Wednesday, 19 September 2007

a pollyanna moment

Stuff what is making me happy at the moment

That cool people I haven't spoken to in ages are finding me on Facebook

That Nw and I are ditching Torby at the lovely M&J's house on Friday and running away to the Blue Mts (specifically here)to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and his 38th birthday (yes, they occur on the same day)

That the following night we are staying at M&J's with all the children so they can run away to the city and celebrate their wedding anniversary .

That the sun is being all sunny and stuff.

That Torby is becoming a real person. Uses words and has a distinct personality and understands what's going on and occasionally will even do what you ask. The using my stomach as a bouncy seat is a litle bit painful, but so cute.

That the bulk of my friends are happy and content.

That dark chocolate Maltesers exist

That The-Lovely-Husband stayed home this morning so I could go back to sleep and mostly get rid of the manky headache

That I am surrounded by fabulous, loving, caring people who love me for who I am, faults and all (fools, fools I tells ya)

That it's Talk Like A Pirate Day

That I am (mostly) healthy

That it's almost Christmas

That I'm getting to spend lots of time with my Sister and Bro-in-law and the girls

That my son is surrounded by excellent role models and other children.

That I have just had a shower and am all clean and smell nice

Okay, off to go eat something salty to balance all this sickly sweetness.

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Destructomeg said...

I just bought the last packet of dark maltesers in the supermarket and I agree with you! I wonder if there will be any left for Snerg........