Monday, 29 June 2009

up, down, up down.

So, by this time in 12and a bit hours I should know what is in my lungs that is making me sick. The CT Scan is booked for 9am.

I alternate between being really scared that it's the evil C word and thinking I'm a complete doofus for being scared and positive the results will show it's just a slightly different and completely curable infection or old scar tissue from Tuberculosis.

I want to know the results because this roller coaster is making me nauseous.

In much lovelier news, my other big sister, Nic was in town this evening and we got to have (last minute) dinner and catch-up. Bought a big smile to my face. She very cleverly endeared herself to the kids by bringing them presents. The fight to get Torby to give up his new puzzle when in bed was expected.


Wenchilada said...

Thinking of you with fingers (and other crossable things) crossed. Are you home all day tomorrow?

AutumnHeart said...

Long-distance hugs, and best wishes for a completely non-stressful result!

- Aeron

DV said...

thanks gals :)

wenchi - yeah I'll probably be home all day. Well, the bits I'm not at the x-ray place or the doctors for.

Quatrefoil said...

I really hope it's all ok. The doofus option sounds really good.