Wednesday, 27 September 2006

inside dancing vs outside dancing

So, I was walking along the road and listening to my iPod like the hip young thing I am when I got a call on my mobile from a friend who was (unbeknowenst to me) behind me saying I look like a crazy person.

Why did I look like a crazy person you may ask.

Because despite being on a very public road, I was dancing to the music. Just a little bit as I walked, but still noticeably dancing. Yep, I had forgotten that I wasn't in the privacy of my own home and the street had become my personal nightclub. Lucky she wasn't close enough to hear me singing along.

The worst bit was when she asked me what I was dancing to. I had to confess it was Barbra Steisand and Donna Summers singing No More Tears.

Oh yeah, I'm hip!!!


DestructoMeg said...

*snort* Dance and be proud.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

*snort* but not to Babs and Donna.


Jane Doe said...

Hey! OK, the comment to your last post should have gone in this post...
I really need to talk to Miss Hunydd about getting back custody of that brain cell, even for just a little while.