Monday, 16 August 2010

About a fortnight ago we acquired 4 free folding teak chairs. They're all weathered and in need of some sanding and oiling but will be useful for outdoor chairs and camping. And did I mention, Free!
So, guess what I did yesterday afternoon?
I've only done the first coat on one of them but man it's made such a difference. And it was really quite pleasant to have the sun on my back as I stood there painting away.

It was a weekend of usefulness really.
We spent the bulk of Saturday doing washing and reclaiming our herb garden and backyard from the weeds and the cat poo. (oo, slight detour from topic, Stampy has been diagnosed with HyperThyroidism - as well as the cancer. It explains the ravenousness and the extremely runny poo and now there will be tablets twice a day for her. Lucky Cat. They've already started working. Yay!)
Saturday night was ninner up t'mountains (not useful bet very enjoyable)
Sunday was naps (including Torby - the surprise nearly killed me) and food shopping and Nw doing things with brewing and me restoring chairs and then ninner at the pub with M&J and the girls.

I enjoy getting the opportunity to potter about in my home. Bit-by-bit things get done and it's very pleasant and productive.

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Impish said...

Can you come be productive at our place too?