Thursday, 10 February 2011

Torbyboy was wrecked yesterday when I picked him up from after-school care. Burst into tears upon seeing me and the clung like a limpet for about 5 minutes kind of wrecked.

We walked home to the whines and moans of protest as I suggested that he was too tired to play on computer when we got home and that a movie and a bath and early bed was the plan.

We got home, I denied him something and again suggested that he was a bit over-tired so he flounced off to his room and slammed the door. I marveled that he was being quiet instead of howling about the injustice of it all.
A few minutes passed and I went in to see how he was and give hugs and kisses and lure him out, only to discover that he'd fallen asleep on the floor.


I took his shoes and shorts off and put him into bed (to the muttered sleepy cries 'I don't need sleep') and left him there with the hopes that he would sleep through.


Woke up at 7:00, had some dinner, had a bath and then back to bed at 8:30.

He's now awake (I knew the sleep-in was too much to hope for) but his eyes are no longer red with black circles so I count it as a victory of sorts.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


So, I have had a minor headache for the last few days because I have been living in air conditioning and artificial light
However, I am so very very grateful that we have aircon in the house and can block out enough of that nasty nasty sunlight that it makes a difference and that my work involves sitting at a desk in a temperature controlled office. Oh and not living in FNQ or, indeed, any part of the world that is being cycloned or flooded.

So, I stood up for the bulk of today and my back and feet really hurt and I'm oh so ratted because of it.
However, the end product was a not overly stressful or heat inducing dinner for guests (or me). Oh how I love a dinner that is mostly done in advance (dumplings from cunning asian shop, summer rolls w/ prawns - ahah! flavoring the vermicelli ala Nigela 'forever summer' makes for extra tastiness - , sesame soba noodles with prawns and saladiness with duck {from the duck shop} and Etonesque mess for dessert) and thusly, more time spent chatting with people.Yay!

So, I am a smidge squiffy and may regret this squiffiness in the morning when the munchkins wake up at oh-god-kill-me o'clock.
However, I have had a lovely night and my brain is restored for another week and I cooked stuff and I have an airconditioned living room to sleep in and all is good with the world/

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Torbyboy is all growned up and off to big school now

well, the first day of school went really well.
He's all excited by being a big boy and getting to learn stuff, I didn't cry too much and he came out of the classroom very happy and wanting to come back. He even got a sticker for his efforts in tidying up.

There's a few photos and video on Flickr for those that have access.

The walking down and back to get pick him up was fairly brutal in this heat. I really am so very grateful that we have aircon.