Went shopping yesterday. Managed to get a few tops, a skirt and a bra for not that much over $100- The shopping gods were with me it seems.

All the tops were shades of dark blue. This was not planned.

Am getting to learn new stuff at work. Is nice to use my brain again. Is nice to not be so very very bored.

Loved the cooler weather we had earlier in the week. Am not looking forward to the hotter weather we have coming up.

Still in love with our house. It still needs work and it definately needs a big clean. But it's ours and it's comfy and it feels like home.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Wenchilada said...

Change, no matter how big or small, effects us. Sometimes surprisingly. Things are changing for you in a good way, but I understand how hard it is to let go of the old, especially when it involves your kids growing up. They're not tiny anymore, gosh, P is off to kindy now and she's been home with me for almost 4 years now!