Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Genetics, can't beat 'em really.

Both Nw and I are short-sighted and I have an astigmatism.
Guess what??? Torbyboy is also short-sighted with a mild astigmatism!
I know, I know big shock really.

Well it kind of is because neither of us needed glasses until very early teens.

It was picked up in a standard screening they do in preschools to the 4yr olds. Picking it up before school is always useful.
A visit to the lovely Paedeatric Opthamologist (if you need to go to one, I really do recommend Annandale Eye Care ) confirmed the results.
He was very grumpy waiting for the eye drops to dilate his pupils enough for the doctor to have a really really good look. Bright and fuzzy world was not a winner apparently.
The glasses we then ordered from the Optometrist arrived really quickly (ordered Thursday, picked up Sunday morning) and he's been wearing them ever since.
I think the world not being a bit fuzzy is a novelty for him. Also been told by everyone that glasses are awesome has helped a bit :)

In other news, we voted and apparently we were two of many in our electorate who turned into greenies. Grayndler is now a not-so-safe Labour seat. Yay.

I walked down to Oliver's school-to-be to vote because the weather was absolutely glorious, filled in a bunch of boxes, had a sausage inna bun and then kept walking to the shopping centre. Cool but pleasant mornings with blueblue skies and trees and flowers being all explodey with flowers and leaves and nice houses to look at. It makes me very happy.

Oooo, and babies have been born! One was planned in advance and one was 9weeks early. Both happy and healthy by all accounts. Yay for more babies in the world. Especially well loved and wanted babies.

My biggest niece turns 6 today and tonight there will be ninner at 'The Restaurant' in celebration ahead of the party of much girliness on the weekend.

So now I must go and find an awesome card to go with the one that Torby is making in preschool.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Oh how I love days like this. The sun is warm and sunny. The sky is oh-so-blue and high and there is still a bit of a chill in the air. Loves it we do.

Monday, 16 August 2010

About a fortnight ago we acquired 4 free folding teak chairs. They're all weathered and in need of some sanding and oiling but will be useful for outdoor chairs and camping. And did I mention, Free!
So, guess what I did yesterday afternoon?
I've only done the first coat on one of them but man it's made such a difference. And it was really quite pleasant to have the sun on my back as I stood there painting away.

It was a weekend of usefulness really.
We spent the bulk of Saturday doing washing and reclaiming our herb garden and backyard from the weeds and the cat poo. (oo, slight detour from topic, Stampy has been diagnosed with HyperThyroidism - as well as the cancer. It explains the ravenousness and the extremely runny poo and now there will be tablets twice a day for her. Lucky Cat. They've already started working. Yay!)
Saturday night was ninner up t'mountains (not useful bet very enjoyable)
Sunday was naps (including Torby - the surprise nearly killed me) and food shopping and Nw doing things with brewing and me restoring chairs and then ninner at the pub with M&J and the girls.

I enjoy getting the opportunity to potter about in my home. Bit-by-bit things get done and it's very pleasant and productive.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Weekend before last I got to do lots of cooking and cleaning and feeding of people and drinking of wine and all sorts of good stuff. Including a visit to Featherdale Wildlife park with Torby's two best chums from A's. Such a hoot was had. Photos etc can be found on Flickr (look, see, just over there to the right, they're probably right there on screen)

Last Friday, we had dinner at the local bowling club where the kids made friends with random other kids within seconds, Torby ran into a preschool chum and on the whole, packs of local children ran around and around while the adults ate food and tried to talk through the squealing and giggling.
A visit to the grandparents and a delightful dinner at MissJimmy's (the food = nom, the company was lovely and the view was utterly spectacular) was our Saturday.
Sunday was a big sleep-in for me, and then alone time in the afternoon for Nw. He stayed at home and pottered about and revelled in having the house to himself for once while Torby and I went out to MissPip's for a birthday afternoon tea for Spyder. More delicious afternoon tea treats than you could poke a finger sammich at and lots of sitting around with the laaaaaadies in the sunshine while the kidlings did lots of running around (tears from everyone under 6 at one stage or another but was mostly minimal. Not that any of them will confess to getting tired or that sugar makes them a bit hyper and ratty - oh noooooo)

All in all, it was a really really good weekend and I feel refreshed. I think the fact that there was sunshine (mmmm warm sunshine) and I got to be out in it a fair bit has helped my mood considerably.

Ooo and I get to be Jimmy's hot date for La Sonnambula on Thursday night. Yay!