Friday, 28 April 2006

he does it on purpose!!!!!

I have a lovely 4 month old son, he's beautiful and clever and laughs a lot and is pure evil I tell you!

He will be happily lying on his mat playing and watching things go by and gurgling away, I pick him up and he vomits on me. This is the 4th shirt I've had on today! I'll even burp him after a feed with a ginormous cloth draped over me to protect my shirts. What does he do? Turns his head and starts vomiting when he reaches the end of the cloth. The right side of my body is permanently coated in baby sick. It's not pleasant for anyone involved.

All I can say is he best keep up the cute act or it's off to the gypsies with him!

Monday, 24 April 2006

my new job

As I am a well raised young lass who was taught to answer questions politely, it is now tradition that my husband answers the billboards of the policeman asking "How fast are you going now" The answer is usually 110 thanks for asking. Well, we now have a new car that has the spedometer in the center and it's big numbers not a dial thingy. What this means is that I can acurately tell how fast we are going (I don't drive so this pleasure has usually been denied to me) and on our Sunday drive to Ironfest in exotic Lithgow (about 3 hours away) I got to answer the nice policeman. It was very exciting.

How was Ironfest I hear you ask!

Well lets just say that it was nice to go for a lovely drive with husband and child in lovely new car through the lovely Blue Mountains and Ironfest gave us a reason to do so.

Although there was Jousting which was kinda cool to see. Particularly as whenever I've told someone that I belong to a medieval recreation society they've inevitably asked, oooh do you do jousting? to which I always have to reply NO and the light fades from their eyes.

And MrNw did lust somewhat after the blacksmithy things that were going on.

Friday, 21 April 2006

all my friends are cunning, but they're fun to have around

Whilst folding and re-organising Torbenspangs room I noticed something. My friends are way way more clevererer than I am. Here's the proof.

This is the fabulous quilt Miss Dawn made for Torbenspang. The close-up of the center is below.

This is the lovely blankie DestructoMeg made. It's knitted and everything. She very clever young lassie.

This is the jumper that Speedies mum, Heather made for him.

This is the blankie I made for him. Yes my friends are way more talented than I am. It sickens me : )

the lovely husband

After a very sucky morning yesterday calling around to various childcare establishments and being told that I'm about the 8 millionth person on their list and have no hope of ever getting anyone to look after my son until he's 60, my lovely husband bought these home for me!

productivity, thy name is...


In the few hours I have been awake, I have;
  • had breakfast
  • fed beloved son and had amusing time watching him stick his tongue out at me and generally be cute.
  • put son back to bed for nap.
  • gone in to re-settle son
  • resisted urge to tape dummy into sons head to stop him spitting it out and then whinging to have it put back in again
  • bought in last nights 2 loads of washing
  • folded and put away said washing
  • hung up all our frocks from festival to air and release some dust
  • put on load of washing. This is the last post-fetsival one. You would think that because we were only there for 3 days there wouldn't be that much. Oh No! Probably not helped that I always over pack and then need to wash everything to remove dust and smoke smell that permeates through everything!
  • Wash dishes
  • Wash and sterilise bottles
  • check emails and reply to several
  • download new browser
  • download photos from camera to computer.
I am so very noble. Now as a reward I shall go and lie on the couch, watch trashy tv and finish my magazine.
Will also stare at flowers lovely husband bought me. (see next post)

Tuesday, 18 April 2006


The scenario; a young (okay not so young but lets ignore that) mother is doing her grocery shopping with screaming baby in pram. Said mother is starting to lose it as is evidenced by the grumpy stressed out look she can feel on her face and the fact that she is tearing down the aisles in a desperate attempt to get the shopping done and get home to feed aforementioned hysterical baby. wonderful mother gets to checkout with frazzled look (She caught sight of herself in a mirror) to be greeted by the person at the checkout saying "oooh he's a bit unhappy isn't he" The poor mother than said the only thing you can say in these situations. "Do ya think!"

Rude, I think not!

Why, why do people insist on telling when your baby is screaming at you. Do they honestly think you haven't noticed? Do they think it's helpful? Do they have no concept of self preservation?