Thursday, 29 October 2009

my baby is growing up

He'll soon be in a big bed and everything!

Before he was born, we bought a lovely cot that converted to a toddler bed. It's been useful and cunning to just remove the sides and drop a level of the base and headboard.

However, he now only just fits, especially when he adds a bunch of pillows and scrunches down.
Looks pitiful.

So today we took oursleves off to Ikea to get a mattress (and some other stuff) and to ebay to find a trundle bed.

Mission achieved in both cases.

he's getting all big and stuff

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Good
Seeing the laaaadies at Fight Club last night after a fortnights absence. We even had extra interstate laaaadies. Was lovely and giggly.

Lunch yesterday with Megzz at nummy Japanese place near work.

Going out to ninner on Friday with my lovely husband. We shall get Torby settled at M&J's then drive over to Perama, eat and drink nummy stuff (mmmm pork belly baklava) and trot home. We are celebrating being bourjois landowners. Oh we will indeed be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

The Bad
Waking up at 5:30 to get to work on time and sneaking quietly around the house only to have Torby wake up anyway.

The moistness in our garage and all it's moistness. Bring on the sunshine to dry everything out.

Lass on the train this morning who glared at me all the way to P'matta. Everytime I looked up, there she was giving me the evil eye. As we stepped opff the train she pushed past me and flounced down the stairs. I have no idea who she was or whe I killed her grandmother or ran over her puppy.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Just swept the massive pile of dust (made by the electricians) in the laundry.

Sneezed for 10minutes straight..I think it's all out of my nose now.


apparently not


In all the excitemnet of last night (Bellabel & Zozo came for a visit and putting 3 munchkins to bed for a few hours whilst trying to eat ninner and get ready to kill badguys is a bit of an, but an adventure nonetheless), Nw forgot to put a nappy on Torby before he went to sleep.

This was discovered at 5:30 this morning when Torby came and joined us in bed because he was awake and whingy.

Cue stumbling, zmombie parents trying to deal with a now cold and unhappy child who is covered in ick.

One warm and toasty shower with me while Nw stripped the bed and burned the knickers of disgustingness, followed by fresh jammies, a dressing gown and Maisy and the world was a better place for him.

For us it was still far too early to be dealing with that much energy and ickiness.

I had to be awake about then anyay to get to work but I do feel sorry for Nw who should have still been tucked-up in bed and not now lying on the couch being forced to pick the enxt maisy episode.

Here's hoping that tomorrow morning is less dramatic.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Oh and Torby & ZoZo's birthday party will be on 5th December..we think.

Probably their last combo one before they get too old and what parties of their very own.

Can't believe my munchkin is nearly 4.

I would say we must stop feeding him but he currently survices on nutritious aircalories at the moment anyway.

I take comfort in the fact that Nw and his brothers all went through this stage apparently and they all lived to tell the tale and are no longer quite so picky.
It's what helps me through the day.
Don't wanna unpack more boxes and you can't make me!

ahem..better now.

As we were driving home this morning through a humongous storm I mentioned that I might pop my head into the garage just to make sure no water was seeping in.

Nope, not seeping.

Gushing would be a better word.

Water, water everywhere and not a dry spot on the place.

I cursed, I moved things up off the ground, I cursed some more, I realised that somethings weren't worth moving because they were already waterlogged and therefore buggered and would be good to at least support other things to stop them getting wetter. Oh and then I cursed some more.
I also scooped bits of stuff out of the guttery thing we have before the backdoor of the shed (it helped) and opened the roller door at the front so at least the water had somewhere to go. It continued running across the floor and dripping from the ceiling.
Hateful water.
Thankfully I got most boxes up off the ground in time..the bottoms of them are sodden but the books inside are mostly okay.
There are some fabric boxes that will need investigating and washing I suspect.

Nw has gone back to the old house for the final clean-up.

I've put Torby to bed, turned my music up loudish (bought the album of a band called Mumford & Sons and am really really loving it. Kind of folk-rock. The guy's voice is awesomelly gravelly) and am spending the evening unpacking and cooking sausage rolls to be frozen for later and finding clothes to wear to work tomorrow and wishing that we had lots more money so we could knock down our garage and build a better, shinier, more water-proof one. Instead we shall fix this one ourselves. For we have the technology!

Oh and procrastinating.

Let's never forget the procrastinating.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Click to embiggen.
If you need the address, let me know in the comments.
Yay for parties
Just went for a walk and got to admire the sprinkling of purple that's appearing everywhere. Hooray for Jacarandas and their colourful ways.


The calender is starting to fill up.

Which is lovely.

But scary.

We also want to organise 2 parties in in the next 2mths.

Our housewarming will be on the 14th November
and I think Torby's birthday on the 13th December.

and there will be Turkey Days(I assume) and Chrisse Pissies (I assume) and Christmas and Boxing Days and Family Camping and all of a sudden it will be 2010.

It's scary.

Friday, 16 October 2009


have spent a lovely day hanging with Hunnyyddd and Finn and the girls.
have made a test batch of what will probably become christmas presents for tastes rooly rooly good.
have heard sad news.
have heard happy news.
have made a room for Torby.
have seen splendiforously coloured bugses.
have swept and mopped and rearranged and hung pictures.
have laughed and chuckled and giggled.
have a shed a tear not because I was affected but because I dread it ever happening to me.
have marvelled at the cleverness of my friends.


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The house posts will stop soon, I promise

Things about my house I love

My new-to-us dishwasher. Nw made it work last night and oh how delightful it is.

Having a toaster (the one in the old house exploded taking a power-point with it.

Distinct lack of cockroach infestation (the nice pest control people are coming along tomorrow to make sure it stays that way)

The prickly heat lamp (IXL light/heat/fan combo thingy) we put into the bathroom.

Meeting the lass at the florist/cafe/dressshop down the road and buying a bunch of ranunculus' and having a chat on the way home.

Looking out at our little garden and having Torby be excited about planting and growing things - maybe he will manage to keep plants alive despite my black thumb.

Everything on one great big steps into the living room, no backyard down a slope. Much better flow to the house.

Having the hallway down one side of the house as opposed to swapping at the living room. Means that it's a much more usuable space.

Having room to have our computers together on a real desk.

Gas oven/stove. Oh how I hated cooking on electric stoves of slowness.

Continuous hot water - I may never leave the shower again.

A garage and all it's delicious storage opportunities.

Wooden floors instead of carpet.

Things that could be better

Kitchen with lack of bench space and no draining board attached to the sink.

Narrow bathtub (that also needs repairing but that is in the works)

Oh and the amount of painting/unpacking/fixin' that needs to be done but that goes without saying.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Well, after much painting and heavy lifting(thanks MegzznSmurg) and contractors tromping through and sweeping and visits to ikea and munchkin being elsewhere (thanks M&J), we've moved into the new house. It was even christened with pizza and wine and laughter.

There's still so very much to be done (painting and demolishing and bathrooms, oh my) and the old house still needs to be emptied and cleaned but it's nice to be in our house.
I'm loving that the layout is better and the backyard is much more accessible and useful and my computer is on a real desk and we have more space and a garage and it's ours, all ours (well, the bank's)

We moved Stampy across last night and she even emerged from under the couch a lot and lay on chairs and near the heater a fair bit. She seems to be coping okay. Brave Brave SirStampy.

I was asked this mornign if it was restful to sleep in our new house. I just laughed manically.

The first night we crawled into bed at the late hour of 9:30 and the bed broke. No, we weren't shagging, munchkins jumping on it for 2hours solid earlier in the day may not have been good for it. So we dragged the mattress into the living room and slept there. Last night (after fixing the bed) we slept amongst the delicate sounds of Stampy's collar jingling as she scampered about the house and Torby snoring and snuffling).
Tonight, we remove the bells off her collar (she's wearing it in case she escapes and doesn't know her way back, the tag is the important bit) and I put another coat of paint on the walll in Torby's room thus getting us a step closer to having the room to ourselves.

but for now I'm at work (luckily I could find enough clean work clothes to assemble an outfit) and about to go get a second cup of coffee and dreaming of not having to paint and unpack at the new house and the really trying to not think of the work to be done at the old house.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt apparently.