Friday, 19 June 2009

Mr Snerg is saving the day! I shall go to the ball wedding

Have decided new dress looks horrible (I suspect I may be hormonally challenged at the moment - because a chest infection and sore foot isn't enough) so am wearing a very sparkly red top I haven't worn in years and black skirt.

Hurrah for malnutrition of previous weeks causing me to lose weight. Not a lot but enough to fit into top. Really not a recommended way of doing it might I add, I'd gladly have the weight back on and not being throwing up/nauseous for a month.

Soon there will be champagne.


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Brigid said...

I find that dress is one that other people tell me I look great in but I really need to be in the best of headspaces to wear it as it can be a bit scary. You will, no doubt, look stunning in your sparkly red shirt.