Monday, 22 November 2010

10 things about my weekend

1. I looked after the munchkin and the nieces for Saturday night/Sunday morning/afternoon. Thankfully Spyd & AJ came down and stayed over and Megzz n Smurg visited for ninner (mmm chinese take-away). Made me feel not so bad about not going to the cocktail party.

2. Sunday mornings = the markets and gozleme and fruit and veg from the cold comfort farm people and the kids romping about and face-painting and pleasantness.

3. Yeast is tricksy and frustrating when it doesn't do it's rising thing.

4. Cinnamon Rolls (ala Pioneer Woman) make the house smell really really good

5. I really like my house. Spent 24hours at M&J's with the kiddlings and whilst they have a great house (no, really, it's awesome), it's not my house.

6. Home delivered pizza and flooping on the couch with the freshly-returned-from-Canberra husband is a delightful way to spend a Sunday evening.

7. Birthday parties for Torby's friends are great. He gets to play with his chum/s (at a bowling party in this case - oh the glee) and I get to chat with the grown-ups (I really like this mum, she's awesome) and I have a not-so-secret love for wrapping pressies.

8. Torby is quite good at bowling. Well, Nw (and me on one occasion) are quite good at positioning the ramp that he rolls the ball down. He won the game? match? set? thingy on Saturday. Probably all that practise with Wii bowling.

9. I watched far too much lifestyle/food pron programs on Sunday. There is a reason i want Foxtel and it's the same reason it's probably for the best that we don't.

10. I (in my entirely unbiased opinion) think that Torby and the cousins are a pretty awesome bunch of kids.

Thursday, 18 November 2010


despite being oh-so-tired and grumpy (sorry Nw) because of it, I managed to make nummy food last night.

Roast beetroot and sweet potato (they needed cooking) sprinkle with salt, pepper, paprika and umm rosemary. bung in oven...wait until husband comes home with protein.

Chicken Thigh fillets that were smeared on the inside with pesto, sprinkled with salami and a teensy bit of cheese, then folded over with some ham on top.
Bake in oven until done (20-30mins?)
They kinda deep fried themselves in the oil that oozed from everything, but were really quite good.
Oh and serve with leftover pasta and peas that the kids didn't eat.

(I've omitted all steps involving stomping around the kitchen and growling at everyone- they aen't nescessaryand in fact, not recommended)

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I..I...I...dropped my ice-cream

Torby woke up screaming last night (well, very early this mornig I guess)
I rushed into his room ready to collect him off the floor where he'd broken his arm or something
But, no.
He'd had a bad dream.
A bad dream where he had a lovely ice-cream and dropped it.
It's hard to comfort you child when you're trying really hard not to laugh.
Just sayin'

Thursday, 11 November 2010


My fridge is evil.
It contains little carrot cakes made from the fabulous St Stephanie recipe (replace walnuts with crystallised ginger)
They all have a delicious layer of lemony cream cheese icing.
They are sitting there on a plate taunting me with their deliciousness and whilst I tell myself they're healthy with the carrots and the..umm....ginger? lemon ?...healthsome stuff, I'm not sure I can convince myself they're a substitute for dinner.

Friday, 5 November 2010

hey! I have a blog!

My oh my I've been a neglectful little sasuage haven't I. Poor poor unloved blog.

I've had about enough brain for facebook updates but no ability to form anything longer than that.

I've won two things recently (thus upping my lifetime total by 200%)
First there was the Lego Creationary game from Planning with Kids
and now a pack from Lovely Little Parties via Frills in the Hills
Two lovely pressies from two utterly fabulous blogs. It's pretty exciting

I'm horrified and excited that Christmas is getting closer. Nowhere near done on shopping/making pressies but I have most of them planned.
I made cute invites for Torbyboy and Zozo's party. 1 pdf of a 'fortune teller' from DrawPilgrim and some time spent on the computer replacing text later and tadah! Hooray for 2 days at work alone in the office.

Speaking of the oh my he can drive me insane sometimes. How is it that a 4yr old can have mood swings better associated with teenagers.
Last night he went from normal and cute to howling banshee who hated everyone in the world and especially us then to a sad and clingy creature who loved us and was very very sorry all in the space of half an hour. Oh the joy of bedtime. *twitch*

Today I'm taking him to the second of the Kindergarten Transition Mornings at his big school. Last one the parents got 'the talk' all about what to expect next year and a bunch of housekeeping stuff. This and the next session, we're expected to sod off for a few hours.
It's all a bit exciting and terrifying.
Can't believe I have a child who is going to school next year! Eeep

I still have photos to put on Flickr from the Great Norfolk Island Family Adventure. When my flickr uploader starts behaving and not crashing everytime..grr

I think that's enough of a catch-up for now. It's certainly enough links for one post