Thursday, 9 August 2007

not dead, just phneh

Yes, yes. I know. I've been a neglectful little sausage of late..I've just been a bit busy or phneh or sick or phneh or tired or a combination thereof.

So, go get yourself a beverage (I'll have a glass of wine thanks for asking) and get settled because you're in for an uber catch-up in no particular order


i can wait you know

alright, here we go..

I'm assisting the lovely JD to make a frock for the also lovely Finn for Rowany 25 which I'm also being bookings lass for and a kitchen bitch (all the cool people spend events in the kitchen) It will look something like this. Hmmm, wonder where we can find a unicorn.

Oh and everyone should come to the event, it will be the ye olde roxzor.

Got my main Warcrack character to 70 (currently the highest level) and started a new one who is oh so's all about the pretty! I like my two characters, their fun to play and very different styles (one's a druid and one's a paladin, I know, could i sound any nerdier)

Torby is becoming even more of a person...repeats words and phrases and will explain things to you and understand things and just generally be alert and's really kinda cool. He thinks he's people! I credit a lot of it to daycare...he spends 4 days a week surrounded by a few other kids who are generally older than him and so he mimics them. The fabulous woman who looks after him has them all whipped into line. It's great.

I'm seeing a psychiatrist now and taking little purple pills medication to deal with the phnehness of late (well last couple of months) it's seems to be helping...odd talking about myself for an hour each week and having some stranger ask you very personal questions. Has made me realise a few things about how I view the world and myself. some good, some bad. Now, I just need to work on figuring out how to change what I want to change and to ensure that the good stuff stays. Easy right?

I'm thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and warmness of late...soooo nice to not be cold and wet and grumpy. Even nicer to have clothes dry in a few hours as opposed to a few days.
Love my walks to collect Torby from daycare, sun's out, roses are smelling good, magnolias are appearing, it's so delightfully spring-y already.

Just had a delightful afternoon being visiwted by Mouse and Finn and the childrens...Miss P and Torby played particularly well together. Torby even 'helped' her down the step. yes, we like to call it 'helping', it sounds sooo much nicer than 'pushing'

Hmm... i think that's all we have time for now, I'm about to run out the door to catch-up with a lovely warcrack lad who is up from Melbourne for the second time in 3 weeks. last time he was here, I convinced him to come to dinner along with the delightful Megzz & Snerg. There will be a glug glug gluggy post sometime soon.

hehe. I just checked my emails and saw BT's comment. I do love the timing.

If you're all very lucky, I may even update some more tomorrow. So do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?