Monday, 31 August 2009

It has begun

The Great Packing Expedition has begun.
5 boxes down and so very very very many more to go.
We have too much stuff
We have far too many books (4 of those boxes are books and I've barely made a dent.

I'm now discovering further joys of these broken lungs of mine..the dust makes extra wheezy and cough-y.


The mantra I repeat to get me through this is that we'll never have to do it again. I'm going to be buried in the new house I tells ya.

Have also organised for bathroom people and a floor man and a locksmith to come and visit the new house the day after we plan to do the settlement thing. Locksmith man will change the locks and the other two will give us quotes and hopefully be able to start soon after. Just need to find an electrician and we're (mostly) set. Well, except for calling the bathroom refinishers to also come and quote and then get started. That will be tomorrow's task.

As this seems to be the last weekend for a while that's pretty empty, I'm planning on using it to do an obscene amount of packing in. Anyone want to feed us on the Saturday night? We'll be dusty and sweaty and in desperate need of wine o'clock. Hmm maybe staying home is better in that case. Oh well, we shall see.

Now to load new songs onto my ipod and then have an early night. This packing lark is exhausting. Especially the procrastinating bit.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

I pulled my pork *snigger*

So, I made Spicy Shredded Pork last night. Shredded pork sounds sooo much better than Pulled Pork which is another name for it. Pulled meat is ust wrong, Shredded meat on the other hand..nomnomnomnom

Served it with corn salsa, mexican rice, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and tortillas.

Oh and I only changed the recipe slightly (it's a disease I tells ya). I added ground coriander and some ground ginger. It seemed to work.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Just so you know...

Minties and Green Tea do not as good a combo as you might think.

Not that I would be foolish enough to take a swig of the latter after chewing on the former.

Nope, that'd just be foolish

a haiku on this morning's weather

windy windy wind
whooshy wind is windy, yup
it goes whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Awesome isn't it?

Monday, 24 August 2009

I want this costume!

via Blame it on the voices

And I have some squee-ing to do about Avenue Q but it will have to wait until I'm bored at work...for now, I must get out the door and head off to the saltmines.

Friday, 21 August 2009

a three day catch-up


Nw is out at the pub (I'm deserting him on both Saturday and Sunday so it's probably fair that he got to pick a social engagement to go to tonight..probably)

Torby is asleep (in our bed, It's very similar to his own bed except it's his favourite and I just deemed it easier)

I made cheaty-pants oven paella (added chorizo and more prawns and some paprika) for ninner.

I had chocolate cake and icecream for dessert

I now have a glass of wine and am tucked up on the couch with my book and the lovely dvd's that MissImpish sent to me. Dollhouse and Krod Mandoon and No Heroics...Oh I am so very spoilt.


A rare day off for Mr Nw occured.
So, there was a trip to the lawyer for him to sign things for the house, lunch in newtown at the fabulous mexican place, Guzman y Gomez I've been wanting to try for forever... It was sooooo good. So so very good. Torby and I then went and gorged ourselves on icecream while Nw did important things. Although, really, what could be more important that scoffling icecream??

To round out the day of eating and slugging, we went to the pub for dinner M&J and the girls. Because cooking would have involved effort.

Tomorrow (well, the weekend)

Saturday I'm off to trundle about the Craft show with MissMegzz and mock the scrapbookers look at stuff of a crafty nature.

Sunday I'm off to see Avenue Q with the gang. Squee

I'm reasonably sure packing should figure in there somewhere. That or planning how we can inconspicuously set fire to the place so we don't have to move anything.

I really like the latter option.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Never have I enjoyed looking at bottoms less


Pants that..wink

via UglyCrap

You may thank me later..

A Torby update

Picking Torby up from daycare and grinning as he throws himself at me with a 'Mamma I've been missing you for sooooo long'

Walking home and him trying to write his name as he wizzes on a tree. Such a boy!

Ooo Ooo I know, I have a really good idea.... How about we... It's nice to share...

I called a good boy...You're a good boy Mamma. He now realises that some people are girls, but not me apparently.

When he is allowed to have two straws to drink his milk with at night...He decides that they are his sisters and they are often called Harry and James. Cracks me up every time. I kinda like that gender really doesn't mean anything to him at this stage.

He's still really looking forward to going to Melbourne in September. Still a bit focused on brushing his teeth in Melbourne as well. Freaky child.

And now he is awake so I should stop reflecting on the things he does and watch him as does them.

Monday, 17 August 2009

I just went and sat in the sunshine for a 10minutes. Now I'm warm and so so sleeeepy....

bathroom adventures

The bathroom in the new house needs a-fixin' so we spent various bits of the weekend looking at bathroom pron.

We're getting bathroom re-finishers in to spray and waterproof the place and make the bathtub look noice again. So very much cheaper than stripping bathroom of bathtub and all the tiles and starting again.

In all three places we visisted, Torby had an absolute hoot running around and pushing the buttons on the toilets.
In all three places, he would then decide he had to use the toilet and start pulling down his pants.
In all three places our cries of 'nonono bunny, not that toilet, lets go find a real one' could be heard.

I think that my way of shopping is being transferred to Nw. Despite us not officially owning a house yet. we now own a bathroom vanity (cunning corner unit that will fit, give us more space than a standard one and was the last one (ex-display) in teh shop and on sale) and a over-bath shower screen.

If house falls through, the criteria for next house we try and buy will be that the bathroom needs renovating just so we can use them.


Megzzz and I went to the Young blood designers market on Saturday.

The line-up to get into the Powerhouse was huuuuge but it was a beautiful day and standing around in the sunshine in winter is never a bad thing.

The markets were full of pretty stuff and some funky stuff and some..stuff.

I forgot to steal Nw's wallet before I leapt out of the car so was slightly cashless. This was mostly good as it meant I didn't buy lots of stuff. But bad because, well, there was some very funky stuff.

A coffee cup for my coffee at work
(megzz bought me one- I'm looking forward to using it this morning)

Butterflies! Butterflies made from plates!
(can't link directly to the butterflies but go to the online store and then click on Ornamental and then Chrysallis)

Sticky things for the walls - soon I will have a new house to decorate and everything!

Also a lot of nice jewellery, beautiful fluid looking woodwork stuff and some lovely frocks that would look hideous on anyone above a size 8 or who had boobs.

Was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Friday, 14 August 2009

and that's how you do it, mummy

and that's how you do it, mummy, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

and then you pour them in here

and then you pour them in here, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

You scoop the beads

You scoop the beads, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Computer says Yes

Yay, our home loan has been approved! Yay for the bank letting us pay them money for the next twelvetyfive years of our life.

Quote of the Day

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.
- Miss Piggy

house musings

We went and stuck our head in the (hopefully) new house last night.
Mainly to get measurements so we know if things will fit etc. and so we can get rough ideas what it will cost to fix up.
It was useful to me because I'd pretty much forgotten what it looked like.

It's smaller than I remember. It scares me to think how we're going to fit everything in and then I remember that it has a garage for storage and is better designed than current house. It'll all be good.

We got to Petersham early so went and had a play in the park with Torby. We then trotted up the road to the house saying hello to all and sundry.

Is such a weird feeling coming back to an area (the very same street we used to live on in fact) that we lived in so many years ago. So much has changed since then. Different things have become important in where we live. This place will be awesome with the park and pool so close by. Come summer, I suspect we may live down there. We have the bowling club almost next door and a few other pubs with walking distance (Inc. the Newington which is about halfway between us and M&J - soon there shall be walking up to 'The Restaurant' for dinner). There is now a Thai restaurant where the corner store used to be. Not as convenient maybe, but more delicious. The main strip of Petersham has remained mostly the same as I remember but now with added grocery store. Hurrah!

I'm going to miss the uber-convenience of living in Burwood. Having a supermarket and shops between the train station and house is pretty handy. Major shopping centre down the road was nice. So much good chinese bbq (mmm ducky goodness) and veitnamese bakeries and the handmade noodle place of deliciousness and a really good fruit and veg shop. Walking distance to two major train stations is nice.

But now (assuming nothing goes wrong between now and September) we have a great park and pool, we're closer to M&J and the girls, I'm still on the trainline I need to be for work, access to great portugese chicken and custard tarts, a new pretty area to explore, a great street to live on, lovely schools for Torby to attend. Oh and a house that has a gas stove, a little garden that is more useful than our current expanse of lawn, walls that we can paint as we like and put holes in wherever we like. Oh and we never have to move again.

We just have to get there.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I scanned a few old photos in

me in 1978, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

Click on the piccie to got to the land of flickr where there are more

Monday, 10 August 2009


Tomorrow night we get to see the inside of the hopefully new house. Measurements need to be done so we can start getting quotes on new bathroom etc.

Tonight we went to 'The Restaurant' with M&J and the girls. 'The Restaurant' is more commonly known as Newington Inn. Poor kids and their warped view of the world. Camping involves big frocks and painted floors whilst going out for dinner involves a local pub.

Torby did his first representational piece of art at the pub. Not just numbers or letters or shapes. We got faces. All with big ears and sticky uppy hair. I shall scan some in and pop them on flickr tomorrow night. Is kinda cool.

And now there is wibbly-wobbly jelly to be eaten and trashy shows to be watched..

Le Yawn, Le Cough, Le Wheeeze

We got to visit the hospital on Saturday morning for the eleventy billionth time since having Torby.

Long story cut short, he inhaled some rice cracker on Friday night and it got into his lungs.

Despite the 4hours we were there, he handled it very well. Saying ?cheeese? as he got his x-ray done was the highlight. The cute, it burns.

We both had big big naps when we eventually got home. Mmmm nap..

Then around to Megzz&Smurgs to taunt the chickens and piggies and eat yummy meat onna stick and even yummier cr?me brulee and drink nummy wine and forget about the stress of the morning.

We lost his dummy that night and he seems to be doing okay without it. (shh, I found it at the bottom of my bag but we won?t tell him that). Had always planned that this nuk would be the last one, just wasn?t expecting it to happen so soon or in such circumstances. Hopefully he won?t adopt one of the other nuks we have lying around and this will be the end of it. Hopefully.

We?re all a bit slow at the moment as Casa de Huntington-Smythe. The broken slep is doing us in. I am looking forward to Torby?s lungs getting rid of the added crunchiness and my lungs getting rid of extra mucus. Poor Nw has to deal with entirely too much coughing and feebleness I think.

Friday, 7 August 2009


I need to make these...mmm sweet crispy nibbley things


Tonight is the first Friday in ages that we won't be feeding anyone or doing anything. There is stew to reheat, Easy Virtue to be watched, Warcrack to be played and sleep to be had instead.

I saw Coraline today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Visually amazing and great story. I have a great fondness for movies made from Neil Gaiman books.

Now off I trot to collect the munchkin from daycare.

Away, away, my pants on fire...

Oh and we have finished the cooling off period of house for settlement to go smoothly and in 6-ish weeks, a house will be ours.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

a photo of the new house

hallway, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

Assuming nothing goes wrong between now and settlement..this hallway will be ours.

Nw took a few photos when the building inspection was done. I've put some of them on flickr

Monday, 3 August 2009

Vendor says Yes

Soon we shall owe the bank a large amount of money.
Soon we shall have to move.
Soon we can put holes in the wall wherever we like.
Soon we will be home-owners assuming that nothing goes wrong between now and having the keys in our hot little hands.

Woot! (and eep)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sign at Addison Rd markets

Sign at Addison Rd markets, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

Finally got a picture of the sign at the markets that always makes us giggle

i am teh sleepy

It's been a big big weekend for us little Huntington-Smythers.

Pre-school disco's
Kids running around like porkchops
40th Birthday Parties of T'rifficness
Morning sleep-ins and alone time
Late nights
Indian Food
Fizzy wine and lots of it.
Chicken sammiches of delicious evil
Breakfast with Nw
Meltdowns due to lack of sleep (mostly from the under 5 set)
Stoopid people who need to get over themselves.
Lovely people who are lovely.
House deposits
Waiting, oh the waiting
Lovely, happy shiny announcements
A big big Sunday afternoon nap

Yeah, that mostly covers it I think.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


at 6pm today, Nw shall be visiting a real estate agent and handing over a deposit for a house in Petersham.

This is of course assuming that no-one else puts in a deposit before us.

It's a 2 bedroom little house at the end of a street we used to rent on.

It has a garage and gas and a teensy backyard.

It has a bathroom that needs redoing, floors that need discovering, wiring that needs replacing and windowsills that need to be fixed.

But soon it may be ours.