Sunday, 14 June 2009


I'm so tired and I can't sleep.

My lungs make this godawful wrattley wheezy thrumming gunky noise all the friging time and I'm over it!

So so tired!

I cough so much I end up throwing up at least once a day. It's a weight-loss plan, just not one I wouyld ever recommend.

Really really tired!

I feel weak all the time because I can't seem to get enough oxygen into my system.

So very very tired!

Everytime I try and close my eyes, my lungs make a noise or my nose blocks up or something!

I'm now so anxious about my lack of sleep and the annoyance of it all that I have trouble convincing myself to even try.

I've been sick for over a month and am now into my second week of this particular lurgy and I think I've stopped coping.
I just want sleep. Healthy sleep. More than an hour or two in a row would be good but I'll even settle for that.
I want to be able to use my lungs again.

Off to go beat my head against a brick wall in the hopes that the resulting concussion is at least restful.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear - does not sound good :(. You *have* seen a doctor about this, and been tested for whooping cough, yes? Have you tried a vaporiser in the room at night, with eucalyptus or something along those lines in the steam?

Hope you feel better really soon,


Wenchilada said...

Hey hon,
Sorry to see you're not feeling too crash hot. It all sounds very nasty...

Hugs and chicken noodle soup from a distance...

Impish said...

Gak! Is it worth seeing the GP to get some sleeping tablets, just to give you a couple of nights good sleep? Or at least to return to him to say 'these antibiotics for the chest infection are doing nothing, NOTHING! Fix me, FIX ME NOW!' ?

I'd offer you some of my sleep, but.. well... y'know...

DV said...

Thanks gals.

I have seen a doctor who thinks it's just an infection and will go away soon with antibiotics. They have helped but not quick enough or well enough.
I think I'll go back today and demand a recount.

Mindy said...

Sounds like the whooping cough I had years ago. Back then the doctor said, well it's lasted a month, must be whooping cough. The coughing and chucking in particular is very familiar. I went back to school quite a much thinner child than when I left. Lucky for me I had baby fat to get rid of. I have no such excuse now.

I hope you feel better soon.