Sunday, 21 June 2009

frockliness update

I have most of a bodice for my frenchypants frock.
I have a few holes in my fingers and a new hatred for sewing, but nonetheless.

Tomorrow night I will decide if I do have to redo the trim on the front or not.
I will also make a dent in the obscene number of eyelets it needs.

Then there can be sleeves patterned on Tuesday and more eyeletting and handstitching through the week.

Then probably more sewing on the weekend. Good thing my sister likes me. I've been invading her house every weekend for forever to try and get this dumb frock done.

I still believe it's achievable. I may be deluding myself though. I quite often am.

Gonna look cute if it ever gets finished.

12 sleeps until the girly roadtrip down.


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