Thursday, 15 January 2009

God I hate this weather. Everyone is hot and grumpy and exhausted and wilty

The morning involved Torby and I at loggerheads over every single little thing.
Getting dressed, putting a nappy on, choice of shoes, breakfast item, etc friggin etc. We each had at least one tanty.
Got to our coffee date with Mugz and Smerg wrung out.
But coffee and chats helped.

We came home via the shops and it's blissful air conditioning.
This helped as did the icypoles we bought and have started consuming.

Torby decided that he'd much rather have his nap in my nice cool bed in my nice cool room. Which is very much what I had also planned. Sigh.

Anyway, he fell asleep almost at once. I tried having a doze on the couch but kept getting too sweaty. I just thought I'd go lie next to him and be cool for a bit and hopefully drift off as well.
lay down, he rolled towards me, put an arm around me and muttered 'love you mum, you go sleep now' and closed his eyes.

Nothing has helped so much as that.

Life is good (if meltingly hot) again.

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Katrijn said...

Uh huh - and that doesn't change as they get older! My three boys still manage that with me - the fights to get things done, the tanties and then something incredibly sweet that just seems to balance it out. And they are 15, 14 and 11 next month!