Sunday, 30 September 2007

says it all really

spring satisfaction

The weather is gorgeous, the backyard is clean-ish...must mean bbq time!
Am thoroughly looking forward to lounging around the backyard chatting with chums eating burnt stuff, drinking cold wine and listening to the squeals of children as they 'help' each other on the slidey house thing we have...Oh how I love Spring!!

If only the dumb husband wasn't away at dumb spring war, life would be perfect right about now..

Oh and I give you this photo from a few weeks ago...Torby found the green pen

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


As I sit here listening to the new Cat Empire album, I notice that season 2 of Heroes has begun...could I be any happier!

Monday, 24 September 2007

phear my leet interwebs skillz

I've just discovered that most blogs etc I read have a little RSS feed thingy that means I can see what's updated from one page. It's like magic!
Oh yeah, I am the roxxor :)


Even better than wine in the sun...Ikea with Mouse :)
I'll let you know how restrained I am.

I was quite restrained.

a set of plastic bowls
squishy hedgehogs
pull-along hedgehog
wrapping paper
some drawer stoppers

very very restrained!!

What I did on my weekend by MissDV age 30 and a half

I've had a lovely and exhausting weekend.

Friday we shopped and ate and drank wine and bathed (huge bath tub that contained no bath toys!!) and watched a movie and slept.

Saturday we slept, had betsest shower and ate some more and shopped (great Rotary Markets in Springwood) and then returned to Sydney to the beloved munchkin so nice to get away and even nicer to see him again) and let meg&jamie go out for their own big-grown-up-night-off. Looking after 3 children makes me very glad I only have 1 no matter how cute they all are.
Megzz and Snerg came round for exotic takeaway and wine drinking and entertainment. I didn't have as bad a hangover as I really should have the next day. After the drama of getting everyone to sleep, they al slept beautifully until all of 6:30am.

Nw was booked in fr morning tea with his family p Sunday morning and we sensibly decided that he should take Torby with him so I wasn't trying to wrangle 3 munchkins by myself. definately a good call.
The girls and I went to the local markets after they'd gone and isobel went on the jumpng castle and we bought breakfast (really yummy dumplings and a bacon and egg roll) and she bought a danish with her own money (well, she gave the man 5c and I gave him the rest) and decided we had to buy some flowers for her mum. Very sweet. Many a stallholder remarked on just how smiley Zoe was. very cute.
we got home and I put Zoe to bed and Isobel decided to climb into her parents bed and have a nap (i had got to lay next to her for a bit so she could snuggle up against me).
after naptime, I entertained Zoe by bouncing her up and down on my tummy (oh the simple things) and we all ust played together and ate toast until meg&jamie arrived home. the sheer joy on everyone's face at seeing each other again was gorgeous!
Jamie and Isobel dropped me home and I had a biiiiiiiig nap (passed out in bed may be a more appropriate description). After I woke up I played some Wacrack while the boys went shopping and then it was almost munchkin bedtime. Made ninner and kind of lay on he couc pretending I was awake until I conceded defeat and went to sleep at 10:30.
Am having today off to luxuriate (well exept for the bit of work I'm doing from home) It's lovely but I do have an overwhelming urge to sit in the sun somehwere and drink wine...whose with me?

Thursday, 20 September 2007

I'm spoiling you, you know

3 posts in one day. Will wonders never cease!

My question is ......if you ruled the world, what would you change?

None of this namby-pampy 'no poverty or wars' nonsense, we want to know what you'd really fix :)

For me, Ugg boots worn outside the house would be punishable by slapping, manners and common sense would be taught in school and chewing with your mouth open, spitting in public and constant sniffling would land you in jail

It's a miracle!!!

Stampy allowed herself to be petted by Torby. I am shocked and amazed and hopeful that it may coninue.

For those that have never met Stampy, this is the cat that runs away from everybody and in the 20mths since we bought 'the usurper' home, has never allowed him within 30metres of her.

I may be a warcrack nerd...

..but it could be a whole lot worse

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

a pollyanna moment

Stuff what is making me happy at the moment

That cool people I haven't spoken to in ages are finding me on Facebook

That Nw and I are ditching Torby at the lovely M&J's house on Friday and running away to the Blue Mts (specifically here)to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and his 38th birthday (yes, they occur on the same day)

That the following night we are staying at M&J's with all the children so they can run away to the city and celebrate their wedding anniversary .

That the sun is being all sunny and stuff.

That Torby is becoming a real person. Uses words and has a distinct personality and understands what's going on and occasionally will even do what you ask. The using my stomach as a bouncy seat is a litle bit painful, but so cute.

That the bulk of my friends are happy and content.

That dark chocolate Maltesers exist

That The-Lovely-Husband stayed home this morning so I could go back to sleep and mostly get rid of the manky headache

That I am surrounded by fabulous, loving, caring people who love me for who I am, faults and all (fools, fools I tells ya)

That it's Talk Like A Pirate Day

That I am (mostly) healthy

That it's almost Christmas

That I'm getting to spend lots of time with my Sister and Bro-in-law and the girls

That my son is surrounded by excellent role models and other children.

That I have just had a shower and am all clean and smell nice

Okay, off to go eat something salty to balance all this sickly sweetness.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

I am a neglectful little sausage aren't I!

Good thing you all love me/owe me money/know about the incriminating photos I have in a safe and secure location :)

I'm currently snuggled on the couch going 'ow, ow, ow' as my legs and back and arms let me know how very unhappy they are about being used and abused the last couple of days to help with the marvellous Rowany 25th (R25, for the cool kids) feast last night.

It was worth it though. The event was teh roxxor :) Lovely to see so many people there all having a good time and enjoying themselves throroughly.

I go a billion compliments on the frock I was wearing. Shame I couldn't take any credit as it was lent to me by Charlie :) Remarkeably practical and very cute. The frock was also pretty good. :)

Finn got a good and thorough pelicanning at the event. That'll learn her for being fabulous and useful!

Umm, what else. Oh, I'm now working only 2days a week which makes me a lot happier. Spend more time with Torby while still getting enough adult baby free company and he gets enough time at daycare. He loves his carer and I love the socialisation he gets there. It works out beautifully.

I'm finally starting to settle into being Rowany Seneschal. The timing of accepting the role and the plunge into phneh-ness wasn't a good one. However, I'm coming out the other side of land of phneh and able to actually concentrate on things again. The Barony should be afraid, very afraid!

Oh and I succumbed to the lure that is Facebook. Yes, yes...who knew I needed more reason to sit in front of a 'puter.

I think that's all for now, think I need to have a nap before Torby wakes up.

You may al go back to your regularly scheduled progams now.