Monday, 12 January 2009

May I have some freedom fries with my sea-kitten

Mmm delicious, delicious sea-kittens

PETA wants to rename the scaly things wot swim around the ocean.
No longer shall they be called 'fish'
We shall now call them 'sea kittens'

Or, you know, not!


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

insert swear words here.

PETA are a bunch of knobends which give sane animal rights groups such a bad name. even if it's just a joke, or something to keep them in the public eye... they're still knobs!

MrSnerg said...

Henceforth I shall eat my sea kittens with catsup!

Hunydd said...

There's a whole new level of stupidity in this concept not usually seen in regular human beings. It must be the lack of meat in their diet...

I once heard an interview (no, I lie. It was the first 5 minutes of the interview, before I turned it off in disgust) with some well known musician, who was a member of PETA. Once she said the words "I just can't respect a meat eater", I couldn't listen to any more. Once a person (or group thereof) can confince lions and tigers and other carnivores that catching and killing other animals for the meat they need to survive is wrong, then, and only then, will I listen to any arguments that "meat is murder". Tasty, tasty murder.

Feckin eejits, what to they think our canine teeth are for?

If god hadn't wanted us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat...

K2Comfort said...

NOT is right...Although, when you think of the things you could say..."I hooked a sea kitten!"

"I deboned that sea kitten."

"Add a little cajun spice and that sea kitten is tasty!"

Maybe not such a bad idea. Hey you might like our blog...It's similar in nature, as far as the ramblings go.

Cozalcoatl said...

This site sticks the boot into PETA and the stars who 'support' them.
Some amuzing stuff in there.

One of the best bits about Lich King is the DEHTA quests the Borean Tundra...hehe

my password is jockwolo ;)
sounds like a type of sea kitten i used to catch with me old Dad