Saturday, 31 January 2009

Hip, hip..

Hooray for sanity-saving chums and their very cunning plans.

Hooray for grandparents being back in town and brunch on a Saturday morning with them.

Hooray for swimming lessons starting again today. Torby has gotten so much more confident and coordinated in the water over the Christmas break (Thx Megzz & Smerg and MissHunnnnyyyddd and Rusty for the use of your pools) and I'm looking forward to him learning new stuff.

Friday, 30 January 2009


I want my zoompy fast internet back!


Thursday, 29 January 2009


For the first time since we got broadband, we have hit our download cap.

Everything is so sloooowwww now!

Only one of us can play warcrack at a time. Nw had to go down to an internet cafe last night so he could be part of the mightiness of our first attempt at a particular boss.

Thankfully it's almost the end of the month and then we get more delicious Mb's to fritter away at zoompy speeds.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

the painful, the woot and the insane

I decided to go to Sweet Land on the way to the train staion today and get some yummy yummy Lady's Arms (the interwebs have failed me and I can't find a link to provide you with to explain them. Imagine a ricotta yoghurty cream wrapped in Filo pastry then syrupy goodness over the top, a teensy sprinkling of ground pistachio and you're kind of there) to take to Fight Club for a desserty treat. The lovely Miss Mel had decided to make a tiramisu for dessert. So much delicious dessert, so little dessert stomach. Oh, the pain

I bought a new headset/mic thingy for my computer for warcrack nerdery and it works. Le Woot!

Oh and The Jabberwocky has been going through my head all day. Muttering it under my breath at work has dine nothing to prove my sanity to my boss. Oh well

Monday, 26 January 2009

The SS Munchkin on its maiden voyage!

Our Chrissie Pissie pressie from a few years ago get an outing at last in megzz and smurgs' pool.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Australian Chop Exchange

Because Jamie got a Sam Kekovich mask at the butcher yesterday, Hunnnyddd mentioned this ad yesterday and this morning BarBarra had posted it in his LJ..

It's fate
After a stiiinky hot day yesterday we finally got The Cool Change of Delightfulness!

Gusty gusty breeze that blew things around while we were poolside at Mel&Rusty's (A most excellent way to spend a 40degree plus afternoon) and also blew all the hot away.


Made it cool enough to snuggle against MrNw this morning in the 2.5seconds before Torby woke up. This is opposed to the last week where we each slept on completely opposite sides of the bed and not even outr toes rtouched because it was to hot. (oh the touch, it burns!)

Oh and so far, 'Twilight' reminds me of the old Sweet Valley High books just with a vampire thrown in. Not a bad thing. I used to quite like the SVH books. Just don't quite understand the fervour.

Friday, 23 January 2009


Okay weather, I've had enough!
Where was the nice breeze we had last night that was helping to cool everything down?

Thankfully we have a very pleasant long weekend planned full of dvd's and bbq's and floating about in pools.

This will distract me from the heat and stickiness.

In other news, Meggzz loaned me the first season of The House of Elliott
So frightfully English. I loves it!
I also have a copy of Twilight to read (so I can knowledgeably mock) and the last two seasons of Angel on loan from her.
Oh the choices!

Oh and very funky vintage costume pron site. All in Italian but stunning piccies. Found it via McNealy's LJ.

I'm sure there's other things but my brain has melted in this heat.

Thursday, 22 January 2009


a breeze!
a big strong cooler than before breeze!

burn baby burn

I set up the paddly pool this afternoon so Torby and I could splash about and get a smidge cooler (oh the deliciously cool water).
My singlet and knickers combo (it's like being narkoo but more hygenic and less scary) got damp after one too many splashes from oliover so ideciuded to just sit in the pool with him thus ensuring I was completely drenched.

Ten minutes later, I was slightly damp, five more was all it took unti, I was completely dry again. I wans't even standing in the sun excpet for the it where I was hanging up the washing.


I will never be a reviewer

So last night I went and got all culturated with Miss Jimmy.

She had free tickets to see Madama Butterfly at the Opera House and I was her hot date for the evening.

It was just stunning.

The simple and elegant set design of a wooden platform surrounded by water with three bridges leading onto it, the screens that raised and lowered, the use of a star and moon backdrop that you see twice. It was all so restrained. I loved it.

Dad was very big on opera and classical music. This is what I grew up listening to. Actually seeing it on stage, and so beautifully done, is utterly fabulous.

One of the reasons I think I like theatre is it's all so visual. The cleverness of lighting and costumes, when done well, can create images that provoke such emotion in me.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

passwords are dumb

Last week I changed my password for my computer etc at work. Completely changed it, not just teh number bit that I always have each month.

Everytime I have to log in to something it now takes me about 3 goes to remember that I have changed it and what I changed it to.


Monday, 19 January 2009

Happy happy coffee dance

Woot! My favourite caffeine provider at work is open again. Damn them for wanting a break over Christmas and forcing me to go to a different place where the coffee is not as nice and more expensive.

I also had to live without my weekly Kasundi Chicken and Rice for lunch.

It was horrible I tells ya and I'm not sure how I survived.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

We didn't end up coming after dinner last night (yay for sleepovers) so there was no blog post yesterday.
Oh how quickly my resolutions fail.

I did however make yummy food for people (zuchini fritters are rooly yummy, just so ya know), had nice chats with people, sorted out the problems of the world till late at night with Miss Jimmy and all up, had a very delightful Saturday evening.

I think that I'm going to have to make these soon. Really really soon.

But for now there is a chicken being roasted and a munchkin climbing over me being cute and I must go and pay attention to both.

Oh and I start working 3days a week this week.

Oh, the horror

Friday, 16 January 2009

Just so you know..

42 days till my birthday.

That is all

Good night

Thursday, 15 January 2009

God I hate this weather. Everyone is hot and grumpy and exhausted and wilty

The morning involved Torby and I at loggerheads over every single little thing.
Getting dressed, putting a nappy on, choice of shoes, breakfast item, etc friggin etc. We each had at least one tanty.
Got to our coffee date with Mugz and Smerg wrung out.
But coffee and chats helped.

We came home via the shops and it's blissful air conditioning.
This helped as did the icypoles we bought and have started consuming.

Torby decided that he'd much rather have his nap in my nice cool bed in my nice cool room. Which is very much what I had also planned. Sigh.

Anyway, he fell asleep almost at once. I tried having a doze on the couch but kept getting too sweaty. I just thought I'd go lie next to him and be cool for a bit and hopefully drift off as well.
lay down, he rolled towards me, put an arm around me and muttered 'love you mum, you go sleep now' and closed his eyes.

Nothing has helped so much as that.

Life is good (if meltingly hot) again.

Easter already????

Easter already????, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

January is just like April apparently.
*twitch twitch*

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

free to good home

Anyone want my spare copy of The Queen?

My to-do list

nap - check
reading - check
warcrack - check
dvd - check
washing Torby's precious (and now much less disgusting) blankie - check
listening to music very loudly - check

Hoorah for days at home all alone.

Soon I will have a cold shower to recover from going outside to hang up the washing (that blanket really needed washing) and rub some charsiu sauce into the lambykins for ninner and contemplate what to do next.

Oh and because I know how desperate you are for an update on my PivotTable progress - I learneded a thing. By randomly selecting options I discovered that I can group things and it will give me a subtotal on them.

Now for that dinner prep and that shower and a rummage through the freezer to see if there's any icypoles left.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The sound of one brain exploding

So whilst trying to do my yearly reports (oh the friggin excitement) I'm teaching myself PivotTables in Excel.

It's helping to combat the boredom of these reports, helpoing me avoid having to transpose a lot of information from one sheet to another and giving me new knowledge.

All these things are good.

Also giving me new hatred for the stupidity of the Excel help system.

Excuse me while I go beat my head against this convenient brick wall for a while.

It may help to drive out the homicidal thoughts I have about Microsoft.

Monday, 12 January 2009


This risotto but with less stock and more wine (what I had on hand), a smidge of tomato paste instead of sauce and using marinated sausages from the local deli and added pumpkin.

Worked really well.

May I have some freedom fries with my sea-kitten

Mmm delicious, delicious sea-kittens

PETA wants to rename the scaly things wot swim around the ocean.
No longer shall they be called 'fish'
We shall now call them 'sea kittens'

Or, you know, not!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

I lounged.
I chatted.
I danced.
I bounced.
I had a fabulous time.
I am sore today.

(oh and yay for MissKatie for finding and defending the ebstest spot. Right up the front really close to the center. Loved it)

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Ah blissful silence. The silence that you can appreciate when your munchkin is passed out asleep and the niecely type munchkin has gone home. I won't mention the dulcet tones of the cat snoring.

I am packing my bags and preparing to desert husband and child and run away to The Domain to loll about and see Cat Empire play tonight. Gotta love the Sydney Festival First Night concert. I would link to it but their website seems to have fallen over and is taking forever to load.

So when next we chat I shall be relaxed, deaf, slightly sunburned and happy.


Friday, 9 January 2009

people say Phenergen like it's a bad thing...

Bellabel (the 4yr old niece) is sleeping over at our house tonight.

There has been the eating of ninner and icecream, there has been the playing of games, there has been the setting up of the bed and storytime, there has been the world-weary sigh and questions of 'why must he (Torby) copy me all the time.

Now we have the soothing and sleep-inducing giggling and counting and singing of songs in bed.

Oh yeah, there's going to be lots of sleep tonight..right?

Thursday, 8 January 2009

One of the things I miss is free-time.
Free unnegotiated, nonguilty, untimed time.

Time to spend all day in bed reading a book, time to watch a few movies, time to go out on my own, time to go for a walk by myself, time to go shopping, time to go to the pub for a whole afternoon/evening, time for a cafe meal, time

I do all of these things (well, maybe not the all day in bed one) but they have to be negotiated with husband and child, there is guilt associated with them because I know that if I'm not on munchkin entertaining duties, then Nw has to do it all.

I guess it makes those moments all the better when they do happen.

I love having the munchkin and I'm very lucky that he is such a good one (on the whole) and that Nw is very very good to me and often lets me take time off to go do stuff sans torby. Just sometimes, I really miss owning my own time.

Because it keeps amusing me


Wednesday, 7 January 2009

it's just too darn hot!

grey skies, a bit of rain but no cool change!

I want my cool change!!!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My delightful day included;

Lunch with MissFinn, MissP and MissCharlie.
Some shopping with the above mentioned peeps. Nothing was purchased but lots of atrocious shoes were mocked. Particularly the Tangerine coloured Cthulu shoes.
Haircut Day! No more hair on the back of my neck. Bliss!
Fight Club and all it's chinese food eating, wine drinking, constructive criticism (*snort*) glory
Home for deliciously cold shower and some WoW and now to bed.


Sunday, 4 January 2009


Often we'll go to Bicentennial Park to feed the duckies and swamp monsters (eels).
Today we got to feed ducks, swamp monsters and catfish. A billion catfish!

I've never seen the lake that active, the water was looked like it was boiling in some spots with all the fish and eels nibbling on bread.

Was so cool.

That in the morning and then happy happy pants off time for Torby in the backyard with the paddly pool in the afternoon made for a delightfully sluggy day.

Really don't want to go to work tomorrow.

Faking your own death isn't that hard, right?

Saturday, 3 January 2009

A letter to Torby

Dear Torby,

Mummy and daddy love you very very much, but we are getting a smidgen annoyed with your habit of waking up at 6. Or in the case of this morning, 5:45am.

We do appreciate that you're an active child who has much to fit in his schedule and we admire you for it. After all, you do need a lot of hours to learn the theory of the universe and how it may best serve you.

We just humbly suggest that it could start at a more reasonable hour.

All our love,

Your bleary-eyed grumpy parents

Friday, 2 January 2009


Corrections to Last Months Letters in Penthouse Forum

In the letter "And Wifey Makes Three," the letter writer stated: "My wife was eager to engage in a threesome with me and our incredibly hot 19-year-old babysitter." The sentence should read: "My wife was disgusted, repulsed, and, in every imaginable way, opposed to the thought of engaging in a threesome with me and our incredibly hot 19-year-old babysitter." Nor did the wife "wildly undulate" while seated on the face of the babysitter, or "moan in unending pleasure" as she watched her "superstud" of a husband give the babysitter "a good seeing-to." The letter writer also doesn't fight crime on the weekends from the confines of a secret underground lair.

go to McSweeneys for the rest and some other amusing stuff


a snippet from 'Austenbook'

Colonel Fitzwilliam wishes he weren't a younger son.
Elizabeth Bennet is furious at Mr. Darcy for separating Bingley and her sister.
Fitzwilliam Darcy is proposing to Elizabeth Bennet. It is not going well. :-/
Elizabeth Bennet is ??!!
Fitzwilliam Darcy tagged Elizabeth Bennet in his note My Character Requires This to be Written and Read.

via TigTog

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Cool showers are the bestest ever.

After a very very pleasant afternoon lolling about, it's very nice to come home and cool off and get all dozy on the couch.

Mmmm dozy

mmm sparklies in the sky

My new years eve involved sluggery and missing out on one party (supposed to be there for the afternoon before Torby's sleeptime but we failed) and ending up at an un-party playing games, drinking champagne and watching the fireworks on tv. Was just like staying at home but nicer (well except for trying to settle the pork-chops-masquerading-as-children)

What about yours?

Have a marvellously t'riffic 2009 and be excellent to each other!