Thursday, 18 June 2009

ooh look, shiny thing.

What have I been up to I hear you ask..

Well, there's been warcrack and shopping and sewing and feeling better and occasionally forgetting that feeling better is not the same as being healthy and overdoing it a bit. Today i finished off the forepart underskirty thing and the overskirt for the frenchypants frock. The ironing and the hemming and the shooing the cat off of the fabric etc. Now at least the bottom half of me will be covered for midwinter.

Looking forward to Hunnyydd's wedding celebration tomorrow night. Even have a cute new frock and necklace to wear.

freshly hemmed underskirt/forepart and over-skirt and new dress/necklace.


Brigid said...

What fabulous taste in frocks! The same stunning black & white number is hanging in my wardrobe. We must call each other if ever going to the same function. *grin*

DV said...


I like your taste in frocks as well :)