Tuesday, 30 June 2009


It's not the Evil C word
We don't know what it is, except taht it's not that ( well, it could be lurking anywhere, but not specifically in that white patch)

I have a referral to go see a lung specialist.

I'm to finish this does of antibiotics and then have a break but they may try me on the special drugs to kill off the special infection it could be. It starts with S and I keep wanting to say Scoliosis and then Salmonella, but that's not right (for so many reasons).

And now, I've been up since really quite stupid o'clock this morning, and walked around a lot of the sore foot of soreness (also looked at today and no spare fracture so probably just soft tissue damage) and had a lot of worry and then a lot of glee and tried to do some sewing and been v v feeble at it.

Bedtime for this little black (and not cancerous) duck.

Oh and thank you for my sms' and emails and messages and stuff. Is very very appreciated.

Monday, 29 June 2009

up, down, up down.

So, by this time in 12and a bit hours I should know what is in my lungs that is making me sick. The CT Scan is booked for 9am.

I alternate between being really scared that it's the evil C word and thinking I'm a complete doofus for being scared and positive the results will show it's just a slightly different and completely curable infection or old scar tissue from Tuberculosis.

I want to know the results because this roller coaster is making me nauseous.

In much lovelier news, my other big sister, Nic was in town this evening and we got to have (last minute) dinner and catch-up. Bought a big smile to my face. She very cleverly endeared herself to the kids by bringing them presents. The fight to get Torby to give up his new puzzle when in bed was expected.

enough already

Every time I walk past the TV in the meal room at work, there's something about Michael Jackson playing.

Yes it's sad that he's dead, it's sad when anyone dies, but really, people..enough!

2 butterflies and a flower/butterfly hybrid

They're pretty cute sometimes.

More cuteness on flickr as always


I want a whole bunch of stuff from Georgie Loves

Winston made me giggle

math geekery meets poetry is teh awesome

My frenchypants frock is coming together..here's the almost finished bodice (the two dangly bits of bling are now attached, sleeves cut out and one of them has the stripes sewn on)

Friday, 26 June 2009

go go nerd boy

Torby woke up just before 6am and came trotting into our room after cexploring the livving room and discovering that 'his busy ' (my old laptop) had been put away. After a few demands to play busy from him and a few reminders from us that it was still sleep time he climbed between us and proceeded to thrash and kick and squirm about settled down between us. In an effort to get him to cease squirming about and asking questions..is it wake time yet? can I pay busy now?, morning yet?, I go isobelzoes? I go grandma's? etc, we resorted to getting him to count to 300 hundred with the promise that I would wake up when he was done.

Yup, we eploited his love of numbers in a bid for more sleep like the good parents we are!

He counted to 200 hundred and then got bored.

Still, was a few more minutes of blissful horizontalness before we had to start the day.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

wrong, so very wrong

where's my kitten huffing bowl?

Megzz is to blame..


Now, I don't want all you single ladies running off to the US to be this man's goddess. Hod yourself back...be strong.

Oh what a morning..

Woke up at about 5 with a full bladder and a need to figure out which pearls I would be using to decorate the lower sleeves of the frock with. Why yes, I am insane, thanks for asking.

Once everyone else was awake and clothed, Nw and Tory dropped me off at the x-ray place to get the follow-up chest x-ray done.

We met up when it was done and took Torby for haircut day and shoe shopping. His hair is no longer almost as long as mine. hoorah!

An hour later, pixck up x-rays, go back to doctor...

The white patch on my lung that is/was the infection is still there.

I am breathing much easier and feeling healthier but am not back to normal. So I now have another 5 days of antibiotics, then I get to go for a CT Scan. (I shall glow soon from the amount of radiation my body has received. ) Then we will be able to see what this white patch actually looks like. If we need fiurther info, the next step is to get a bronchoscopy. Hopefully won't have to go that far.

If I can hack up a nice bit of phlegm for the doctor he can make sure I don't have some wacky infection that needs special antibiotics. Yesterday, I was phlegm girl..today not so much. Stupid body!


oh the pretty

Alice in Wonderland a la Tim Burton

Can't wait.

The link has piccies of gorgeousness

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

quote of the day

It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety.
- Isaac Asimov

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Woot! All the eyelets done

28 all by hand, not that i was counting mind you. Noooo not at all..

So, what's left?

Make girdle
Make necklace
- Sew side seams up
- Apply rest of trim after I make sure it aligns with trim on skirt
- Refit shoulder seam
- Bind armhole
- Hem lower edge
- Add hooks and eyes to keep skirt attached?
- pattern
- cut out an apply trim
- construct
- attach to bodice (bind edges and whipstitch to bound armhole?)
- wash borrowed lower sleeves

Then I think I’m done

Sunday, 21 June 2009

frockliness update

I have most of a bodice for my frenchypants frock.
I have a few holes in my fingers and a new hatred for sewing, but nonetheless.

Tomorrow night I will decide if I do have to redo the trim on the front or not.
I will also make a dent in the obscene number of eyelets it needs.

Then there can be sleeves patterned on Tuesday and more eyeletting and handstitching through the week.

Then probably more sewing on the weekend. Good thing my sister likes me. I've been invading her house every weekend for forever to try and get this dumb frock done.

I still believe it's achievable. I may be deluding myself though. I quite often am.

Gonna look cute if it ever gets finished.

12 sleeps until the girly roadtrip down.


Saturday, 20 June 2009

ankle = sprained
arse impression on couch = getting bigger
dv = unhappy

In nice news though...
Wedding celebration last night was a hoot!
Mel & Rusty looked gorgeous. As did MissCharlie (the bridesmaid extraordinaire)
Champagne makes good pain medication.
Yummy yummy lunch with Miss Spyd and other chums before she went home today was soooo good and balanced out the crappy morning spent waiting for someone to see me about my foot.

Now to take some nice drugs and lie on the couch for a bit while Torby plays his computer game next to me. It's just like responsible parenting, just different )

Friday, 19 June 2009

Mr Snerg is saving the day! I shall go to the ball wedding

Have decided new dress looks horrible (I suspect I may be hormonally challenged at the moment - because a chest infection and sore foot isn't enough) so am wearing a very sparkly red top I haven't worn in years and black skirt.

Hurrah for malnutrition of previous weeks causing me to lose weight. Not a lot but enough to fit into top. Really not a recommended way of doing it might I add, I'd gladly have the weight back on and not being throwing up/nauseous for a month.

Soon there will be champagne.



So, was walking into our bedroom to get something when I trip over my own feet and hear a pop.

I'm now on the couch, with ice on my foot hoping that the twingeyness and the can't put weight on it or move it fully goes away soon.

My afternoon was going to involve going to work for a bit then walking up to the wedding. This is now looking unlikely. Hmm although I could get a cab to work and then Nw can pick me up in the cab he's getting from work, the car is at Epping so he can drink tonight and not eworry about leaving car in Parramatta overnight (Oh the co-ordination involved in getting two people to one location)

Oh the drama!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

ooh look, shiny thing.

What have I been up to I hear you ask..

Well, there's been warcrack and shopping and sewing and feeling better and occasionally forgetting that feeling better is not the same as being healthy and overdoing it a bit. Today i finished off the forepart underskirty thing and the overskirt for the frenchypants frock. The ironing and the hemming and the shooing the cat off of the fabric etc. Now at least the bottom half of me will be covered for midwinter.

Looking forward to Hunnyydd's wedding celebration tomorrow night. Even have a cute new frock and necklace to wear.

freshly hemmed underskirt/forepart and over-skirt and new dress/necklace.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I can post to my blog again despite the firewall of doooom at work.
Hoorah for igoogle widgety things (that's the technical name).

So, some random stuff;

Went and saw Chicago on Friday with Meg. It was fabulous despite having Caroline O'Connor in it (she?s fine she?s just always a bit OTT and always seems to play the same character ? bugs me for some reason). Loved the staging and costuming. Very plain and stark and appropriate and beautifully done. Loved the chorus boys and girls. Especially loved them in their costumes mostly made out of tight black fabrics with an emphasis on fishnet. Was a hoot of an evening.
We had dinner before the show at a place called Chinta Ria in Darling Harbour. Really yummy and fast food. I was running early so got there at 6 just before it opened and there was already a line. 10minutes after I sat down, the place was packed. Food was worthy of being that popular.

I haven?t done nearly enough work on the frenchypants frock. I blame the lurgy. It?s still achievable (especially now that I?m borrowing some lower sleeves so I don?t have to make any yet). Must finish bodice pattern/making and pattern/make upper sleevey bits and make a girdle and do the hemming etc. Now that I am feeling a bit better and certainly have more energy, this is all doable.

First day back at work today. Is nice to be out in public again. Would be nicer if I could sneak off and have a nap though. Although I have warned my boss I may eb going home early. Being able to breathe again hasn?t cancelled out the fact that I?m still a bit sick apparently. Dammit!

Despite having two lovely invitations on Sunday, I attended neither of them. I purposely sent the two boys off to a first birthday and stayed home in the morning. Infecting babies with cough o? doom would make me feel bad. An afternoon tea to celebrate a Communion was missed because I couldn?t stop coughing long enough to think about attending. I hate not turning up to things when I?ve said I?ll be there. Further reasons to hate this lurgy.

Spent a frustrating hour this morning arguing with Twatty McTwatterton from a different department about a report I used to get that he claims doesn?t exist and can?t be run. Any evidence to the contrary is clearly because I?m a raving lunatic who can?t read properly. I used my polite voice on him and he seemed a bit scared. I think I?ve made an enemy. There are days I love my job.

And now I?m off to procrastinate somewhere else?



Monday, 15 June 2009

Because I know you're all wondering...

.. I went to see my lovely doctor this morning.
He listened to my chest again.
He then got the med student who is with him for a few weeks to listen to my chest.
He then sent me off for x-rays.
I called Nw and asked him to meet me at X-Ray place. Who? Me? getting worried and freaked out? Nooooo
I got x-rayed, we eventually picked them back up and took them back to the lovely doctor.
He pointed out white patch on lungs,.
He is mildly concerned.
He has given me mega-antibiotics.
He has given me an inhaler thing to help open up my airways.
He wants me to go get x-rayed again in 10days to see if this has helped.

I'm glad that I went to see the doctor.
I'm glad I'm not a delusional hypochondriac.
I would be gladder if none of this was necessary.
Sleep was eventually had.

Not enough of it and it had to be while I was lying on my side. Still an improvement over only being able to think of sleep if I was sitting upright and leaning forward a bit.

I have a lovely husband who came to sit on the couch and stroked my back and let me be feeble and teary and whingy at 2am when it had become all too much. Spot the girl who hates being sick and doesn't deal well with no sleep.

Hoorah! for lovely husbands.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


I'm so tired and I can't sleep.

My lungs make this godawful wrattley wheezy thrumming gunky noise all the friging time and I'm over it!

So so tired!

I cough so much I end up throwing up at least once a day. It's a weight-loss plan, just not one I wouyld ever recommend.

Really really tired!

I feel weak all the time because I can't seem to get enough oxygen into my system.

So very very tired!

Everytime I try and close my eyes, my lungs make a noise or my nose blocks up or something!

I'm now so anxious about my lack of sleep and the annoyance of it all that I have trouble convincing myself to even try.

I've been sick for over a month and am now into my second week of this particular lurgy and I think I've stopped coping.
I just want sleep. Healthy sleep. More than an hour or two in a row would be good but I'll even settle for that.
I want to be able to use my lungs again.

Off to go beat my head against a brick wall in the hopes that the resulting concussion is at least restful.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

mmm gotta love being patronised....

Go to the site to see a bunch of other segments by Sarah Haskins on Targetting Women.

It's a bit funky

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Look mummy, I'm a Queen!

Look mummy, I'm a Queen!, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

Nw: Hurrah for the pirate queen
Torby: No daddy, I'm not a pirate queen, I'm just a queen.

I laughed so hard it hurt.

This just bought a big smile to my face

Is a Slovakian choir simulating a storm with their hands...and then singing and beatboxeyness. Beautifully done.

via The Anticraft Blog

In other news, am still at home with cough o' doom. Now have some antibiotics to try and make it all go away.

Sunday, 7 June 2009


My hair is now long enough to go into two ponytails.


The backstory is that I'm contemplating growing my hair. Suspect that once the hot weather returns, it'll be all chopped off again. Am at least waiting until after midwinter to make a decision

Saturday, 6 June 2009

such goodness

the weirdest thing about this lurgy is the sleepiness...constant sleepiness that will occasionally peak in the need to be asleep NOW!

The past three days has seen the entire Huntington-Smythe clan at home, feeling unwell and taking it in turns to have naps and being generally miserable and pathetic.

The boys made it out this morning to swimming and brunch for grandmama... I managed a hot shower and then fell asleep for a few hours like the sicky slug I am. Sorry grandmama.

The surprise nap did me good (eventually)
Managed an afternoon's stroll around exotic Belmore to buy some pastries and delicious meat onna stick (also found some kofta mince - little mincey goodnesses shall soon be mine!) then a visit to Megzz & Smurg to eat said pastries.

Being out and about did me good. Seeing faces that weren't my two favouritest boys in the world did me good. The eggses fresh out of a chicken's arse will do me good when I make them into something.

Now being curled up on the couch after the scaldingly hot shower I had and downing a bunch of drugs to help the headache and the achey go away is doing me extra good.

Tomorrow is sewing hell at Meg's...new midwinter frocks will be ours! Hopefully All this sleeping and drugs and walks in the sunshine has done me sufficient good that I will be able to function properly and usefully and not need to take a few naps.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Sunshine, lollipops and..

...a hacking cough that makes me want to rip my throat out and get a new one.

I would like to not be lurgied. Just for a bit. Please???

Nw has also been home since Wednesday feeling like death warmed up.

Oh yes, we are the house of fun and happiness at the moment.

Fun, happiness and a lot of cough syrup.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

A few weeks ago we noticed that Torby's nappies were being less than effective. Wet jammies etc in the morning and not because the nappy was overloaded.
Nw discovered the problem was that the elasticey bits that help contain the wee long enough for it to be absorbed were coming away from the nappy.

So, was a good consumer and left feedback on their site that this was happeneing. They then requested I send them a sampleif possible.

Today we got a new bag of nappies from them.
Hurrah for good customer service.
Hurrah for Babylove.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

a hitchin' we will go, a hitchin' we will go

Oh and yay for MrH and MsA gettin' hitched in September and LoqA and Daz gettin' hitched on Sunday and Hunnyydddd and Rusty celebrating their hitchin' that happened 10yrs ago in a few weeks time.

Oh how I love a hitchin'


via Anticraft blog.

A video about "Traditional Marriage"


click to make bigger and go to SCP site

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Astounding world of the future

Via Neatorama

Amusing look at the dazzling Utopia of the future that the year 2000 will be.

They have robojetpods!


Last night we did our 2007 taxes.
We'll do our 2008 taxes tonight (need to download the forms
Then in a few weeks time we might even do our 2009 taxes.

It's more efficient to save them up like this right?

Monday, 1 June 2009

Cunning book site

Ob recommended a site called Goodreads
You ist what books you've read/want to read etc, review it or not. You can then see friends' reviews (and other people's as well)
Is nice and simple and easy to use and I think I may end up spending far too much time there.
I'm on there as MissDV if ya join up.


House Bit
The auction for the house we wanted was on Saturday morning.
We'd had a building inspection done.
Report suggested that one corner of house was sinking, there was a fair bit of water damage and a new dampcourse was needed along shared wall (terrace house) - basically, to stop it collapsing on top of you, would need about $100k. Plus whatever else to put new kitchen in and fix bathroom and knockdown potentially asbetsos filled laundry bit etc.
This dropped our buying price to low-mid 400's.
The opening bid on the house was 540 and it went for 584.
We really hope that they had had a building inspection done and just really wanted taht house anyway.
Very scary.

So, we're still looking. Sigh.

Nw saw some more houses later on Saturday.He liked one on Addison Rd in Marrickville and we'll go see one in St Peters on Tuesday night.

Frock Bit
Sewing frenzy happened on Saturday at Meg's house.
Jimmy and I worked on my frenchypants frock. We now have a mostly done skirt (My new secret to pattern matching is to make the lovely husband do it. His engineery sense of perfection comes in very handy at times), a mostly done underskirt/forepart and a mostly done corset. Hurrah for lots of mostly doneness. Oh and a lot less nervous about it all DV. Double hurrah.

It's looking rooly rooly cute.

Tuesday night will be bodice and sleeve patterning and fitting and then I can finish it all off in less than a month. Easy Peasy! (actually won't be all that bad..missjimmy will do the patterning for me and I can utilise Nw for a lot of the machine sewing - gogo collaboration frock!)

Lurgy Bit
Having the dumb cold/throat lurgy go away only to be replaced by a tummy bug lurgy is less than spectacular. Mmm a few days of constant nausea - a small reminder of what being pregnant was like.
Have been making food, just not eating it. I think the smell of it all cooking is too much? Hmm, must get Nw to cook tonight and test this theory.

Random Bits

Started reading the Blood... (Pact, Price,Trail etc) series by Tanya Huff (Meg has loaned them to me). Quite absorbing. Vampire bastard son of Henry VIII in modernday Canada and lass who's ex-cop now private eye solving stuff. Totally normal I say.

Lass at the markets was selling marshmallows flavoured with raspberry, kaffir lime and passionfruit. I bought a box with all 3 flavours and ma were they good. Such intense flavours. Nomnomnom.

It's a new month (pinch and punch for the first of the month. no returns) so we're no longer being punished by Optus for exceeding or download limit. Internet goes zoooooooooooom again. Squeee.