Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My to-do list

nap - check
reading - check
warcrack - check
dvd - check
washing Torby's precious (and now much less disgusting) blankie - check
listening to music very loudly - check

Hoorah for days at home all alone.

Soon I will have a cold shower to recover from going outside to hang up the washing (that blanket really needed washing) and rub some charsiu sauce into the lambykins for ninner and contemplate what to do next.

Oh and because I know how desperate you are for an update on my PivotTable progress - I learneded a thing. By randomly selecting options I discovered that I can group things and it will give me a subtotal on them.

Now for that dinner prep and that shower and a rummage through the freezer to see if there's any icypoles left.


spyder said...

ok, there will be no further sympathy for comments such as:
"One of the things I miss is free-time.
Free unnegotiated, nonguilty, untimed time."
You who gets a day to yourself.
(sooo jealous... and thinking I might just chuck a sickie in the next few weeks...)

DV said...

Ah but there was the guilt of paying for Torby to be in daycare while I lounged abouy the house and that Nw had to spend time dropping him off and picking him up again etc.

Worth it though :)