Thursday, 25 June 2009

Oh what a morning..

Woke up at about 5 with a full bladder and a need to figure out which pearls I would be using to decorate the lower sleeves of the frock with. Why yes, I am insane, thanks for asking.

Once everyone else was awake and clothed, Nw and Tory dropped me off at the x-ray place to get the follow-up chest x-ray done.

We met up when it was done and took Torby for haircut day and shoe shopping. His hair is no longer almost as long as mine. hoorah!

An hour later, pixck up x-rays, go back to doctor...

The white patch on my lung that is/was the infection is still there.

I am breathing much easier and feeling healthier but am not back to normal. So I now have another 5 days of antibiotics, then I get to go for a CT Scan. (I shall glow soon from the amount of radiation my body has received. ) Then we will be able to see what this white patch actually looks like. If we need fiurther info, the next step is to get a bronchoscopy. Hopefully won't have to go that far.

If I can hack up a nice bit of phlegm for the doctor he can make sure I don't have some wacky infection that needs special antibiotics. Yesterday, I was phlegm not so much. Stupid body!


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