Wednesday, 27 September 2006

inside dancing vs outside dancing

So, I was walking along the road and listening to my iPod like the hip young thing I am when I got a call on my mobile from a friend who was (unbeknowenst to me) behind me saying I look like a crazy person.

Why did I look like a crazy person you may ask.

Because despite being on a very public road, I was dancing to the music. Just a little bit as I walked, but still noticeably dancing. Yep, I had forgotten that I wasn't in the privacy of my own home and the street had become my personal nightclub. Lucky she wasn't close enough to hear me singing along.

The worst bit was when she asked me what I was dancing to. I had to confess it was Barbra Steisand and Donna Summers singing No More Tears.

Oh yeah, I'm hip!!!

I love my shiny new toy

I got an iPod for our anniversary.

I now listen to podcasts and music and more podcasts and some more podcasts and some more music.

and it's shiny!!

Monday, 25 September 2006

Random mumblings

If you want to have a happy cheery morning, don't listen to Joni Mitchell on the way to work

I love that you can see the Blue Mountains from my office

Haiku is amusing

The Brazillian festival at Darling Harbour wasn't so great. The chalk artists thing also happening was better but not brilliant.

I need to get out of Sydney soon. I'm getting itchy feet and no it's not tinea. Thankfully we shall soon be running away to Shoalhaven for a weekend. yay

I love Portugese food esp. the portugese style prawns at the Portugal club.

I like my green top better now that it's cut shorter.

Everyone needs to keep an eye out for me for black sandals. Low, leather, comfy with a heel strap.

I brought Torby into work last wednesday and the office stopped for about an hour. It was very sweet.

We really should tell other people how fabulous they are more often.

I'm really sick of seeing the Irwinites on every magazine. Yes it's a horrible tragedy that they lost their husband/father but grief is a personal thing and perhaps we should let them deal with it in private.

It's nice to be at work but I really wouldn't mind not having to do it all the time. If I could just work random days/times/weeks, that would be better.

The coffee from downstairs at work is hideous.

Sunday, 24 September 2006

yay for going pro ooh-err

I finally got a pro account at Flickr and so I'm putting lots of photos up. It's kinda cool.
It's also useful that it really is an offsite backup should our computer die again and I can't find the CD's I'd randomly burnt over the years of my photos.

Thursday, 21 September 2006

A new washing line for us



Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to MrNwwwwwww
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Happy Anniversary to us
Happy Anniversary to us
Happy Anniversary to UUUUSSSSS
Happy Anniversary to us.

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

two milestones in two days

Yesterday, Torby got himslef up the step that leads from the hallway into our living room and today he did his first 'real' crawl instead of the commando number he usually relies on. Yay!
Mind yo the step thing means that he traverses the hallway freely and also likes to go down the step and he has reverted back to being commando boy but we have hopes.

Monday, 18 September 2006

Sunday, Tiring Sunday

Went to Burwood Festival to see these people

and these

Torby joined us and we saw those people again (his first ever concert)
came home

went out and played with these

Friday, 15 September 2006

wrong, wrong, so freaking wrong

Okay, I love Christmas as much as the next person (okay, considerably more than most people) however. I do feel it's a wee bit wrong for the shops to be setting up for it NOW.

We spotted a Coles last week that has some items for sale, the local Myer is setting up their Christmas land and some two dollar shiops have their christmas produce available.

Do these people not understand it's only SEPTEMBER (I've very shouty in this post)

It just makes it all a bit tacky and nasty. Their ruining Christmas!!! Next they'll start telling us that the Tooth fairy doesn't exist.

MrNw is right, Australians really do need another thing between fathers day and Christmas. I guess that's why Americans have Turkey Day, it gives the shops something to focus on.

Thursday, 14 September 2006

6 random things about me

Finn tagged me with this. Well, she tagged my LJ account but I thought I'd put the responses over here.

1. I had my belly button pierced many many years ago and had to take it out because it got infected. I did this standing in the office of the shop I worked in with two sets of pliers. Hygenic!

2. I've never broken a bone but have severly stuffed my left wrist up after falling over a gun case doing sound on a

3. I used to smoke and now that I've stopped I still hate how some people go on and on and on about it. People, it's a drug. Saying 'just quit' to someone is about as helpful as telling schizophrenic that the voices aren't real. It's also still legal to smoke on footpaths etc. I don't like it either but until it is, you don't get to bitch about how people do it and aren't they inconsiderate etc.

4. I wanted to be an actress until I realised I can't act, hate public speaking, and it's more fun to be behind the stage.

5. I used to have waist-length hair.

6. I hate wearing bras. I don't think pregnancy/breastfeeding ruined them so much as not wearing a bra if I can get away with it. (Never outside the house, no one wants to see that!)

I'm crap at tagging people so, consider yourselves tagged. I want to know stuff about you!

Tuesday, 12 September 2006


I've bought two remnant lengths of this from (so many acetates died for this)

Are you seething with jealousy yet?

It does look a whole lot nicer without the blinding flash.

Not enough to make a frock out of unfortunately:)

Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Grrrr, I mean, yay!!!

I was going to write a post about how the family assitance office people belong in a sheltered workshop because they have sent me two letters now claiming that I can't get Family Tax Benefit part A or B because I don't have an eligible dependant child. Apparently, Torby goes out at night and stacks shelves at Coles or something.

However, I called them to say 'what the f***!! and apparently it has all been sorted out and the nice man was very apologetic and the money is in the process of getting to me via the ATO who will deduct my tax debt from it (Is it wrong to not do your taxes for a billion years and forget about that student loan? Apparently yes!) which means I will no longer have a nasty debt and will get extra money. yay for me.
See it is profitable to have children. I might go down to the local RSL tonight, get liquored up and have some more. I hear the initial bonus is up to $4,000-.

Monday, 4 September 2006

You can swing georgie boy around like a rag doll. It's great


A boy and his dad on fathers day!

Friday, 1 September 2006

I'm a blogging fool today

This is a community service announcement that Mic Conway's National Junk Band are going to be at the Burwood Festival on Sept 17th

I don't know who else but miss saggy drawers will be interested, so this way I don't miss anyone.

I like the festival mainly for the look of glee on MrNws face at the model boats. Oh yes, Mouse and I will be sitting under the tree with a thermos of tea and some sandwiches in our old age whilst MrNw and Topsy mess about with their boats. It's true.

Anyhoo, he's on at 12:35 and 2:45.
Who's with me?

It's safe to look again..

I'm done with the quizzes for now.

Normal, NORMAL!

You Are 60% Normal

Otherwise known as the normal amount of normal
You're like most people most of the time
But you've got those quirks that make you endearing
You're unique, yes... but not frighteningly so!

how true

You've Changed 72% in 10 Years

Compared to who you were ten years ago, you've changed a great deal.
In fact, you're probably in a completely different phase of your life - and very happy about it!