Monday, 15 June 2009

Because I know you're all wondering...

.. I went to see my lovely doctor this morning.
He listened to my chest again.
He then got the med student who is with him for a few weeks to listen to my chest.
He then sent me off for x-rays.
I called Nw and asked him to meet me at X-Ray place. Who? Me? getting worried and freaked out? Nooooo
I got x-rayed, we eventually picked them back up and took them back to the lovely doctor.
He pointed out white patch on lungs,.
He is mildly concerned.
He has given me mega-antibiotics.
He has given me an inhaler thing to help open up my airways.
He wants me to go get x-rayed again in 10days to see if this has helped.

I'm glad that I went to see the doctor.
I'm glad I'm not a delusional hypochondriac.
I would be gladder if none of this was necessary.


Mindy said...

I hope the mega antibiotics kick in quickly. Inhalers can be good. Hopefully you will get some good sleep now.

spyder said...

Get bettea soon, ya big dufus.
Becasue frankly, you are the person I would least vote to be the consumptive waning flower.
More a cranky triffid.

Wenchilada said...

Are you feeling better?