Sunday, 25 January 2009

After a stiiinky hot day yesterday we finally got The Cool Change of Delightfulness!

Gusty gusty breeze that blew things around while we were poolside at Mel&Rusty's (A most excellent way to spend a 40degree plus afternoon) and also blew all the hot away.


Made it cool enough to snuggle against MrNw this morning in the 2.5seconds before Torby woke up. This is opposed to the last week where we each slept on completely opposite sides of the bed and not even outr toes rtouched because it was to hot. (oh the touch, it burns!)

Oh and so far, 'Twilight' reminds me of the old Sweet Valley High books just with a vampire thrown in. Not a bad thing. I used to quite like the SVH books. Just don't quite understand the fervour.

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