Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I can post to my blog again despite the firewall of doooom at work.
Hoorah for igoogle widgety things (that's the technical name).

So, some random stuff;

Went and saw Chicago on Friday with Meg. It was fabulous despite having Caroline O'Connor in it (she?s fine she?s just always a bit OTT and always seems to play the same character ? bugs me for some reason). Loved the staging and costuming. Very plain and stark and appropriate and beautifully done. Loved the chorus boys and girls. Especially loved them in their costumes mostly made out of tight black fabrics with an emphasis on fishnet. Was a hoot of an evening.
We had dinner before the show at a place called Chinta Ria in Darling Harbour. Really yummy and fast food. I was running early so got there at 6 just before it opened and there was already a line. 10minutes after I sat down, the place was packed. Food was worthy of being that popular.

I haven?t done nearly enough work on the frenchypants frock. I blame the lurgy. It?s still achievable (especially now that I?m borrowing some lower sleeves so I don?t have to make any yet). Must finish bodice pattern/making and pattern/make upper sleevey bits and make a girdle and do the hemming etc. Now that I am feeling a bit better and certainly have more energy, this is all doable.

First day back at work today. Is nice to be out in public again. Would be nicer if I could sneak off and have a nap though. Although I have warned my boss I may eb going home early. Being able to breathe again hasn?t cancelled out the fact that I?m still a bit sick apparently. Dammit!

Despite having two lovely invitations on Sunday, I attended neither of them. I purposely sent the two boys off to a first birthday and stayed home in the morning. Infecting babies with cough o? doom would make me feel bad. An afternoon tea to celebrate a Communion was missed because I couldn?t stop coughing long enough to think about attending. I hate not turning up to things when I?ve said I?ll be there. Further reasons to hate this lurgy.

Spent a frustrating hour this morning arguing with Twatty McTwatterton from a different department about a report I used to get that he claims doesn?t exist and can?t be run. Any evidence to the contrary is clearly because I?m a raving lunatic who can?t read properly. I used my polite voice on him and he seemed a bit scared. I think I?ve made an enemy. There are days I love my job.

And now I?m off to procrastinate somewhere else?

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